Video Battle Report 1: Malekus, the Burning Truth vs. Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight (Ravens of War)


This is a pretty exciting and new step in my Warmachine journey - I haven't ever tried to produce something like this before, and it was a very interesting process, one that I fully expect will get easier and create better results on each subsequent report.

A couple of points - yes, not we are not playing fully painted. This footage was originally just intended to be test footage to see if the set up worked (hence the goofy lists).

Furthermore, only two of my regular opponents have fully painted armies, and I can only play Circle fully painted (and even then, not always), so there will be unpainted models in these reports - sorry :(

I realized after I had uploaded the report that I had neglected to include the army lists, so here they are:

- Heirophant
- Reckoner
- Reckoner
- Eye of Truth

Wrack x2

Cleansers and CA
Zealots and CA


Lylyth 3
- Neraph
- Seraph
- Bolt Thrower
- Protector

Anyssa Ryssyl
Spell Martyer
Deathstalker x2

Raptors x2

I had commented to my opponent that I didn't think a Lylyth 3 gunline was likely to kill Malekus since most Legion warbeasts have fire typed ranged weapons. In typical fashion, he decided to try and prove me wrong.

Hopefully you enjoy this report, I certainly had fun making it. I'd love constructive feedback on the format if there is any to be had.


Battle Report 96: Vindictus (Exemplar Interdiction, 2017 Standoff) vs. Malekus (The Creator's Might)

Image result for vice scrutator vindictus art


I really like Vindictus. He, Severius, and Harbinger are 99% of the reason I got into Menoth, and the new Exemplar theme force, I feel, really gives him some neat tools. 

If you haven't seen it yet, the new theme force gives you:

+2 inches of deployment
A small or Medium based solo or CA for free for every 20 points of Exemplar models
Blessed Weapons on your Warjacks

I cooked this little number up just before heading out for games tonight, and I have to say it's a nasty looking list. 

- Indictor
- Indictor

Knight Exemplar Seneschal (free and proxied by an Errant)
Knight Exemplar Seneschal (free and proxied by an Errant)
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth

Knights Exemplar
- CA
Knights Exemplar
- CA (free)
Min Choir

The list is fast, accurate (MAT 7 is as low as we go here), and hits like a train. It cares not for terrain, and with Vindictus' feat you are almost guaranteed the alpha strike. The only thing I am not quite sold on is the battlegroup and the Vassals. I'm really not sure what I want there yet. 

I paired this with Chandler's Severius 1 list, which I would like to claim more credit for collaborating with him on then I probably deserve, but it's a nasty list and he took it all the way to top sixteen at LVO this year. You can read his analysis and theory behind the list here. (also check out his blog, it's excellent for Protectorate stuff).

Severius 1
- Heirophant
- Blessing of Vengeance 
- Eye of Truth
- Hand of Judgement

Avatar of Menoth

Vassal Mechanik
Vassal Mechanik
Punch Monk
Punch Monk

Rhoven and Co. 
Min Choir. 

It hits hard, it's resilient, and it's weird. It's super hard to play, and it has game into nearly everything. 

My first game of the day was against my regular Menoth opponent, who had a neat Malekus list featuring the new Vessel of Judgement. We rolled up Standoff from the 2017 SR packet, and I won the roll off. With a list this quick, it's just hamstringing yourself to go second, so I chose to go first. 

Malekus (Creator's Might)
- Heirophant
- Reckoner 
- Reckoner
- Eye of Truth
- Repenter
- Repenter

Vessel of Judgement

Mechanik x2
Wrack x3

Rhoven and Co. 

I can't help but hear the Rohirrim theme from The Lord of the Rings whenever I line two units of Vengers up to play a game. It's such a cool looking deployment. 

Vindictus turn 1:

Vindictus goes first, casting Defenders Ward on a unit of Exemplar's to his left, True Path on himself, and advancing 8 inches. 

Indictors run up next to him, and then everything runs. 

It occurs to me that I actually have to worry about getting shot at turn 1, so I carefully check 17 inches from his Reckoners and 16 from the Vessel before committing my Cavalry models to their final location. 

The Cavalry units get into the circular zones, threatening to murder anything that comes near them. 

