Battle Report 79: Reznik 2 vs Xerxis 2

I'm running a three list, 8 person cap event this weekend, and my local Skorne player wanted to practice into the three list pairing being brought by one of the Menoth players, so instead of playing Circle like a good Druid I strapped on some Menofixes and brought out the Popes of Nopes.

My opponent's three list pairing is Zaadesh 2 with triple shield titans, Xerxis 2 with Hydra and Tiberion, and Rasheth in the shooting theme.

I was pretty sure Rasheth was never seeing the table against Menoth (thanks Passage!), and I felt like my three list pairing of Amon, Kreoss 1, and Reznik 2 was really bad for Zaadesh.

That being the thought process, I was torn between Reznik and Amon. I ended up dropping Reznik because I've seen him played more and am more comfortable with his list. It also only has two warjacks, so I don't have to remember focus allocation as much!

I dropped Reznik, he dropped Xerxis.

Reznik 2
- Madelyn Corbeau
- Scourge of Heresy
- Eye of Truth
- Devout

Wrack x2
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist
Vassal of Menoth
Alten Ashley

Idrians and CA
Choir (min)


Xerxis 2
- Desert Hydra
- Tiberion
- Gladiator
- Shaman

Orin Midwinter
Mortitheurge Willbreaker

Beast Handlers (min) x2

My opponent won the roll off and opted to go first. Baddddddd. The Scenario was incursion.

Idrians chose the Hydra as prey.

Skorne turn 1:

Full speed ahead with basically everything. Ignite goes on Tiberion, and the Shaman casts Desert Storm to keep his models safe from the Idrians.

Druidic Menites turn 1:

Idrians spread out wide. Lamentation goes up, but I was a derp and forgot to allocate a bunch of focus to Scourge, so I have to sing no spells with the choir.

I put Eye of Truth in the Hydra's charge range since I can't really not - that thing threatens 14 inches with Xerxis. I keep Reznik and Scourge away from the Hydra.

The Flamebringers go way left, since I think I can get a solid Scenario push there.

Alten does 5 damage to Tiberion's Spirit and backs the crap up.

Skorne turn 2:

He needs to kill two Idrians to really make room for the Hydra, and this is done by the Shaman zapping one, and then rewinding so my opponent casts Rush first (Lamentation folks, it's a spell) and then moves up and shoots.

Tiberion charges in at two others and murders them dead.

Xerxis puts Ignite on the Hydra and pops his Feat.

Beast Handlers Enrage and Prod the Hydra, which charges in and kills Eye of Truth and three more Idrians.

Druidic Menites turn 2:

Well....the bait worked, so time to see if I can do anything with it. Two to Scourge.

Alten aims and blasts Tiberion, leaving his Spirit on one box.

The Punch Monk charges in his back, but misses the important columns.

Scourge gets Battled, Boundless Charged, and goes to town, killing the Hydra dead. Prey switches to Tiberion, and I get two charges on him. Once again, I forget to use the mini feat.

The two charging Idrians leave Tiberion on six boxes, and a crippled Spirit.

Flamebringers charge and kill a couple of Beast Handlers before repositioning back to control the left flag.

I get one point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Druids! 

Skorne turn 3:

My opponent kills some Idrians with Xerxis, and he Sprints over to the right hand flag after putting Ignite on Tiberion. 

Tiberion lays into Scourge HARD, leaving him on nine boxes after his three initials and crit smiting him away. 

The Shaman moves over and zaps the Daughter Cav on the flag. 

The Gladiator has to Rush himself and charge to kill the last contesting Idrian, and my opponent scores two points. 

Score 1-2
Advantage Skorne

Druidice Menites turn 3:

Well I have a couple of options here. The (probably correct) play is to shake KD, Battle Scourge, Boundless charge him, move Reznik up to curse Xerxis, and then try and kill him. Mat 9, 3 attacks at dice +1 and one at dice -1 should kill him since he's only camping one.

Oddsmachine puts this at 57%.

