Video Battle Report 1: Malekus, the Burning Truth vs. Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight (Ravens of War)


This is a pretty exciting and new step in my Warmachine journey - I haven't ever tried to produce something like this before, and it was a very interesting process, one that I fully expect will get easier and create better results on each subsequent report.

A couple of points - yes, not we are not playing fully painted. This footage was originally just intended to be test footage to see if the set up worked (hence the goofy lists).

Furthermore, only two of my regular opponents have fully painted armies, and I can only play Circle fully painted (and even then, not always), so there will be unpainted models in these reports - sorry :(

I realized after I had uploaded the report that I had neglected to include the army lists, so here they are:

- Heirophant
- Reckoner
- Reckoner
- Eye of Truth

Wrack x2

Cleansers and CA
Zealots and CA


Lylyth 3
- Neraph
- Seraph
- Bolt Thrower
- Protector

Anyssa Ryssyl
Spell Martyer
Deathstalker x2

Raptors x2

I had commented to my opponent that I didn't think a Lylyth 3 gunline was likely to kill Malekus since most Legion warbeasts have fire typed ranged weapons. In typical fashion, he decided to try and prove me wrong.

Hopefully you enjoy this report, I certainly had fun making it. I'd love constructive feedback on the format if there is any to be had.


Battle Report 97: Vindictus (Exemplar Interdiction) vs. Rhyas

Image result for vice scrutator vindictus art


Back-to-back Scrutatorial games! Oh yes. 

Same list as last time, still working on the battlegroup and what to do with those Vassels. Current thought is drop a Seneschal and a Vassal and turn it into Gravus and a couple more Wracks.

- Indictor
- Indictor

Exemplar Seneschal x2 (proxied by Errants until mine get here)
Vassal x2

Knights Exemplar and CA x2
Min Choir

This time I was playing a 2016 Scenario (the Pit) against a Legion pairing of Rhyas and Absylonia 2

He dropped Rhyas into me, and off we went. I won the roll off again and slammed going first.

- Scythean
- Angelius
- Protector
- Seraph
- Neraph

Deathstalker x2

Swordsmen and CA

Seriously guys, this is the most appropriate sound track for this army I can think of. Just let it run while you read. 

Menoth turn 1:

No serious shooting combined with no less than 3 pieces of Cover on my half of the table means no turn one Feat.

Vindictus casts True Path, moves over to the right, casts Defenders Ward on the Vengers, and camps 1.

Everything else just runs like crazy, staying just out of charge ranges. At the end of this turn, I'm already threatening his deployment zone.

Legion turn 1:

Some unlucky dice means that the only Knight that dies is the one I left out to trigger battle driven. This also triggers Righteous Fury on the Seneschals.

The Angelius gets slipstreamed up, charges the closest Venger, but thanks to Defenders Ward misses its charge and the next two bought attacks.

Beasts run, Swordsmen spread out.

Menoth turn 2:

I upkeep Defenders Ward. Vindictus scoots out of the killbox and casts True Path before Feating.

The right hand Seneschal goes man mode and two shots the Neraph. Oof.

Vengers charge the Angelius, kill it, and Reposition out. I send in one Knight Exemplar to try and kill two Swordsmen with Cleave and Overtake, and he nails both sevens to hit. I didn't miss much this game.

Vengers on the left charge in, and with Impact Attacks and charge attacks clear off several more Swordsmen and the Deathstalkers before (mostly) repositioning into the Feat.

The middle unit of Knights runs up, and the Indictors screen Vindictus.

Legion turn 2:

His Protector frenzies, knocking down the Seneschal.

We now come to the part of the game where we spend like...ten solid minutes trying to figure out how to actually remove that model from the table.

Grievous wounds prevents it from healing, but it still doesn't kill it from my reading of the rules. If you hit it multiple multiple times, it just keeps getting knocked down and stays disabled, and the second you kill a faction model in its command it instantly heals one again.