The Knights come up the middle and get ready to bruise things. 11 inch threat on them is pretty spectacular. 

I deliberately give my opponent a Venger on the left to shoot at in the trench, hoping he'll proc battle driven. 

Malekus turn 1:

In a surprisingly aggressive move, my opponent runs his jacks up. Malekus uses Open Fire a couple of times after Battle is sung, and he successfully clears off a Venger on the right. (30 push ups or sit ups), triggering Righteous Fury on the Seneschal and Battle Driven on the Vengers. 

He runs the Vessel up max distance - a move which I believe was his only major mistake this turn as it would allow me to charge it with multiple units. 

Enliven goes on the Repenter on the right before it heads into my zone. 

Vindictus turn 2:

I premeasure out a couple of threat ranges, and with True Path I can get two Knights Exemplar onto the Battle Engine, and I can also get all of the Vengers onto it with good placement. 

I upkeep Defenders Ward, allocate nothing, and get to work. 

Vindictus moves up a little bit, casts True Path and Feats. 

The Seneschal on the right goes up and hits the Repenter, triggering Enliven. The jack moves closer to me to Jam, and the free strike and charge attack combined do around half damage to it (pretty mediocre dice there, should have brought it down to one or two). 

The Knights Exemplar activate, pop their mini-feat for mini Hand of Fate and charge. Two go into the Vessel, bringing it down to 2/3 health, the other three that can get there charge the Repenter. 

The first attack leaves it on one, and the officer finishes it off before overtaking out of the way. 

This leaves the Vengers clear to charge into the Vessel, taking it down on the last attack before Repositioning mostly back into my Feat. 

On the right, charging Vengers kill the Repenter and Reposition back into Feat range. 

I move both Indictors in front of Vindictus, and move up the middle unit of Knights cautiously. 

The Choir sings no shooting on the jacks, and I end my turn. 

Malekus turn 2:

My opponent has nothing but bad options here. If he commits, he loses his army, if he doesn't I instantly win on Scenario. 

His Reckoners move up and bash stuff, Eye aims and misses a shot at a Venger. Malekus uses Open Fire to nearly kill the right hand Venger that's outside of the Feat. 

He contests both Circular zones, and I had moved my jacks not quite far enough to hit the Rectangular one, so no points are scored. 

Vindictus turn 3:

The turn starts off with Righteouss Furied Seneschals moving up and half killing AND smiting down both Reckoners. 

Charging Knights and Vengers finish off the downed Jacks, Rhoven, and basically everything of scariness left but Eye and Malekus. 

I score three points as I move my Jacks into the zone, and my opponent concedes with no way to kill enough models to matter and no way to keep contesting in the face of that many weaponmasters and cavalry. 

Post Game Thoughts:

This list is very impressive. It's got excellent damage output, it's incredibly fast, and it delivers itself pretty well. Into most gunlines, this list is going to get in their face too quickly for most of them to shoot their way out before Scenario collapses on them. 

My opponent commented that it was exactly zero fun to play against, and for a list like his, I definitely agree. It punishes most battlegroup heavy builds and lists built to fight battlegroups by being faster than them and being so resilient to a lot of the anti-infantry tech out there by nature of high ARM values and Vindictus' feat. 

Definitely intrigued, looking forward to trying it again. 

Battle Report 92: Mohsar, the Desertwalker vs. Malekus, the Burning Truth


Mohsar has been one of, if not the most, contentious warlock in the Circle arsenal for me.

My Circle Mentor Chandler absolutely loves this guy, and the lack of love in the Mark 3 transition is a big part of what drove him into the loving arms of Menoth.

One of the biggest proponents of this little loved Warlock, Dan Y., recently won Kingdom Con by playing a Mohsar/Wurmwood pairing that he has been advocating for for a very long time.

That, combined with the Celestial Fulcrum CID led me to spend my Saturday afternoon painting up the Desertwalker and then getting him on the table to face down the fires of Menoth.

I shamelessly stole Dan's list, and since I don't own Bloodweavers (yet), they were proxied by Reeves.

