Battle Report 100 - Vindictus (Exemplar Interdiction) vs. Nemo 1 (Heavy Metal)


It's kind of neat that the finals of an event is the one hundredth battle report for this blog.

I'd spoken about my pairing philosophy with the other players at the event, and how Severius was my Cygnar drop.

That was, at least, until I saw that my opponent was running Nemo 1 as his pairing with Haley 2, and I knew I had to take my chances with Vindictus into this particular Cygnar pairing.

Nemo 1 completely neuters Severius' game, disrupting his entire army, charging from farther away, and doing massive damage in both melee and range.

Fortunately for me, my opponent dropped Nemo 1, and I won the roll off, allowing me to go first.

Nemo 1

- Squire

- Stormclad

- Centurion

- Dynamo

- Firefly

- Firefly



- Firefly


- Stormclad

We were playing Outlast, and we were both aware of how bad a matchup this was for him.

Menoth turn 1:

True Path

 up, run everything up to outside of charge ranges. Very simple, but threatening his deployment zone.

Same plan as normal, Vengers charge in first and then Knights clean up afterward.

Defenders Ward

 on the left Vengers.

Cygnar turn 1:

Things move up. A Firefly zaps a close Venger on the right, leaping three times and killing a KE, a choir dude, and doing nothing to the Reckoner.

Dynamo doesn't do much on the right, DEF 14 really saving these guys.

His Centurion gets

Arcane Shield,

pops Polarity Field, and runs at me after Nemo


 it up.

Menoth turn 2:

Feat turn! Also time to kill a couple of lights, if possible.

Reckoner shot into the middle Firefly half kills it. Knight Seneschal charges into the Firefly and whiffs hard.

Vengers charge in, the one on the left half killing the blue Firefly, the other few killing off the middle Firefly.

Vengers on the right get into the Firefly there and kill it, repositioning back.

Vindictus pops Feat and sits safely behind the Reckoner.

I have the Knights Exemplar on the right as a counterpunch for the Stormclad should it come in, and on the left to go into the Centurion once Gravus removes

Arcane Shield. 

Cygnar turn 2:

My opponent gives out a lot of focus.

Nemo extends his control and feats, only disrupting the right Reckoner.

Nemo blasts the Seneschal, disabling but not knocking him down thanks to Gravus.

Dynamo fails to kill either of the unengaged Vengers, but does trigger Battle Driven.

The Centurion moves around, dismounts Gravus, and kills the Venger leader. The Seneschal heals a point.

He moves the Stormclad up to contest on the right.

Menoth turn 3:

I have an assassination angle here, and I decide to go for it.

The Knight Exemplar Seneschal charges and slams the Lancer out of the way from the Vengers charge path.

Vindictus moves to the right, casts

True Path

, and camps a bunch.

Two charging, Battle Driven Vengers put Nemo down.

Post-Game Thoughts:

Okay yeah...this list is pretty amazing into a LOT of matchups.

The threat ranges are huge, the damage output is extremely high, and it is extremely hard to alpha.

Bad matchups - Fiona, probably Haley 2, I expect Nemo 3 also poses some problems, but these are all holes that can be filled or at least patched over by I believe Sevy 2.

I'll write up a bit more of a tactica in the next few days, but suffice to say that I think I will be playing this list quite a lot.

Thanks for reading!



Battle Report 98 - May Masters Event Round 1: Vindictus (Exemplar Interdiction) vs. Issyria (Defenders of Ios)


As those of you who regularly read my blog know, I've been on a bit of a Vindictus kick lately, so when I had a chance to go to Mox Boarding House in Bellevue to play in a Masters Event, I naturally jumped at the chance to play him a whole bunch.

The main problem was what to pair him with. I felt like my Vindictus list could handle almost everything except Deneghra 1 in Ghost Fleet and Haley 2 in Storm Division.

To that end, I got Chandler to Dojo with me and we came up with this:

Heirarch Severius (Creator's Might)
- Heirophant (free)
- Blessing of Vengeance
- Reckoner x2
- Sanctifier
- Vanquisher
- Devout

Vassal x2 (free)

Rhoven and Co.

Main idea here is that the Sanctifier plus Severius' feat pretty much wreck Ghost Fleet, and this list has some decent game into Haley 2 just by nature of spell immune jacks with Oracular.

