Battle Report 56: Morvahna 2 Tier vs. Saeryn

Ahh Morvahna 2, the scourge of Mark 2. How you have fallen.

Due to limited internet access, I've skipped over a couple of games to get to the one that most of you were hoping for - the Theme force batrep. What you are missing out on (for now) is a game with Una 2 and a Raptor vs. Kryssa which I won on Scenario after blasting Warspears and Warmongers off the table with Woldwyrds and Stormy, and a game with Kromac 2 and two Raptors into Zaadesh which I lost 5-4 on Scenario after it became apparent that a Storm Raptor under Kromac feat can barely kill a Titan Sentry.

The new Circle tier came out last week, and it was clearly meant to be played with ALL the infantry (even though it's probably best to take mostly beasts), and who plays infantry better than Morvahna?

The answer? Grayle, if they were Wolf Sworn, but they are not, so here we go!

- Brennos
- Stalker
- Gorax

Tharn Ravager White Mane (FREE!)
Tharn Ravager Shaman (FREE!)
Bloodweaver Night Witch x2
Tharn Wolfrider Champion

Tharn Wolfriders
Tharn Bloodtrackers
Wolf Sworn Death Wolves (wait what??)


Saeryn, the Omen of Everblight
- Succubus
- Carnivean
- Carnivean
- Nephilim Protector
- Shredder x4

Spell Martyr x3
Shepherd x2
Forsaken x2

Blighted Nyss Raptors

I won the roll off and opted to go first. My opponent took the side with the hill.

My opponent wisely counter-deployed by putting his Cavalry (twenty-one inch threat) opposite my Cavalry (19 inch threat with assault). As a result, I deployed my Bloodtrackers (fourteen inch threat) across from his Raptors (fourteen inch threat against Stealth) in the hopes that I could use terrain to protect my girls and kill off all his raptors pretty quickly

I put two corpse tokens on each Death Wolf but Kaleb, and I put one on the Ravager White Mane from the tier benefit.

Circle turn 1:

This game happened nearly a week ago now, so some pertinent details might be a little fuzzy.

Morvahna went first and cast Carnivore on the Stalker, Fog of War on herself, and then walked 8 inches up and repositioned into the zone. Boom. Fast lady on a Goat.

My Death Wolves and other Solos on the right ran up the table.

My Wolf Riders and Champion made a beeline for the right side of the table to get away from his Raptors.

The Bloodtrackers ran up and spread out.

Legion turn 1:

The Shredders all ran at me.

Carniveans advanced, cast Spiny Growth and riled for two each, letting the Forsaken come and take a bunch of fury.

Saeryn moved up and cast....something? Spiny Growth on herself I think, and then Respawn on one Carnivean. Yes that's right.

The Raptors ran across the table to get into my Wolf Riders' business again.

Circle turn 2:

This turn started off innocently enough.

I upkept both spells, and then sent the Nightwitch into the closest far-right Shredder. Which she killed and moved into the next Shredder back and did approximately ten damage to.

The Death Wolves charged the other three Shredders and, despite massive amounts of whiffing, did about half their boxes or more each.

Then....The White Mane got in on the fun.

He charged a Shredder, killed it, moved an inch, bought on another Shredder, killed it, moved an inch, hit a Shredder, killed it, moved to the last Shredder, bought, killed it, moved to the first Shepherd, bought, killed it, moved to the next Shepherd, bought, killed it, moved to the first Spell Martyr, bought, killed it, moved to the next Spell Martyr, bought, and killed it before ending up in front of the first Raptor with two corpse tokens.

Now at MAT 8, dice -2, I was having dreams of killing all the Raptors as well, but the White Mane choked up and missed his first attack and only did 3 damage with his second attack. Ah well.

He still killed 20 points of models and tied up 2 Raptors. He's getting a special paint job once I'm done with my commissions.

After that the rest of the turn felt lackluster.

Brennos moved up and blasted the Protector for a decent chunk of damage. I needlessly ran my other Nightwitch into the zone.

Morvahna moved back to the flag, and everything else advanced cautiously.


Legion turn 2:

My opponent spent about five minutes swearing at my White Mane and then got to work.

Between all of the Raptors, the White Mane died.

The Carnivean assaulted Kaleb, killed him, and forced Skoll to use a corpse to reduce damage to 1. He also killed the Nightwitch and cast Spiny Growth. 

Saeryn moved up and popped feat before shooting Skoll down.

The other Carnivean assaulted the Nightwitch in the zone and killed her.

I scored a point!

Score 1-0
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 3:

Alright, we have a game plan. Sit on this flag for days.

Brennos got Primaled and went in on the Carnivean. Even ignoring Spiny Growth, he was at dice off 3, and re-rolls only go so far. The Carnivean was left on five boxes.

If I'd been smart and kept my Nightwitch alive, I could have applied Grievous Wounds and not worried about him, but alas.

Bloodtrackers murdered the Forsaken that was waiting to explode on Brennos.

Tala charged the Raptor by the Forsaken, killed it, bought into the Forsaken, and then failed to kill it because it's ARM 17 under Saeryn's feat.

Wolf Riders took pot shots at the Raptors and missed all of them before Repositioning back, carefully staying more than an inch behind the far side of the wall.

I scored a second point.

Score 2-0
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 3:

The Raptors came up and shot things to death, leaving me with three Wolf Riders.

The Protector killed Tala, and Saeryn came to cap the flag, healing the Carnivean.

The busted Carnivean killed Brennos easily, and the other assaulted and killed one Wolf Rider (but missed the Champion!)

We both scored a point.

Score 3-1
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 4:

I'm in a pretty good spot here, I just need to kill a few things to make contesting impossible.

Wolf Riders Assault and kill two Raptors, and Reposition back. The Champion assaults the third one, kills it, quick works into the last and misses. Darn!

The Bloodtrackers activate and start shooting at the Carnivean. The first one does a few damage, and then the rest don't do any, until the last one misses while in range to re-roll the attack. She does so, and then cranks damage to put the beast down. 

Morvahna decides to feat to bring back the three Wolf Riders, nice and spread out. 

We both score another point. 

Score 4-2
Advantage Circle

Legion turn 4:

In a play of desperation, the last raptor tries to kill the Wolf Rider between the Carnivean and the flag.

Missing, Saeryn moves up and casts Hellfire at it, charbroiling it.

The Carnivean runs up and contests the flag, and the rest of Saeryn's things move into the zone with her.

Score 4-2
Advantage Circle

Circle turn 5:

My plan here is simple, Morv has to kill the Carnivean because the Stalker is too far away to walk up to him.

I drop all my upkeeps, and Morvahna charges the dragon. After many, many pain inflicted weaponmaster attacks and re-rolls, the beast dies, and Morvahna repositions to the flag.

My opponent graciously lets me see how much I can kill, so the next thing to happen is the Champion jumps to back arc on the remaining Raptor and kills it.

Prey switches to the Protector.

The Bloodtrackers move up and kill the Protecter in four throws. Prey goes to the Forsaken, which dies to one spear, then the Succubus, which likewise dies in one spear. I have four back arc attacks into Saeryn, three of which connect and put her down.

I also score 2 points, just to be cheeky.

Victory for the Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

The Theme list is probably not competitive, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun! Playing a bunch of dudes, and giving things free corpse tokens is a blast, and the White Mane still does his thing very well when he has the opportunity.

I like this list a lot for casual play, and once ATC is over, I will probably experiment with it some more.