- Pureblood
- Pureblood
- Wyrd
- Wyrd
- Argus


Gobber Chef

Wolves of Orboros
- CA

The idea is simple - the list shoots really hard, hits like a truck with Curse of Shadows when the Wolves get to go in, and has crazy assassination potential between Doppler Bark and Sands of Fate. 

Sunhammer and Mohsar's Feat keep Jack spam honest, and Curse of Shadows plus Woldwyrds is one of my favorite things to do in Circle.

This list is only going to get better with the changes to the Celestial Fulcrum, and it is a blast (albeit very tricky) to play.

I was playing into:

- Heirophant
- Eye of Truth
- Guardian
- Reckoner
- Reckoner


- CA
Rhoven and Co.

We rolled up Recon, and I won the roll off. I chose to go first, and away we went.

I made a mistake during deployment here - Mohsar should have been in the front with the front line of Wolves. 

My opponent put Prey on the Wolves, and away we went.

Circle turn 1:

Stuff basically ran.

Both Purebloods warped for Ghostly and ran up. The Wolves ran, the Wyrds ran. Mohsar moved up and cast Mirage on the Fulcrum, Sunhammer on himself, and then I decided he needed to be up closer to the fight and cast Sands of Fate. 

Unfortunately, I had not accounted for this when I was doing my Fury management earlier in the turn, and I was going to be a Fury short next turn.

I also got this sweet cinematic shot of Mohsar and the Wolves - I really need to repaint those suckers.

Menoth turn 1:

I have carefully kept everything out of the Idrian's threat ranges except for my right side Pureblood. He is able to get two 3-man CRAa into it, and they do 8 points.

He opts not to Feat, and Repositions the Guide and Chieftain back into the trench.

His jacks get Shielding (no spells) from the Choir, and Malekus looks at the pair of Wyrds before opting not to cast anything and move up.

Circle turn 2:

I cut for a Fury and upkeep both spells.

He's left two Idrians in charge range of Bloodweavers, so I decide to go in with their Blood Burst ability.

His clumped up troops fall en masse, as two Bloodweavers kill off seven Idrians.

Pureblood spray on the right kills the Guide, the Fulcrum nails the Idrian on the hill and leaps into the Chieftain, and by the time the dust (or Sand) settles, he's down to a solitary Idrian.

This is actually very important for this list - the less attacks your opponent has, the better Pillar of Salt gets.

I run Wolves up and then cover them with three Pillars of Salt as Mohsar moves into the zone and Maltreats the Argus for a couple damage.

Menoth turn 2:

His right hand Reckoner is in aim range of the Pureblood, and between the Flare from that gun and quite a few Open Fires on it from Malekus, that Pureblood nearly dies.

The Guardian comes in to contest, and Eye of Truth moves up behind him.

All of the Jacks were battled this turn, and they all took a few damage from Sunhammer. 

I also just have to note something here - mark where your stuff is and what in game effects are present. I would have completely forgotten the Pureblood had crippled aspects if I hadn't marked them with these great little widgets.  It's just as important as keeping track of Fury, so mark it!

(In advance of the hordes of questions - you can get these at

Circle turn 3:

It's go time! I upkeep Sunhammer but drop Mirage.

The Bloodweavers run, one to within 8 inches of Eye, one to the toe of the zone, and one to charge the remaining Idrian, which explodes. 

Mohsar activates, Sands of Fate up to the Weaver closest to Eye, lands a Curse of Shadows on the Warjack, maltreats a Wyrd, and then Sands of Fates back to the edge of the zone and pops his feat. 

The Pureblood aims and gets the single dice three it needs on Eye, doing about 5 damage. 

The Wyrd activates and does a few more. 

I pop the Wolves Mini-Feat and charge Eye and the Guardian. Damage rolls are awful, and Eye Survives despite seven charging wolves. 

I then realize that I have screwed up colossally here, and the Fulcrum should have activated first and blasted the Warjack. 

I end up losing a ton of my Wolves to sprays from the Fulcrum and the other Pureblood, but Eye does finally go down. 

Menoth turn 3:

My opponent allocates three to the Guardian and one to the right hand Reckoner. 

Rhoven and buddies charge my Wolves. The Guard both connect, but Rhoven misses. This is important since he was going to Battle Wizard an AOE onto the Guardian to clear him off. 