Instead, I decide to get cheeky and test the limits of the Madelyn/Devout combo.

Scourge gets full focus and shakes KD.

Alten aims and kills Tiberion. Prey Switches to Gladiator.

The Daughters kill the Shaman and reposition back to the flag.

Reznik moves up, pulls from a Wrack, casts Boundless Charge on Scourge, and curses the Gladiator.

Madelyn parlays, and a HUGE mistake here I run my Devout to Reznik's left side.

Scourge murders the Gladiator, and Prey switches to Xerxis.

The Guide charges him and does ten damage O.o

I get another point.

Score 2-2

Skorne turn 4:

My opponent has one chance here, and it's my own fault. He can get Orin into range to zap the Devout, and then potentially get two leaps into Madelyn.

He gets his Beast Handlers out of the way and contesting both flags, and Orin moves up after getting Puppet Master.

He misses his shot, re-rolls, and then only gets one leap.

Xerxis kills Scourge and sprints back, getting one point.

Score 2-3
Advantage Skorne

Druidic Menites turn 4:

Alten aims and kills Orin. The Daughter Cav kill all three middle models and control the left flag.

Reznik charges, curses, and kills the three Beast Handlers on the right side before Repositioning into the flag.

The Devout runs to control the middle, and I score three more.

Score 5-3
Victory for the Druids!


This is a terrifically hard matchup. I made two major errors this game. The first is not going for the assassination run when I had it since I could have gotten Scourge plus a The Flesh is Weak into Xerxis, which probably kills him. 

Secondly, the Devout should have been on the other side of Reznik, and then Orin never has a chance to kill Madelyn. We rolled it out after and Xerxis would have left Reznik on 3 boxes, but still. 

Alten was a BEAST this game, doing 15 damage to Tiberion over three turns and preventing him from killing Scourge. MVP for sure. 

Battle Report 66: Anson Durst vs. Reznik 2

I was playing into my ATC teammate who was running his ATC pairing of the exact same Sevy list and a battlegroup heavy Reznik 2 list, specifically geared up for non-Menoth matchups.

We had discussed this before the tournament, and concluded that he had a snowballs chance against Durst, and I was definitely dropping Durst.

This was an extremely lopsided and boring game, so I'm just going to put down the broad strokes.

He played Reznik.

Reznik 2
- Heirophant
- Scourge of Heresy
- Eye of Truth
- Reckoner
- Guardian

Allegiant x2
Kell Bailoch
Orin Midwinter

Min Choir
Rhoven and Co.

And my Durst list:

Anson Durst
- Heirophant
- Castigator x2
- Templar x2
- Indictor x2
- Devout

Vassal x2
Wrack x2

Min Choir x2

Theme: Creator's Wrath

I won the roll off and opted to go first. The Scenario was Linebreaker.

Druidic Menites turn 1:

Allocate nothing, and run for the hills.

True Menites turn 1:

Also run like crazy. Monks get Shifting Sands Stance.

Druidic Menites turn 2:

Run everything again, pop Feat.

True Menites turn 2:

He comes in on me, nearly killing a Castigator and crit pitching it six inches back at the flag (which was a problem since his Monk was capping it until that point).

Scourge goes in and nearly the other Castigator.

Druidic Menites turn 3:

I flub some serious rolls here, like missing a Guardian three times in a row needing fours, but I still kill Eye of Truth and Scourge, and cripple nearly everything on the Guardian.

I still have all of my heavies on the board, and he's only got one functional jack, and my opponent concedes before my turn ends.

Victory for the Druidic Menites!

Post Game Thoughts:

This game was more or less won at list selection. Durst stomps all over other battlegroup centric builds, and this game showed that quite well. 

I quite enjoyed this little break from Circle, but I'm ready to get back to my Druids. The number of times I nearly forgot to allocate focus was staggering, and I just felt much less comfortable running a Warmachine faction than I hoped I would. 