I couldn't find a quick rules reference at the time, so we played it like that.

**********************Intermission whilst the rules forum is perused**********************

Yup. Wow, that's impressive. So for those interested, you can send all the attacks into the Knight Exemplar Seneschal you want, but it won't die unless you can remove it from play before the boxed step. At that point, if you kill anything within 9 inches of it, it heals a point and doesn't die at all.

Also, he can contest and control zones and/or flags (2016 rules) while disabled, which is not how my opponent and I played that game.

What a crazy model.

Okay anyway, Scythean cast it's animus, whacked the Seneschal, killed the Venger, and sat there.

Swordsmen walked up and killed two (!!) Vengers on the left flank, and the Seraph moved up and shot at the three Vengers it could shoot at.

14/21 is a statline though, and despite some good dice, none of them die.

We played it as though my Seneschal did not contest, although this is apparently wrong, so my opponent erroneously scored a point.

Menoth turn 3:

It's time to clean up. Charging Vengers kill the Seraph and nearly kill the Protector.

Vindictus casts True Path and sits back. Knights Exemplar charge in and cleave through most of the Swordsmen, and the Vengers finish clearing out the zone.

At the end of the turn, my opponent has a Protector on one box, a Scythean and Rhyas, and he concedes.

Victory for the Menite Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

After this game, I'm starting to wonder if this list needs some very specific builds to answer it. Control feats ala Haley 2 and other denial effects like Cloud Walls might be the only thing that can really handle it.

It's so fast, and it delivers itself incredibly well. I look at most Cygnar gunlines and just think "turn 1 feat, turn 2 charge you".

Definitely going to be interesting going forward. Both of these games saw me take over massive portions of the table with fairly little loss. I believe this game I lost 3 large based models (90 push ups or sit ups), two small based models (ten push ups or sit ups) and that's it. The game before I lost two large based (60 sit ups or push ups) and 2-3 small based models (ten to fifteen push ups or sit ups) simply because the list was able to come in with an extremely hard alpha and fear little retaliation thanks to the feat.

I'm excited to keep playing this list - now I just need something to pair it with.

Thanks for reading!

Battle Report 93: The Harbinger of Menoth (Vessel CID) vs. Absylonia 2 (Children of the Dragon)


One of the main reasons I originally bought into Menoth's fluff, the Harbinger of Menoth saw some drastic changes between Mark 2 and Mark 3, fading out of the competitive scene and becoming more or less universally bemoaned.

The recent Vessel of Judgement CID changes have brought her back into the fore of my interest when it comes to Warmachine, as Martyrdom + Bastions + Healing all the Bastions sounds pretty good to me.

My pairing was a Harbinger list paired with Vindictus in the Exemplar theme, and my opponent had Rhyas and Absylonia 2 Shredder Spam.

I didn't even really pay attention, as I was playing Harbinger into anything not named Lylyth 3.

I don't think this list is optimized yet, but it's a decent place to start.

The Harbinger of Menoth
- Heirophant
- Devout
- Vigilant
- Templar

Punch Monk!
Vassal Mechanik x2
Rhuper Carvolo, Piper of Ord

Vessel of Judgement

Bastions (proxied by Cinerators)
Bastions (proxied by Blood Pack)
Min Choir


Absylonia 2 (Children of the Dragon)
- Proteus
- Protector
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder
- Shredder

Spell Martyr x2
Nyss Warlord x2 (Proxied by Deathstalkers)

Blackfrost Shard

Umm...yeah...that's a lot of Shredders. I've seen 3-4 of the little buggers kill heavies under Aby 2 with Kiss of Lylyss up.

We rolled up Spread the Net for our Scenario, and I ended up going first.

I forgot to take a picture of all of my deployment, so basically imagine Harbinger, Bastions, Templar, etc. back 9 ish inches.