The event had 13 players, which meant definitely three rounds, with a possible fourth.

With that in mind, I was pretty sure I was just playing Vindictus every round and praying for no Fourth round.

The Faction Breakdowns were:

3 Menoth
3 Legion
3 Cygnar
1 Mercs
1 Ret
2 Circle

Into most of this, except the Cygnar players potentially, I was dropping Vindictus and not looking back.

Vindictus (Exemplar Interdiction)
- Reckoner x2

Knight Exemplar Seneschal (free)
High Exemplar Gravus

Vengers x2
Knight Exemplar x2
- CA x2 (free)
Choir (min)

It's fast, it punches hard, it's hard to shoot at or alpha onto.

Game 1 I got dropped into Ret. My opponent was running Issyria and Vyros, and we were on Entrenched.

I already knew I was playing Vindictus, and my opponent dropped Issyria. He won the roll off and chose side.

- Sylyss
- Hyperion
- Banshee
- Chimera

Lyss Healer
Arcanist x3
Houseguard Thane
Ghost Sniper x2

Heavy Rifle Team
- Soulless
Houseguard Halbardiers
- Soulless
- CA

He gets his advanced move with the Halbardiers and off we go.

Menoth turn 1:

Well...basically the plan is to run up just outside of walk and smack range, Feat, and alpha next turn.

Vindictus goes first and casts Defender's Ward on the painted Vengers, True Path on himself and pops his Feat.

Everything screams up the table, claiming all of the table space I could want. Both units of Vengers are completely inside the feat, and the Knights Exemplar are behind them as a counterpunch.

I can charge into his Deployment zone from here.
Ret turn 1:

The Halbs get Inviolable Resolve put on them, and the Banshee gets Admonition. 

The Banshee whiffs a shot into the right unit of Vengers doing four damage to one, and Hyperion misses, but drifting blast damage manages to kill Venger outright and also destroy the other one.

Halbs all Shield Wall up.

Menoth turn 2:

The game plan is now to draw the line of engagement so far on his side of the table that Vindictus can take the zone and never get contested.

True Path goes up, Vindictus moves into the zone.

The right Vengers charge into Hyperion and 10 damage. Impact attacks murder the Rifle Team.

Admonition triggers, preventing the left unit from charging him as well.

I send the left unit into the Banshee, getting three charges. My opponent takes a free strike, triggering Battle Driven, and at dice -3 the Banshee takes 9 damage from the three charges.

A few Halbs die to charging Vengers.

Knights Exemplar pop mini-feat and charge in, cleaving through a few guys.

The Reckoners make a bunker for Vindictus.

I set the right unit of Knights to be a counterpunch for whatever happens to the Vengers.

Ret turn 2:

My opponent loads up his jacks.

Hyperion sweeps and kills all three Vengers.

Banshee kills a couple of the other unit, and the Chimera charges in. My opponent doesn't boost anything, and all attacks miss thanks to Defenders Ward. 

Halbs move up and...kill nothing, even with mini-feat.

I get one point.

Score 1-0
Advantage Menoth

Menoth turn 3:

I upkeep Defenders Ward again, and allocate a couple.

True Path goes up, and the Reckoners move forward to shoot Hyperion a couple of times.

The Seneschal charges the Chimera, triggering Admonition again, and the Banshee moves up to block charge lanes to the Hyperion.

Knights charge and wreck the Banshee.

Gravus moves in and destroys the objective, and I can't kill the couple of Halbs in the zone (dice continue to be unimpressive), so I only score two.

Score 3-0
Advantage Menoth

Ret turn 3:

Hyperion gets loaded up.

In the left zone, Halbs flail at my models, still not taking enough out.

Issyria Ancillary Attacks Hyperion after she Feats and casts Blinding Light on the Knights, and gets the Crit, RFPing four Knights Exemplar and the Seneschal.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have enough fury to cast Crusader's Call, so the Hyperion can't charge my Reckoners, nor can it or anything else get in the zone (Crusader's Call wouldn't have fixed that).

In an effort to get max points, he tramples over my Knights and buys an attack into the CA.

I get a fourth point.

Score 4-0
Advantage Menoth

Menoth turn 4:

Drop all upkeeps, allocate two to each Reckoner.

I ask my opponent if he minds me killing stuff for army points, and he acquiesces.