This game clinched the whole event for me, which was nice, but I don't think I necessarily deserved it this time around. Round 1 I had to open myself up for a 40% assassination in order to dominate the zone, and Round 2 I won purely based on dice. Not the most satisfying way to win, hopefully I'll do better next time :) 

Thanks for reading!

Battle Report 50: Kromac 2 vs. Reznik 2

The Season of the Raptor continues....

I'm participating/partially running a massive narrative league that will cover the next six months across the vast majority of Eastern Washington and North West Idaho.

We had our kick off event this weekend, and a buddy and I decided to drive out the day before and get some games in on Friday as well as cashing in our games on Saturday.

Naturally, Stormy came along for the ride (and made disparaging comments about my driving the whole way).

I got a total of five games in with him over the weekend (and batreps for all of them will be coming down the pipe in the next couple days), and the first one was into my good friend K's Reznik 2 list - usually the bane of my non-Una 2 lists.

I played an unchanged Kromac 2 list from the last few times:

Kromac 2
- Stormy (Storm Raptor)
- Stalker
- Feral

Blackclad x2
Ogrun Bokur x2 (Cliented to...)

Sentry Stones x2

And my opponent was playing this monstrosity of a list:

Servath Reznik, WRATH OF AGES
- Madelyn Corbeau
- Scourge of Heresy
- Reckoner x2
- Devout

Wrack x2
Punch Monk (Allegiant of the Order of the Fist)

Idrians and CA
Rhoven and Co.
Min Choir

I rolled up Outlast as our random Scenario, and I lost the roll off. My opponent elected to deny me the side with the massive forest and building since he didn't want to see a massive wall of Sentry Stone forests, and so I got to go first.

My game plan was to run Stormy over the house on the right there, get Kromac and friends into the trench, and then just see how the game went from there. Sentry Stones and Stormy would be on "Kill all the Idrians" duty, and then I just had to rely on Stormy being really fast to get the alpha on any 'Jack that poked it's head out.

My opponent put his battlegroup opposite Stormy and the Idrians off to the left.

My hope then was to draw the bulk of the 'Jacks off to the right and then forcefully clear the left zone to dominate it with Kromac.

The Idrians chose Kromac as their prey target.

Circle turn 1:

Well it's time to scream up the board. Sentry Stones moved up to get out of the way, and Kromac activated, putting Vengeful on the Storm Raptor and Awakened Spirit on the Stalker before charging Reznik and hiding out behind my generated forests.

Stormy ran, staying 17.5 inches away from his Reckoners.

I put Mannikins and the Feral in the trench, and I put the Stalker up 16.1 inches away from the central Idrians.

Blackclads swung left and right.

Menoth turn 1:

Idrians move up, and one runs out of command to engage two Mannikins.

Punch Monk gets Shifting Sands Stanced up and moves around the forest.

His 'Jacks pretty much all go hide off to the side behind the forest so that they can take pot shots at Stormy next turn.

Death March goes on the Idrians and Lamentation goes on Reznik, but the only thing in his control range is Stormy.

Circle turn 2:

Well I don't like paying double, but I upkeep Vengeful and Awakened Spirit. 

I think I can kill all but a couple of Idrians this turn between Sentry Stones and Stormy.

The goal here is to keep Stormy too far away from Scourge for it to be viable for him to charge in.

With that in mind, I carefully premeasure out where he can land going left, and then move things away from that space. Mannikins activate and kill a few Idrians.

Other Mannikins activate and kill a few more Idrians.

The Feral runs around to the other side of where Stormy will be, and the Stalker runs up to the wall.

Stormy moves over and eLeaps a few Idrians to death.

The left Blackclad sprays down a couple of Idrians as well - Idrians dying makes me happy.

The right Blackclad runs to the edge of his zone, and so does a Bokur - carefully staying within 3 inches of both Stormy and the Feral.

Left Side
Right Side

Menoth turn 2:

Idrians Vengeance up and then Reznik drops Death March but upkeeps Lamentation. 

The goal for him here is to clear the right zone, potentially clear the left zone, and then get two points and pressure me.