Menoth turn 1:

Easy things first, Shifting Sands Stance on the Punch Monk and move him up. The idea is to move him into the left zone and keep him there with Martyrdom and Stance (Spoiler, I forget to move into Martyrdom range like...every turn).

Harbinger casts Crusaders Call and charges into the trench.

Everything else Charges or runs, but most things charge since speed four models get 1 extra inch out of a charge with Call up.

Legion turn 1:

Shredders all run (surprise?).

Absylonia puts Bracer on Proteus and charges up.

The Blackfrost Shard and other solos make a beeline for the left zone, with a couple of Shredders in tow.

Menoth turn 2:

Harbinger can actually have a useful feat turn! I allocate nothing.

Bastions run up, and the Vessel advances. Between its two shots, it kills two Shredders and nearly kills a third. Rolls were a touch low. It takes about 10 damage and gets healed back up to 5 off by the Mechaniks.

The Tharn Bastions run up and screen Harbinger.

The Harbinger activates, moves up, camps a bunch and pops her Feat.

Everything else moves to make it basically impossible for Proteus to get to her without two bastions dying, which isn't happening thanks to Martyrdom.

The Choir sings Shielding (No Spells), and the Punch Monk moves into the Left Zone.

Legion turn 2: 

My opponent surprises me and commits five Shredders to jam my lines up, and my feat leaves all of them on 5-6 boxes. Surprisingly, Bastions go to DEF 15 against charges from living models (11 base, set defense, and Awe) when they're with Harbinger, so none of his charge attacks hit.

Aby casts Psycho Surgery and gets onto her flag, with Proteus and friends in front of her.

My opponent makes a wall of dudes around my Punch Monk, and puts five or six attacks into it, but in vain.

My opponent scores a point.

Score 0-1
Advantage Legion

Menoth turn 3:

Once again, no allocation.

The Vessel moves up, uses Eruption of Faith to destroy two Shredders in front off the Bastions. It then zaps another Shredder and misses an engaged Shredder.

Mechaniks heal it up to about 7 off.

The right hand Bastions go ham, killing four Shredders between them. At dice -2 and four dice damage, they pretty much one-shot the lesser beasts.

My Templar goes in and unjams the Left Unit, and Harbinger goes, casting Guided Hand on them - I thought I was going to be able to clear the zone, but my opponent points out to me that he has a Blackfrost dude in as well.

The left Bastions kill three more Shredders.

The Punch Monk does Shifting Sands Stance and whacks the Shredder next to him. In Hindsight, I should have killed the two Spell Martyrs so that I could move away if I was missed next turn.

I was luckily contesting the flag with a Bastion, so no points are scored.

Score 0-1
Advantage Legion
Legion turn 3:

Aby charges and kills the right hand Bastion, Feats, and Repositions. 

Proteus and friends kill the rest of the Bastions (Grievous Wounds, it's a thing) in that zone. 

Once more the Punch Monk fails to die. 

No points once again. 

Score 0-1
Advantage Legion 

Menoth turn 4:

I start things off with a Harmonious Exaltation. The Harbinger Purifications off Buckler and then the Vessel blasts Proteus for about 15 damage. 

Three charging Bastions finish the heavy off, kill a Shredder, and ding up the Protector. 

Punch Monk whiffs all of his attacks on the Shredder on his side, and a Vigilant caps the right zone for me. 

Score 1-1

Legion turn 4:

One of the Warlords connects with my Punch Monk, and Decapitation prevents Tough. 

Aby runs away, and we both score a point. 

Look how scared she is...that's her on the bottom right. 

Score 2-2
Menoth turn 5:

The Protector is about a third dead, and I figure a bunch of charging Weaponmasters should be able to take it down. I had forgotten that Children of the Dragon gives Nephilim Unyielding though, so ARM 20 was a bit of a shock. 

I waffle about a bit, and then send the Bastions in. They...almost all miss. 

The Templar walks up and... does a couple of damage. 