Instead, Malekus moves up and sprays both Wolves off after popping his Feat. 

Choir sing Battle again, and the right hand Reckoner moves up and hits the left Pureblood, Flaring it and doing good damage. 

The Guardian charges it and crit pitches it back into Mohsar. The Pureblood dies, and the objective nearly does as well. 


Circle turn 4:

A quick proxy base measurement reassures me that a Wolf can get to within 2 inches of Malekus without taking a free strike. 

Mohsar drops Sunhammer now that it has done about 25 damage over the game and does not force to stand. 

The Argus riles, and Mohsar activates, forfeiting movement. He maltreats the Argus, and then Sands of Fates to the wolf near Malekus. He Doppler Barks the warcaster, and then heals the Pureblood's Spirit before bashing Malekus a couple of times and Sands of Fating out to the last Bloodweaver. 

Wyrd number 1 eats through his two Shield Guards, and Wyrd number two seals the deal, killing Malekus. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I have NO idea how to play this list yet. It's extremely tricky! There are lots of order of activation issues, lots of positioning things (I felt I did fairly well there), and tons and tons of angles to consider. 

It is a ton of fun bouncing Mohsar in and out of the fray with Sands of Fate and just being a crazy Desert Ninja, and the ability to place a Doppler bark 14 inches from a Wolf or 16 inches from a Bloodweaver is crazy!

Speaking of Bloodweavers, I was incredibly impressed with how well they do against low ARM infantry. If that style of list makes a resurgence, I will definitely be getting myself a unit of the ladies. 

I've got a bit of a hobby thing to post tomorrow (I hope), and more battle reports should be coming out early next week. 

Until then, thanks for reading!

Battle Report 47: Kromac 2 vs. Malekus

For my final game of 2016, I had just received my Storm Raptor in the mail (literally as I was walking out the door) and I couldn't wait to give the thing a try.

It was partially assembled as the game started, and it got finished somewhere around turn 2.

My local Menoth opponent was good enough to let me try it out, so we threw down in style for the end of the year!

Kromac 2
- Storm Raptor
- Ghetorix
- Stalker
- Gorax Rager

Blackclad Wayfarer

Min Mist Riders
Gobbers Bellows Crew


- Heirophant
- Reckoner
- Reckoner
- Hand of Judgment
- Castigator
- Revenger
- Repenter? Spray Jack?

Temple Flame Guard and CA
Choir (max)


I won the roll off, and we were playing Extraction, so I windmill slammed first. I really wanted to get the Storm Raptor up the table fast without having to worry about eating shots turn 1.

Blackclad is hiding under the left wing.

My opponent counter-deployed by putting all of his shooting stuff across from the Storm Raptor, which is the right thing to do.

Circle turn 1:

I started things off with Kromac casting Awakened Spirit on the Storm Raptor and Vengeful on Ghetorix, before charging up the field to the right.

Literally everything ran at that point, with the Storm Raptor doing a nice switcharoo and coming to the side of the table where I actually felt like he could get work done without being blown to smithereens.

Isn't it pretty!
Menoth turn 1:

My opponent uses the TFG mini-feat and runs them at me.

Jacks move up, and Ignite goes onto the Revenger.

Choir sings no shooting.

Circle turn 2:

I do some premeasuring, and the Storm Raptor can aim and shoot some TFG to death.

More interestingly, if I can get the Hunters Mark off, Kromac can charge over to that side of the table, kill 3-4 Idrians for basically free and then Sprint back to just outside of Castigator charge range and THEN the Storm Raptor can bazap a zap TFG to death.

The Blackclad moves up and...whiffs his six.

The Storm Raptor sighs and aims and...misses both of his attacks needing fives.

The Mist Riders go up and do a little bit of work and then Reposition back to make it awkward for the TFG to charge them the next turn.

Kromac moves up into the rubble, and Ghetorix runs instead of walking up and casting Spiny Growth like he should have.

The Stalker runs to the wall, making it so that anything that commits to the flag will get a Stalker to the face.

Gobbers run to contest the right side flag.

I had to take like three pictures to get all the models in the shot. 

Menoth turn 2:

Things start to go off the rails pretty hard here.