He needs to Battle his Reckoners to reliably kill the Bokur in one shot, and he needs to do it in one so that the second one can move up and blast the Blackclad.

Idrians charge the Mannikins, killing 2 out of four. The two that connected reposition to engage the remaining Mannikins.

Nicia charges and slaughters the Blackclad, shoots a Mannikin, and Sprints out.

Reckoners get battled and blast both the Bokur and the Blackclad off the table.

Scourge moves in to control the zone, as does the Punch Monk.

Reznik hangs out 13 inches away from the Storm Raptor and passes the turn, getting one point.


Score 0-1
Advantage Menoth

Circle turn 3:

It's time to pull the trigger. 

I can move Kromac out and get both enemy warjacks in control for Carnage and it's time to pop feat. 

I upkeep Vengeful and drop Awakened Spirit from the Stalker. I place two Mannikins.

That happens first, and Kromac also casts Awakened Spirit on the Feral. 

The Feral activates, casts Primal on itself for free, warps Speed, and charges Scourge, killing him pretty dead. 

The Storm Raptor activates and charges the Reckoner, killing him and some Choir boys. 

In the left zone, the Stalker moves up and warps Berserk, killing all of the remaining Idrians. 

The Sentry Stone unit tries to kill Nicia, but fails, and the Stone ports away from her at the end of their activation. 

The other unit moves up and makes it impossible for anything to see Kromac with a forest. 

The other Bokur moves in the right zone, and I score a point. 


Score 1-1

Menoth turn 3:

The Reckoner gets loaded up, and Reznik charges the Storm Raptor, cursing the Feral. 

His charge attack does pretty good damage, and then he misses 2/5 attacks into the Feral, leaving it on five boxes. 

The Punch Monk charges the Feral and leaves it on 1 box. 

The Reckoner gets Battled, and walks up. He kills the Sentry Stone on the first swing, and then buys into the Raptor. 

I Retaliatory Strike with Vengeful and hit the 7, disrupting the Reckoner and stripping its remaining focus, at which point my opponent calls it. 


Victory for the Druids! STORMY!
(wait, I didn't type that...Stormy get over here, is this your doing?)

Post-game thoughts:

I've played 4 more games with this list since this game, so I'll do my best not to let my evolved thoughts creep into what I was thinking after this game. 

My opponent and I went through the motions of the next turn just to see. The Feral frenzies and dies to the Punch Monk free strike. 

Kromac moves up and casts Carnage again, and then Stormy puts Reznik down in 3 hits. 

K and I discussed the list a lot, and we basically decided that my static threat ranges being as good as his best threat ranges (on the Reckoners) made this matchup very favored for Kromac, especially with the standard amount of Circle infantry clearing to make the Idrians a non-issue. 

I was very impressed with how much of the table the Storm Raptor could threaten, and how easy it was to re-deploy it after turn 1 to a safer place. Kromac really makes this bird sing (I DON'T SING FOR ANYONE BOSS)and it's really something to have access to a speed 7 garg when you can pump it to MAT 9, PS 22/21/21 - that'll kill nearly anything in the entire game.

Perspective on the Raptor as of this game: Cautiously optimistic, he's much better in practice than he seems on paper (at least with Kromac). 

Battle Report 33: 2Una vs. Reznik 2


I have felt, since the beginning of mark 3, that Reznik 2 was a caster that Circle had no advantaged game into with any caster. Lamantation, Boundless charge, and Curse [Battlegroup] combined with a very durable, hard hitting, accurate warcaster pretty much nail every single thing Circle doesn't want to see. 

I think that's about to change. 

2Una offers Circle a way to outthreat his warjacks (by 0.5 inches, but we live in a pre-measured world so that's enough), a way to prevent my models from dying for a turn, and a bunch of threats that he can't just ignore or tank with Reznik himself. 