The Vessel moves up and draws LOS to the Warlord through the Stealthed up Blackfrost Shard, but it misses both of its boosted shots. The Healing Miracle goes up, and the Mechaniks go repair it up to about five boxes. 

Harbinger moves up away from Absylonia, and we both score again. 

Score 3-3

Legion turn 5:

He tosses away a member of the Shard to kill a choir member and tie me up. The Protector flails ineffectually at a Bastion. Absylonia scoots around. 

Both Warlords pile in behind the house, and once more we both Score. 

Score 4-4

Menoth turn 6:

I realize here that if I don't decisively take the lead here, my opponent is going to basically be able to take me point for point and then potentially contest the 7th turn to win.

With that in mind, I allocate three to the Templar and run the Choir leader to contest.

The Vessel blasts the Shard member off the table and heals up. Harbinger moves away from Absylonia. Once again, all of the Bastions either miss or bounce off the Protector, as does the Templar. My opponent and I are laughing hysterically about the thing surviving at this point.

I score and my opponent does not.

Score 5-4
Advantage Menoth! (Almost typed Circle out there)

Legion turn 6:

Absylonia runs to her flag. Whoops...The zone on the left gets cleared and the Shredder that's been controlling it all game moves up a bit. 

He scores two and I score 1. 

Score 6-6

Menoth turn 7:

Last turn!

I run Harbinger to HER flag. I finally kill the Protector, and I run Bastions to make it impossible to contest my flag.

I run a choir boy to contest the flag and another into the zone, while my overloaded Devout kills the Spell Martyr in one shot.

I score two points.

Score 8-6 
Advantage Menoth!

Legion turn 7:

He cannot contest, but he can make me do push ups and sit ups for our Warmachine Fight Club. 

Both Choir die, as does the Devout, and then I score two more points to his one and the game ends. 

Score 10-7

Victory for the Menite Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

In a slow, attrition fight into an army with literally no guns, Harbinger and the Vessel are amazing!

I feel like the Vessel is extremely potent right now, which is great. I'm not sure if it's too strong, it definitely could be slightly too powerful, but it feels meaningful, impactful, and significant - which it should for 20 points. 

Bastions are too squishy, getting one-shotted by a LOT of stuff - only Martyrdom really kept them in this fight. 

The Scenario felt at first absurdly dead and then around turn six became absurdly important - I'm not sure if that is intended or not but while I was comfortably ahead on attrition, I could have lost this game if I had passively just let the game go where it was going. 

Overall, a very interesting game. 

Thanks for reading :)

Battle Report 91: Krueger 2 vs. Rhyas 1 (SR 2017 and Battle Engine CID)


Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!

I was one of those mad nutcases who went out and bought a second fulcrum (this means that I owned one to begin with) mere minutes after the insider spoiling the battle engine CID was released.

I do not regret it.

A quick summary of the new rules for those who have yet to see or are not part of the CID forums:

Increased boxes to 30.
Gained the ability to leach Fury from construct beasts within 5 inches during control phase.
Gained Fury Vault
Gained Veteren Leader [Blackclad] - other Blackclad models in its command range get +1 to hit on every kind of attack roll.

Suffice to say, this is awesome.

Since Pagani has expressly asked that the battle engines be tested on SR 2017, my opponent and I rolled up The Pit II and used the Cluster terrain method. Again, anything for CID is going to be in a different font.

Krueger 2
- Loki
- Megalith
- Woldwyrd
- Woldwyrd

Celestial Fulcrum
Stoneshaper (proxied by a Blackclad so I didn't have to go rooting through my models)
Gobber Chef (proxied by a Mannikin, same reason)

Shifting Stones x2
Druids and CA


- Proteus
- Scythean
- Neraph
- Seraph

Shepherd x2
Nyss Warlord (proxied by a Legionnaire)

Swordsmen and CA

I won the roll off and opted to go second. This seems like the only way to win SR 2017 on Scenario, and that is 100% what my list is about.