The Revenger gets Battled and charges Ghetorix. Ghetorix rolls boxcars on his Vengeful attack, and then dies as the Revenger rolls 10, 11, 12 for damage.

TFG charge in and fail to kill the second Gobber, and the Castigator runs to the left flag to cap it.

The spray light comes and guns down my Blackclad.

Menoth scores a point.

Score 0-1
Advantage Menoth

Circle turn 3:

Well...that sucked. 

My plan here is to clear the TFG without activating Kromac, use the Storm Raptor to charge the Revenger, and then have Kromac feat and charge the Reckoner (empty base by the cloud). 

Once he kills it, he'll sprint back to the safety of the right side of the forest and my Stalker will charge in, wreck the Castigator and maybe the light jack, and then Sprint to engage the remaining two heavies. 

Thunder Goats go first and...miss an attack in the TFG back arc and then roll 1 for eLeaps twice. *sigh*

The Storm Raptor moves to the Revengers back arc and hits the first attack, boosting damage at dice - 3 and does....3 damage. The Reload shot connects and does average damage, leaving the jack on a few boxes. 

Kromac charges to the left of the Revenger to get at the Reckoner and Feats. He hits his charge at MAT 10 and rolls...1,1,2 for damage. I buy an attack and roll 1,2 for damage. He camps five. 

Stalker charges in, wrecks the Castigator, and Sprints to engage Hand and the other Reckoner. 

Unfortunately, all I have to transfer to is a Gorax. 

No points are scored. 

Score 0-1 
Advantage Menoth

Menoth turn 3:

Malekus loads up his jacks with focus.

Battle is sung, and Reckoner number one goes into Kromac, doing fair damage.

The two lights go in, the Revenger being crippled, and the Revenger fails to connect. This is important because Kromac is 3.5 inches from the edge of the forest on the left, so Hand and the other Reckoner can't see him from where he is.

Malekus pops feat and sprays Kromac.

Reckoner two moves away from the Stalker, who takes his club arm off with a massive free strike. The Reckoner tries to shoot Kromac, but at effective DEF 20, the Tharn King is missed.

Hand backs away and takes another good free strike, and sprays Kromac as well, but also misses.

My opponent is down to about a minute on his clock.


Score 0-1
Advantage Menoth

Circle turn 4:

Looking back at this turn, I am actually really miffed with how I had played it.

Kromac's fire damage wouldn't have killed him, but he transfers it to the Gorax who dies.

Malekus is sitting in the open on nothing. I pull from the Stalker and a couple from the Storm Raptor, who does not fail his frenzy check.

The correct play here is to have the Storm Raptor advance, shoot Malekus with boosted everything for an average of 9 damage, have Kromac cast Primal Shock through the Raptor twice at dice - 3 for an average of 16 damage, and then have the two Mist Riders charge him for another 10 damage on average.

The next best play is to have the Raptor disrupt the Reckoner and sit there, have the Mist Riders charge Malekus and Reposition in front of him to engage him and block a charge lane.

What I actually did was the worst thing I could have done.

Kromac activates and hits the Reckoner for a pathetic amount. He buys an attack, and then another, doing essentially nothing.

The Stalker kills the other Reckoner and then Sprints to engage Hand of Judgment.

The Raptor kills the remaining TFG.

The Mist Riders charge Malekus and do pretty good damage and then...don't Reposition in front of him.

But hey, I score a point right?

Score 1-1


Menoth turn 4:

My opponent times out pretty quick, but we continue on.

The Reckoner is about to start clubbing Kromac when I remind my opponent that he can do a head butt.

His Reckoner does so, and buys an attack doing a few more. His little jack knocks Kromac down to 3 health and 1 transfer, and Malekus charges to seal the deal.

Other than Malekus, this is what I should have done. 

Sadly, a loss for the Druids.

Post Game:

Now that I've had a couple days to look at this game more objectively, I realize that the dice really weren't the thing that lost me the game here. 

I had a totally viable assassination run, and I didn't take it. 

I had multiple ways to not die here, and I didn't take them. 

In a tournament, while I would have won this game due to time, I probably wouldn't have felt very good about it. Plain and simple, I let my opponent have the opening and he took it - well played!