Two battled Reckoners kill Hyperion, and I'm finally able to clear the left zone for two more points.

Victory for the Menite Druids!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This game showcased many of the strengths of this list. Set the line of engagement in my opponents deployment zone, have wave after wave of alpha strikes, and leverage my crazy threat ranges to insure that I always come out ahead on trades.

With the turn one feat, my opponent literally had 2 guns that could interact with my army, and that's going to be the case with most factions/lists - just no way to do anything to you to prevent you from charging them the next turn.

Even with extremely poor dice rolls, I still was able to just pour enough attacks into the hard targets to 1) keep them far away and 2) kill them eventually.

On to game two!

Battle Report 57: Las Vegas Open Master Qualifier Round 1 - Wurmwood vs. Jaga-Jaga


I was able to attend the Las Vegas Open this last weekend, and man is that an amazing event. I have to give a shout out to the TOs and EOs, the guys were able to run scrambles, spell draft, who's the boss, Iron Gauntlet, Masters, and Iron Arena all with only three or four judges. Simply incredible.

Not only that, but each event fired on time and ran on schedule, and for those of you who haven't been to a big convention style event before, that is nothing short of a miracle, especially with so few people running the show.

I decided that since I was flying down and only able to make Saturday and Sunday, that I'd bring the big guns to play with - Una and Wurmwood.

Una 2
- Pureblood
- Gorax
- Scarsfell x7

Blackclad Wayfarer x2
Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stone x2

Pretty standard Una list. Double Shifting Stone is there 100% to keep Fury manageable and also to occasionally let me advance Una up and trigger sprint a couple of times before porting her back to safety.

- Cassius
- Megalith
- Brennos
- Woldwyrd x3

Blackclad Wayfarer
Gallows Grove

Sentry Stone x2
Shifting Stone x2
Gatorman Bokur
Min Bone Grinders

This is my favorite build with Wurmwood up until last weekend. Brennos and Megalith combine to make shooting warjacks or colossals miserable. Woldwyrds are incredible workhorses, doing far more damage than they have any right to do.

The Bokur lets me play attrition really well and also lets me put my Hellmouths wherever I want them.

Game 1 of Masters and I found myself paired into Rask and Jaga-Jaga. I opted to play Wurmwood since the Scenario was Outlast and I like that one a lot with the tree.

I won the roll off and chose side.

- Wrastler
- Spitter x3

Dahlia and Skareth
Mist Speaker x2
Croak Raiders

The plan was pretty simple. Gun hard for whichever zone he puts the least models into and have the Woldwyrds on the side opposite Dahlia hunt her since she's definitely putting up Haunting Melody and upkeeping it.

I also have an eye out for assassination every turn if Jaga-Jaga upkeeps either of her spells.

Minions turn 1:

Jaga-Jaga puts up Escort on herself and Grave Wind on Skareth.

Everything runs up.

Circle turn 1:

I think this turn I'm just going to forest wall, kill some croaks, and hope he doesn't roll really hot with his Spitters. If he rolls average, it will take two to kill one Sentry Stone, leaving me with plenty of options for the next turn.

Sentry Mannikins murder some Croaks, Wurmwood makes a forest wall and gets ported into it. Stones port around him. Bone Grinders murder each-other and make souls and corpses aplenty.

At the end of the turn I'm very well positioned to alpha on either zone if I need to, and most of his models can't do anything this turn.

Minions turn 1:

He drops Grave Wind. 

Both Spitters that get Eyeless sight roll very hot and both of my Sentry Stones die.

He contests each zone with one heavy, and then casts Grave Wind on Jaga-Jaga, camping two and on a hill.

Circle turn 2:

I see the opening and I decide to go for it.

All three of my Woldywrds are within range to get Jaga-Jaga if I Hellmouth her forward with a Shambler, and that should be game. She's camping two, she's DEF 16 ARM 16 with 16 boxes, and I can get 6 attacks with three dice to hit and four for damage, and then I can get three more with 3 dice to hit and damage. I can also boost the Hellmouth damage.

First things first, I establish with my opponent that a small based model can fit between the two Croak Raiders without taking a free strike. After I place my Shamblers, they all run. One gets to exactly three from Jaga-Jaga, and the other two go and make it so that the heavies won't get dragged in when I Hellmouth.