Legion turn 1:

Pretty simple. Occultation goes up on the Hellmouth and everything runs up. 

Hellmouth Tentacles move to max command range in the left zone, and I give up any hope of scoring in it. 

He moves his beasts up cautiously, probably to screen them next turn with the Swordsmen.

Circle turn 1:

I jokingly inform my opponent that if I wanted to, I could have my Fulcrum about 3 inches away from his Seraph this turn (Run 10 into stones, port 8, TK 2 more). 

I start off with Apparition on my Druids. 

I then premeasure a cloud base to base with the forest, check to see if Druid #1 can walk into it from where he is, and do so. I measure 1.5 inches from the edge of the cloud I have pre-measured, and then check to see if Druid #2 can advance at least that far. He can, so I move him up until he is 1.5 inches away from the first cloud. 

I pick up the 3 inch ring, move it over the second Druid, and repeat the process two more times. 

It takes me probably two full minutes to make a 4 man cloud wall with these restrictions as opposed to the 15 seconds it would have taken before - plop down 4 AOE 3s, check to make sure a Druid can walk to the middle of each one, and then move the models. 

Krueger activates, TKs Megalith up and casts Windstorm before advancing to just behind the cloud wall. 

Megalith TKs Loki and Tramples, Loki runs to just outside of getting charged. 

The Fulcrum runs up, followed by Shifting Stones and a Stoneshaper. 

The other unit of Stones forms a triangle around Megalith and Loki, meanwhile both Wyrds rile and run. 

Legion turn 2:

My opponent decides to jam me up with Swordsmen this turn, running them up at me as far as he can with the forest in the way. 

Rhyas swaps Occultation onto herself and goes to just behind the left zone. 

Scythean goes to block LOS to her and be a scoring threat in the left zone, and the Seraph moves into the middle zone to contest. 

His Neraph chills out in the middle zone along with Proteus a bit farther back. 

His first Deathstalker is able to get range to the closest Druid, needing nines. He pops him off, Swift Hunters to the next one and hits him, also needing nines. Yayy. That's 10 sit ups I have to do >< 

He passes the turn. 

Circle turn 2:

I leach five fury with Krueger and 3 with the Fulcrum (ahhh that felt good). 

Apparition happens, and then I spend a solid 20 minutes deciding if I can go for an assassination run this turn. 

With only one proxy base, I can measure where Krueger can get to, and I verify that the Druids can get LOS to the Scythean to hit it with a KD spell and knock Rhyas over. 

What I CAN'T do is check to see if Telekinesis will get the Scythean out of the way enough to Gallows Rhyas, check to see where Loki can land with Shifting Stones and where Rhyas would have to be in order for him to be inside Stealth range to hook her, and see if that is within walking and shooting distance for a Woldwyrd. 

I spend 20 minutes going over the distances again and again, and my opponent and I cannot verify anything. I've got the one proxy base out, my fingers marking various arbitrary points that I *think* are where distances would end up at, and in the end, I decide I just cannot try it. 

This is a great example of where not being able to premeasure gets rid of any risky plays - if I could premeasure all the bases out, I would probably have gone for this. Instead, I wasted 20 minutes of sitting and staring at a table muttering to myself about possible eyeballed distances. If I could have set down 4 proxy bases, I could have laid it all out with my opponent and verified distances in a matter of a minute or two, and we both could have been spared the experience. 20 minutes of sitting there staring at me was much worse than the five minutes it would have taken for both of us to Interact and Discuss the distances involved before coming to an agreement. 

Instead, the Fulcrum aims and kills 8 Swordsmen and a Shepherd. (Insert Evil Laughter)

Druids move up and KD Rhyas and the Scythean anyway, and Loki toes the edge of the Shifting Stone triangle he is in to hook the Neraph over. 

He leaves it on a few, the stones port him into the right zone, and Megalith moves over to finish the beast off. 

