Battle Report 52: Kromac 2 vs. Kreoss 1

Woo! New Storm Raptor Art!

The two previous games were the warm-up for the opening event of our Narrative League, and we had a very strong turn-out (for this region).

First things first - Stormy enjoyed a pancake breakfast.

Stormy: Boss that doesn't look like it was lightning grilled, I don't think I can eat this.
Me: You'll eat it and you'll be grateful for it! I don't have to keep you alive today!

And then I was able to get three league games in with Kromac and Stormy, and then a fourth with a Cygnar friend of mine who agreed to play Sloan into Una 2.

The first of the Kromac games was against Kreoss 1, time to brave the fire once more.

I was still playing the exact same list:

Kromac 2
- Stormy
- Stalker
- Feral

Blackclad x2
Ogrun Bokur x2, Cliented to...

Sentry Stone x2


Kreoss 1
- Heirophant
- Reckoner
- Reckoner
- Redeemer

Tristan Durant
- Redeemer

Punch Monk x2
Vassal x2
Covenant of Menoth

Idrians and CA
Choir (min)

I won the roll off and my opponent picked the side of the table where there wasn't a pile of dense fog to worry about while I went first. Since we were playing Entrenched, I put Kromac on my right side so that I could go for an early dominate on that zone if it became necessary.

The plan was basically to hide Kromac behind Sentry Stones all game and force Kreoss to feat in order to kill off one or two of my Warpwolves.

My opponent deployed and put an accidental extra Templar down (which he took off the table at the very beginning of his turn 1).

Prey went on Kromac.

Circle turn 1:

The plan here was to run Stormy up to the clouds and be able to poke his head out to shoot or charge things the next turn.

Everything else was going to run up behind them since they can't go away until the end of the second players first turn anyway.

That's basically what happened. Kromac cast Awakened Spirit on the Stalker and Vengeful on Stormy and advanved up behind the forest wall I had made him.

Everything else basically just ran. I set Stormy just outside of Reckoner shot range.

Menoth turn 1:

Things started off pretty explosively with Nicia charging a Sentry Mannikin, Quick Working a shot into a my Blackclad and killing him, and then Sprinting into my zone to hide in the cloud.

Man I hate her.

Kreoss moved up and cast Defenders Ward on the Idrians and Lamentation on himself.

Idrians moved up and popped mini-feat I believe.

Punch Monks advanced into the left zone and got into their Shifting Sands Stance.

Choir sang No Spells on the Jacks.

The Book ran up behind the Idrians, and the Jacks ran to get in front of Kreoss.

Tristan cast Fortify on his Redeemer and advanced, and his Redeemer ran.

Circle turn 2:

None of the important clouds rolled off! Disaster!

I did some quick premeasuring, and discovered that I could fit Stormy between both Reckoners and get melee on both of them. Seemed like a plan.

First things first, Sentry Stones placed Mannikins and Kromac paid double for Vengeful and a dropped Awakened Spirit.

Mannikins activated. The first unit, in a comedy of errors, hit three Idrians and killed none of them.

The Second unit missed every single Idrian except the last one....which they also killed...and also happened to be the guide sitting way at the back beside the Book. Prey expired on Kromac.

Also between the sprays, I'd gotten a couple of damage onto the Book.

Kromac activated, popped his Feat, and charged Nicia, killing her and keeping her corpse. He cast Sprint for two, and got back behind his forest wall.

The Feral stayed out of Kreoss' control range and cast Primal on Stormy.

Stormy went in and murdered one Reckoner before disrupting the other and doing pretty good damage to it.

The Stalker charged the closest Punch Monk and missed his boosted 10, so the stupid thing danced away.


Menoth turn 2:

Time to see if I live through Kreoss knocking Kromac down. My opponent and I check some things, and the Redeemers can't get LOS to Kromac without taking a Free Strike from the Storm Raptor or without being engaged, so it's basically down to the Idrians, who are now just POW 11 guns into my ARM 20 Warlock.

The Book moves up and gives the unit Continuous Fire on their Weapons.

Kreoss moves up and catches Kromac, the Sentry Stones, the Stalker, and Stormy in his feat. Stormy laughs as he flutters above the tide of Knock Down.

Idrians move up and shoot at Kromac, but the damage is very minimal.

Choir moves up and sings Battle.

The Vassals give the Reckoner a couple focus, which he uses to flail at Stormy. He misses the first six, hits the second, does a few damage, and then gets disrupted from Retaliatory Strike.

The Redeemers aim and put some damage into Stormy.

The Punch Monks charge the Stalker, but at dice off 10, they don't get the job done.

Unfortunately, some Idrians are contesting, so I don't score any points.



Circle turn 3:

I pull Fury and force the Stalker and Kromac to stand.

Stormy Frenzies and knocks the Reckoner down to 3 boxes.

Kromac upkeeps Awakened Spirit and Vengeful (a mistake it turns out).

Knocked down Mannikins stand up and either get out of the way or melee attack the Idrian in front of them. Defenders Ward keeps casualties down though.

Kromac charges in and then realizes he can't cast Carnage thanks to upkeeping spells, and so he relies on hitting hard sevens (which I hate).

Fortunately, he already has one corpse token and he only has to spend one fury and that corpse token to wipe out most of the clump of Idrians, ending up on three Fury.

The Bokurs run up to Shield Guard for him.

The Feral charges and kills the Punch Monks, but only after each one makes a minimum of 3 tough checks (gahh).

The Stalker walks around, kills the Reckoner, and then Sprints to engage both of the Redeemers.

My hard flanking Blackclad on the left charges the Objective and does 1 damage.

I still don't score any points since Idrians are still in my face.



Menoth turn 3:

He's in trouble, and he knows it, but he staunchly upkeeps Lamentation again and drops Defenders Ward. 

The Book runs to the far corner of my zone.

Idrians charge Kromac and Sentry Mannikins, doing minimal damage and killing them.

All three fully loaded, battled Redeemers go into the Stalker and do about 2/3 of his health.

Tristan charges in and gets him down to a few boxes, and then Kreoss finishes the job.



Circle turn 4:

I upkeep nothing, and spawn some Mannikins.

Between the Mannikins and the Bokur, I kill the Book, and Kromac moves over and kills the three remaining Idrians before casting Carnage. 

The Feral spends four to put Primal on Stormy, and then moves to the objective and leaves it on 1 box.

The Blackclad charges the objective again and kills it, and then casts Hunters Mark on...something.

Stormy moves up at MAT 9 and kills and hits Kreoss, killing Durant on the first eLeap and Kreoss on the third attack, and I score three points!



Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I'm starting to love this list here. Stormy threats so ridiculously far and with Carnage he hits accurately enough to go after the heavy targets. 

I didn't mention it, because I don't remember exactly what he killed with them, but his eLeaps from melee attacks have killed 5-10 points of models per game quite consistently now, which is pretty darn good when you realize that those are support models that your opponent generally needs in order to kill Stormy back (Choir, Beast Handlers, Arcanists, etc.)

All in all, I'm really liking the list, and it's starting to really click with me.