Cassius runs, and I cast Hellmouth through him at the Shambler, then Curse of Shadows at Jaga-Jaga.

Two Woldywrds shoot her down.

Victory for the Druids!

Post Game Thoughts:

Well that wasn't how I expected to win, but I sure was happy to take it. 

If he hadn't kept an upkeep on Jaga- Jaga, I would have had a very strong Scenario play here. 

Wurmwood Hellmouths both the Spitter closer (and kills the Croaks near him) and Skareth closer. The Gatorman Bokur moves up and makes Skareth Stationary, and does a bunch of CMA's to kill Croak Raiders. 

Hunters Mark on the Spitter, Megalith charges in and puts him down. Two Woldwyrds do 28 damage to Skareth on average if they don't need to boost to  hit, and Brennos does another 8, easily killing the snake, and I would control both zones, leaving him with nothing to get at Wurmwood with but two Spitter shots, and nothing on the table but three heavies. From there, it's a simple matter to Stranglehold things until I can piece trade favorably, and Jaga-Jaga has to cast Battle Host to make her beasts threat ranges good enough to compete with me.

Ah well, I took the win fairly happily and moved to round two. 

Guest Tournament Report: Aleks Glavas takes 2nd at Australia State Championship

Hello! Here are the details of my performances in my last major tournament, which was a state championship here in Australia. We had 28 players and were playing a guaranteed 4 rounds, with a possible 5th.

I went to the tournament with the following 2 lists.

  • Cassuis
  • Warpwolf Stalker
  • Gorax
  • Megalith
  • Brennos the Elderhorn

Lanyssa Ryssyl
Gallows Grove
Blackclad wayfarer
Totem Hunter
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Shifting Stones
Wolves of Orboros MAX
Fuel Cache

  • Druid Wilder
  • Warpwolf Stalker
  • Feral Warpwolf
  • Pureblood Warpwolf
  • Ghetorix

Lanyssa Ryssyl
Tharn Ravager Shaman
Gallows Grove
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Shifting Stones
Fuel Cache

I had practised many variations of the Kromac2 list over the last couple months, I had played Wurmwood much less and megalith and Brennos were added only very recently after reading the blog!

The Kromac2 list I play into heavy armour on scenarios I don’t think are live. I also enjoy it into assassination lists, as Kromac2 is a relentless and hard to remove workhorse. I play him far forward and very aggressively.
The wurmwood list I play is similar to Jaden’s, however I use the wolves as souls fodder and added a totem hunter. Over the weekend, the totem hunter proved himself an absolute MVP.

Unfortunately pictures were minimal as I was relying on event photographers and the TO and they can’t be everywhere at once!

Round 1.

  • Cassuis
  • Warpwolf Stalker
  • Gorax
  • Megalith
  • Brennos the Elderhorn

Lanyssa Ryssyl
Gallows Grove
Blackclad wayfarer
Totem Hunter
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Shifting Stones
Wolves of Orboros MAX
Fuel Cache


  • Blackhide Wrastler
  • Blackhide Wrastler
  • Swamp Horror
Alten Ashley
Gatorman Witch Doctor
Saxon Orrik
Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter
Croak Raiders MAX
Gatorman Posse MAX
Swamp gobbers bellows crew

Scenario was recon. I lost the roll and my opponent chose to go second, and picked a table edge with 2 walls behind which he could hide rask. There was a hill and a forest on my side, and another forest and wall halfway up the table.

My opponent deployed centrally, with his battlegroup, with the Posse and the croaks on my left hand side. Hutchuk opted to ambush.  All his solos except Ashley behind these units. Ashley on my right hand side, behind a wall.

I deployed all my beasts centrally, a sentry stone to each side, the wolves opposite the croaks and the totem hunter opposite ashley who he selected as his prey.

Rask Turn 1. He moved as far up the table as he could. Ashley set up a nicely as close as he could to the wall. Gobbos popped smoke.

Wurmwood Turn 1

I moved up aggressively, wurmwood hiding behind the Cache’s smoke. Wolves slaughtered one another for souls. Brennos and Megalith got into position to be annoying. On the RHS of the zone. Stalker warped prowl and ran into the forest. Totem hunter advanced on Ashley. I actually measured the threat range here and since Ashley needs to hit then roll box cars to kill I took my chances.