Krueger moves up, TKs a Wyrd up, FEATS and clears the zone of everything but the Swordsmen CA. He puts up Windstorm once I verify that every single thing my opponent has cannot get to me. 

The Wyrd moves up and blasts both Swordsmen down, the other scoots over and kills the last Swordsman. 

I score two points, and thanks to a contesting Druid, my opponent scores none. 

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 3:

Everything except one Deathstalker, the Warlord, and a Shepherd has -2 Speed this turn. 

My opponent kills off all but the Druid CA with Deathstalkers and a Seraph, clearing his zone. 

The Scythean dances around outside my threat ranges, but contests the middle zone. Proteus half kills my Wyrd. 

We both score. 

Score 3-1
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 3:

The Fulcrum pulls Fury from Megalith, Krueger from Loki. 

I take a free strike with my Wyrd, which kills it. 

The Fulcrum gets teleported over Loki by the Shifting Stones and then softens Proteus up, doing about 15 damage to him. 

Loki moves up, hooks him, and kills him.

Megalith tramples up and TKs the Seraph out of the zone. The Druid Overseer pushes the Scythean out of the zone, and I contest with Shifting Stones. 

I roll a little hot and destroy his Objective with the Woldwyrd, and Kreuger dumps fury and RUNS AWAY.

From here I feel the math gets pretty basic - My opponent will trade his Scythean for Megalith, and then Loki, Fulcrum, and Krueger will clear the middle zone repeatedly to let me win on Scenario. I score 3 this turn.

Score 6-1
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 4:

Sure enough, the Scythean charges in and kills Megalith. 

The Seraph shoots down the Gobber Chef and the Druid, and the Hellmouth Tentacles kill the contesting stone. 

We both score again. 

Score 7-2 
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

Krueger "allocates" Fury to the Fulcrum, which half kills the Scythean. Loki hooks him and kills him, but I cannot clear the Seraph. 

I do contest once more and score again. 

Upon further reflection, I think we miscounted the score, and I should have won this turn. 

Score 8-2
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 5:

My opponent clears his zone again, and we both score. 

Score 9-3
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 5:

A quick TK on Loki allows him to run and contest both zones, scoring me another point and putting me up by seven? I think so. Oh well, I officially won on this turn. 

Score 10-3
Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Scenario: This felt a lot more like a real Scenario, far more than Spread the Net did. The game was much more urgent feeling than the previous one, and I felt like it mattered. 

That being said, I only won once I had destroyed almost everything my opponent had on the table, and the game went for nearly the full two hours on the clock. I think that, in the interest of keeping event lengths reasonable, winning at 5 more than your opponent and ending on turn six might be more appropriate.

Measurement Rules: I cannot express my annoyance with this enough. I spent probably half of my game time staring at the table and muttering to myself about threat ranges and Stealth and placement, NONE of which I could verify with my opponent. Instead of plopping three or four measurement bases on the table and quickly checking ranges and placement with my opponent, I spent 20 minutes completely in my own head and not interacting with my opponent at all. I believe he took a phone call, got some food, and read some random stuff on Facebook while I was doing this, and it literally did not matter. 

Also, the Druid wall was incredibly frustrating as I was still able to DO what I wanted to do, it just took 5 times longer than it should. 

If there must be a limit on measurement markers, I HIGHLY recommend moving it up to a range of 3-5 at once, else it slows the game down and makes it less interesting for both players. I haven't gone into the tank like that since Mark II, and I did not miss the feeling. 

Celestial Fulcrum:

This thing feels amazing now. Just being able to consistently boost damage is strong, but being able to load up Megalith EVERY turn and then pull fury off of him without worrying about Kreuger was incredible. 

At the same time, I also felt extremely vulnerable as it still dies to a charging heavy, which I think is a good place for it to be. I think Privateer Press might have nailed this one on the head in one go, I wouldn't change anything about it. 

Battle Report 85: Tanith, the Feral Song (The Wild Hunt) vs. Fyanna (Ravens of War)


I'm finally home for more than a couple of days (fingers crossed) and was able to get in a game today!