My opponent was playing:

Reznik 2
-Reckoner x2

Idrians and CA
Rhoven and Co
Min Choir

Alten Ashley
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist (hereforth known as "Punch Monk")
Wrack x2
Rhupert Carvolo

My 2Una list is the same. 

We were playing Outlast and I won the roll off, going first. 

And my opponent deployed Reznik WAYYYY away from the bulk of the Griffons. 

Circle turn 1:

Hand of Fate on a bird, Mirage on the Death Wolves. Shifting Stones port aggressively, and models run. 

Menoth turn 1:

He's in range with both Reckoners to the foremost Griffon, but it is behind a wall. 

He gives one Eyeless Sight with Rhoven, battles up with choir, and the Reckoner advances. He needs a boosted 14 to hit behind the wall, and isn't able to do it. 

Idrians move up, Alten shoots a Shifting Stone, spiking damage and doing 3, and the rest of the list shuffles around. Rhupert puts tough on the Idrians. 

Reznik shoots a Flesh is Weak into my lines and it scatters onto a Griffon. Sad. 

The Allegiant moves into the right zone and Shifting Sands up. 

Circle turn 2:

He's left too many models too far away for me to pop my feat this turn.

I devote a ridiculous amount of resources to killing the Punch Monk. The blue Griffon engages, Una casts Hand of Fate on the one next to it and moves into the zone. 

The spelled up Griffon charges the Monk, hits the first attack and the stupid thing toughs. I hit my second boosted attack, and this time he dies. 

Mannikins and Death Wolves murder things in the left zone. 

I bunch things up too close, and that will cost me next turn, but at least Nicia and a bunch of Idrians are dead?

Menoth turn 2:

My opponent moves Alten up, shoots the Shifting Stone and misses, and then Repositions into the zone. 

His Reckoner has charge range to the bird with Hand of Fate on it by a millimeter. 

Rhoven gives Reznik Eyeless Sight. 

Reznik casts Boundless Charge on the Reckoner, and then charges in, kills some Death Wolves, and casts Flesh is Weak at the Sentry Stone, hitting both birds. *Sigh*. He repositions out. 

The Reckoner charges and murders the bird. 

Idrians finish off the Death Wolves and some Mannikins and contest. 

Circle turn 3:

Alright, I have a chance to score 3 points here and keep Una safe. 

She moves into the Trench, casts Hand of Fate on a Griffon, and shoots Alten to death. She feats. 

The Gorax moves up and puts Primal on the same Griffon. 

Griffons go in and murder the Reckoner dead. 

The left zone gets cleared, and I run the Stalker at his Reckoner to block things up a bit. 

I get 3 points. 

Score 3-0
Advantage Circle

Menoth turn 3:

He can get his Reckoner into the zone and charge the Primaled Griffon with it if the Stalker is dead. 

Reznik casts Boundless Charge on the Reckoner and moves up to hit the Sentry Mannikin...and misses two times. 

He casts Flesh is Weak at one of the Griffons and sits there. 

Scourge moves up and murders the Stalker. 

The Reckoner charges in and kills the Grey Griffon, contesting by about 1/4 inch. 

Idrians swarm and contest the zone. 

Circle turn  4:

I have two really strong win conditions here. 

With flank, each Scarsfell does an average of 5, 4, 4 to Reznik for their initial attacks. They then get to buy 3 more good attacks at 5 damage each for a total of 28. I had three Scarsfells there, so Reznik takes something like 84 damage. 

Alternatively, Una can just aim and Thunderbolt the Reckoner out of the zone with an attack or two. 

I get two more points after doing just that and go to 5. 

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

Reznik 2 is one of the lists that I've been terrified of up until now. Tanith has a game into it, but it's not a great game and it largely comes down to terrain and placement. With the release of 2Una, I really think that Circle has a strong game into the Menoth casters that really prey on the faction, and that's pretty exciting. 

Battle Report 30: 2Una vs. Reznik 1


I've been waiting for the rules for Una2 with something approaching insane impatience ever since we got a "spoiler" a few months ago with some really silly powerful spells and cool looking interactions.