Rask Turn 2

He spent a bit of time in the tank, measured and used proxies a few times to Wurmwood. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what he was doing. He feats, put fury and rage on the swamp horror, rage on a wrastler, then that wrastler threw the Horror as far as he could. He could just get LoS to wurmwood past the cache. Unfortunately he hadn’t played much in MKIII and thought he could charge with that swamp horror. It forfeited movement and moved into the zone. The croak hunters took a few pot shots at Cassius who I had a bit far forward, but not being able to land the oil meant no damage. They also kill 2 mannikins. Posse had 2 models toe the zone. Ashley steps back and shoots megalith.

Wurmwood Turn 2

I activate,  the totem hunter gets to ashley and turns him into mush, sprints into my opponents deployment zone and picks rask as his prey. The stalker was only 7” from the Horror, so warps strength, walks up and kills it. Sentry stones munch on croaks, Wolves move up and engage them. Wayfarer charges a croak, kills it, battle wizards a spray and kills a few more croaks.

Brennos move up close enough to ravaging wind the posse Killing 1 and wounding the other in the zone. Cassius runs up right in front of the 2 wrastlers. I use a previously well position mannikin to hellmouth megalith forward 3”. I then cast stranglehold into each  wrastler, doing an impressive amount of damage, pull cassius back and feat.

Megalith walks forward 5” and kills one wrastler.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the last posse out of the zone and no one scores.

Rask Turn 3.

Can’t remember it very well. The wrastler hit megalith and did some damage he didn’t max out its fury.. Most of the croak did nothing, struggling to kill wolves in melee. Rask camped 3. The posse charged Brennos, didn’t do amazing damage but cluttered the zone. Saxon Orric and the witch doctor got into the zone.

Wurmwood Turn 3

Megalith does a terrible job of doing damage to the wrastler as I left some fury on him. Wrastler alive with 6 boxes, missing 2 aspects. I charge him with a couple mannikins but fail to wound. I eliminate most of the raiders, and the posse using wurmwood, brennos, wolves and the stalker. Totem hunter jumps into the back arc of rask, effective MAT12. Deals 11 damage with the spear, my opponent opts to take it to not kill his wrastler. I miss with the shield.

He doesn’t have much left at this point, but I couldn’t get to Saxon and the witch doctor. I did spray them, but the dice were against me.

He activates rask, heals 2 on his wrastler. He boosts his melee on the totem hunter, hits, boosts damage, does 4. Buys another attack, boosts to hit but can’t boost damage and does nothing. In a desperate attempt to free himself, he moves saxon back, tries to shoot into melee, misses the totem hunter and hits and kills Rask.

I win on assassination. I guess? Haha. I was planning on dragging it out and just getting the 5 CP but alas, it was not to be.

Round 2.

A friend of mine. Very good Cygnar player, running a brutal Caine2 list and a scenario focused Haley 2 list. I think we both knew I was playing Wurmwood here, so he chose Haley2, which I think was definitely the right choice.


Gallows Grove
Blackclad Totem Hunter
Sentry Stones x2
Shifting Stones
Wolves of Orboros MAX
Fuel Cache


Haley 2
- Squire
- Stormwall
- Thorn

Arlan Strangeways
Gun Mage Captain Adept x2
Arcane Tempest Rifleman

Stormblade Infantry

Again, terrain wasn't hugely relevant. Haley had a wall in front of her flag, but couldn't be on the flag and getting cover at the same time. Obstruction behind her, some difficult terrain in front of my flag. The rest was largely irrelevant. 

I won the roll and choose to go second. We deploy fairly centrally, the Stormwall slightly to the right. The Stormblade infantry to the right, on Captain Adept on each side, Rifleman left, and Haley and Thorn left as well. Trenchers in front, Strangeways goes behind the Stormwall. 

I deployed centrally with all my beasts except the Stalker who was on the left. Totem Hunter on the right, selecting the right side Captain Adept as prey. One unit of Sentry Stones went on either side. 

Haley turn 1. 

Trenchers pop smoke, he moves everything up, nothing interesting happens. 

Wurmwood turn 1. 

I move up, can't reach much so the Sentry Stones make some forests and the wolves kill eachother behind Wurmwood. Totem Hunter makes his intentions known. 

Haley turn 2. 