My roommate and I rolled up incursion, and we are still prepping for our team event this weekend, so once again we had the pairings of Baldur 2/Tanith and Lylyth 3/Fyanna.

The Scenario was Incursion, and my second Woldwrath is not quite finished on the paint table, so I knew I was dropping Tanith.

My opponent dropped Fyanna.

- Loki
- Woldwyrd x3
- Moonhound Argus x2

Max Reeves and CA x2
Max Wolves and CA


- Angelius
- Neraph
- Seraph
- Naga Nightlurker

Deathstalker x2

Raptors (max) x2

I lost the roll off, and took the side that I thought I could turtle the best on. My plan here was as follows:

Turn 1, advance VERY cautiously.
Turn 2, absorb his shooting and shoot back under his feat. This list gets ridiculously accurate, so Fyanna's feat should not give me too many problems.
Turn 3: Mop up.

He will have a very hard time controlling the outside flags with the threat of the ambushing Wolves, so he will most likely go to the center where my Reeves can go to town.

Legion turn 1:

My opponent casts Slipstream and pulls the Angelius forward after the Seraph charges.

The Angelius runs to 14 inches away from the Forsaken after riling for three, and Fyanna dumps Fury and runs.

The Forsaken moves up and takes all the Fury off the Angelius.

The Cavalry all advance up to just outside the Reeves threat ranges.

Circle turn 1:

I do some quick measuring, and realize that my opponent left the Angelius in range of two Woldwyrds AND the Argus running to Mark Target it.

That happens first, and the Angelius dies.

Reeves advance on both sides to stay out of charge ranges and pop mini-feats.

Tanith puts Admonition on one of the Wyrds and Scything Touch on Loki.

Legion turn 2:

The turn starts off pretty strong as Fyanna Feats, charges the Moonhound, and then has the Seraph finish it off while Slipstreaming the Neraph up.

The Neraph moves up and kills one of the Wyrds and Sprints back. (I save the other with Admonition)

Raptors run to engage me.

Circle turn 2:

I decide to Ambush the Wolves on my right side.

Tanith upkeeps Scything Touch and my turn starts off with the right hand Wyrd killing the Raptor engaging Loki.

Loki backs up and whiffs his hook shot.

Right side Reeves kill off three Raptors (when you get to like RAT 17 and back arc, things get silly).

The Moonhound moves up. Tanith aims, shoots the middle Raptor on the left, boosting hit and damage but not killing it. She casts Admonition on herself and camps two.

Left Side Reeves kill the un-Shadowbound Raptor and ding up the Seraph.

The Wyrd fails to hit either Raptor he is engaged with.

Wolves run in and take the flag, and we both score a point.

Score 1-1 

Legion turn 3:

My opponent goes for the assassination. He can shoot me with two Deathstalkers, the Seraph, the Naga, and two Raptors. He can also cast Gallows at me with Fyanna.

The Seraph goes up, misses his first shot and has his second Shield-Guarded by Loki.

Deathstalker #1 does two damage, Deathstalker #2 misses.

Fyanna moves up, casts Gallows and CRANKS the damage, doing 13 (conveniently Tanith's remaining health), so I transfer it.

Anyssa moves up and hits Tanith with the first shot, also cranking the damage and rolling a 13, for 8 damage, which I also transfer.

Finally, the Naga moves up and hits his shot, rolling another sixteen to finish Tanith off.

Sadly, a loss for the Druids...

Post-Game Thoughts:

Dice happen? I guess I could have not upkept Scything Touch on Loki, but that's what I'm going to be doing nine times out of ten and habits are hard to break. I also could have not boosted damage on her gun-shot, but again, I think that is usually the correct play.

Ah well, I still am really enjoying this list, and had that not gone off the rails there (Oddsmachine says that had a 3.9% chance of working), I was in a massively favorable position for the next turn.