I knew that they couldn't be true (one spell gave her entire battlegroup +2 speed, flight, and parry), but I was genuinely curious as opposed to passively interested.

Well, we got her spoiler today, and she is amazing.

Quick overview for the folks at home who haven't seen her yet.

Here's her card for those of you that are curious:

I'm not going to go into her Synergies and Strategy, I have a guest article coming in the next day or two that will cover that very nicely. For now, I'm just going to throw down a list and see what happens.

I played:

-Scarsfell Griffon x6

Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones x2
Death Wolves

Gobber Chef


Reznik 1
-Scourge of Heresy

Max Flameguard and CA
Max Flamebringers
Min Choir
Rhoven and Co.


We played with the Extraction Scenario. I was assembling Griffons during this game (I actually own 7 but I still hadn't put four together), so there are proxy bases everywhereeeeee.

I won the roll off and went first. Terrain almost doesn't matter to this list, and getting up the field VERY fast is the goal.

My opponent deployed very centrally, and we were off!

Circle turn 1:

Basically things ran. First, I ported my Shifting Stones as far as they'd go, and then I ran Griffons to within 1" of them so that I wouldn't have any fury problems turn 2.

Hand of Fate went on the Death Wolves and Mirage went on the Stalker.

I rolled really hot on my fury for Sentry Stones, so a useless little forest/cloud wall grew.

Menoth turn 1:

My opponent kinda cried a little bit as he saw how far up the field my stuff was turn 1.

He used the TFG mini feat and ran at me, following up with Jacks. Ignite went on the Daughter Cav (which he remembered to put on the table AFTER my turn one haha)

Circle turn 2:

Shifting Stones leached fury off models, and the Death Wolf leader was just in charge range of the frontmost TFG. With Hand of Fate, I felt like I had good odds to chew through the entire unit.

Mannikins activated to get out of the way, Griffons went to the flag and cast Dodge on themselves with the Stalker as backup.

The Wolves charge and...miss. Yay.

I bunker up, transferring Hand of Fate to a Griffon, which moved up, killed a TFG, and sprinted back over the house.

A griffon charged over and...failed to kill a single Daughter cav model. Yay.

I told you, my dice were terrible this game.

Menoth turn 2:

I don't mean to make light of this battle report, but realistically my opponent just didn't have that much he could do here.

His TFG murdered Skoll and shield walled.

His daughter cav ran in and cleared the right flag, controlling it.

Jacks advanced, and Reznik moved out of killbox.

Menoth scores one point.

Circle turn 3:

I was starting to get a feel for the pacing of the game with 2Una, and I felt like this was go turn. With even normal ish dice, I should be able to kill every TFG member, both his close heavies, and engage Reznik with two Scarsfells.

I popped feat, Una shot a Daughter Cav to death, and the Death Wolves...missed four attacks in a row. Yup.

Then, I was unable to kill Scourge with Primal, Hand of Fate, and flank.

I did manage to kill the Castigator, but a Sentry Stone had to spray it to death after two Griffons went in on it.

Two Griffons ran and engaged Reznik. The far right Griffon was able to engage 2 Daughter Cav and killed both. Sentry Stone Mannikins killed a fourth Daughter Cav.

I got one point.

Menoth turn 3:

My opponent wanted to concede, and I didn't blame him. Scourge had one arm left. Reznik was engaged by Griffons that he couldn't attack.

Eventually, between the two of us, we developed a way for him to get some attacks into Una, but he was just out of being able to cast Engine of Destruction, walk up, Feat, and spell her down with the Revenger.

He did try it, but didn't connect with anything and conceded.

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

Okay, she's definitely incredibly strong. How strong? Probably better than Wurmwood strong. 

The ability to just place a bunch of Griffons wherever you want without taking any attacks is nuts. Had my opponent hung back, I would have won on Scenario that turn instead by destroying his objective and taking both flags, which, added to killbox, would have won me the game. 

I was eager to re-rack and go again. Game two coming soon.