He removes my Sentry Stones' stealth and the Stormwall kills both of them (woops!). Everything else takes pot shots here and there, he makes more trencher clouds and feats, catching most of my army except Cassius, the Totem Hunter and Lanyssa. Stormblades move up and stay out of my threat range. Unfortunately, Haley wasn't on her flag. Also, unfortunately, the Stormwall chose an odd facing towards the left hand side table edge. He does pop one of my shifting stones I had prepare to shift Wurmwood to the flag with. 

Wurmwood turn 2. 

Cassius runs in range of the Stormwall and also in a position I can Dark Path to the flag. Totem Hunter turns a Captain Adept into stew, selects Strangeways as a new Prey, and Sprints behind the Stormwall. I Dark Path to move up to the flag, and Stranglehold the Stormwall. I also try to Stranglehold Haley through the Gallows Grove on the left side, but miss. I pull Cassius back and Feat. Everything else forfeits combat and steps forward to threaten everything. 

The Gallows Grove gets within four of the other flag. 

I score 1. 

Haley turn 3. 

He realises the Stormwall's facing error, forfeits combat, moves to the right and faces forward.  He places a lightning pod between it and the Totem Hunter, which puts a small amount of damage on him. 

Stormblade infantry were just in range to contest my flag. Strangeways high tails it at mach 3 to behind the building to avoid the Totem Hunter. Haley steps back well behind the flag because scoring isn't worth dying for. 

No one scores, Circle 1-0

Wurmwood turn 3. 

I Stranglehold and Ravaging Winds lock the Stormwall. Gorax and Megalith kill most of the Stormblades and the Totem Hunter runs behind the obstruction for both cover and to threaten Haley and Strangeways next turn. I kill the other Captain Adept. The Stalker kills most of the Trenchers and Sprints, moving towards Haley. 

I contest with a a Wayfarer and pull the Gallows Grove back. 

Circle 2-0

Haley turn 4. 

My opponent at this stage realised there's not much he can do. Stormwall forfeits action, moves up, and places a lightning pod behind Wurmwood. It hits Cassius and Wurmwood, but they're both fine. Haley moves to the flag and kills the Wayfarer. Strangeways charges, but fails to kill the Totem Hunter. 

Haley scores 1, Circle 2-1

Wurmwood turn 4. 

At this point, Haley is there on a platter for the Stalker. Totem Hunter kills Strangeways, Cassius kills the remaining Stormblades. Lanyssa kills the lightning pod. I clean up what points I can. I primal the Stalkerand charge Haley. She dies to the second attack and I score a third point. 

3-1 Circle, win via assassination, 105 AP

Round 3 

  • Druid Wilder
  • Warpwolf Stalker
  • Feral Warpwolf
  • Pureblood Warpwolf
  • Ghetorix

Lanyssa Ryssyl
Tharn Ravager Shaman
Gallows Grove
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Shifting Stones
Fuel Cache

-War Dog

Widowmaker Marksman

Battle Mechaniks
Great Bears of Gallowswo0d

Scenario was extraction. He won the dice roll and chose to go first. I’ve played against this Karchev list before, I know his playstyle and the list’s limitations pretty well. He knows my list also.

Terrain was almost irrelevant. We had a burning ground template centrally in his half of the table. There was a Forest near my left hand flag. There was a hill on my right hand side roughly in my ad zone.

Deployment is boring. Battlegroups opposite one another. Great bears and widowmaker solo one the left hand side, mechanics behind the wall of steel.

I deploy lanyssa behind me battlegroup, one sentry stone either side.

Karchev Turn 1

He casts battle charged, moves up as fast as he can with everything. Widowmaker solo kills a mannikin.

Kromac Turn 1

I cast awakened spirit on ghetorix, spiny growth on kromac, camp lots and move everything up towards the right flag. Kromac onto the hill. Ghetorix spiny growths himself. Left hand sentry spawns a mannikin as far forward as he can, i shift the stone forward and pre measure the great bears threat range. I rolled 3 for fury. The mannikin i placed sprayed the widowmaker, boosting to hit and killed it on 2 dice damage. I spread the other 2 mannikins apart so that he can’t charge both with the bears. Other side sentry stone rolled 2 for fury, moved up and popped a forest.

Karchev Turn 2

He moves Behemoth up and takes all it’s shots into Kromac. First shot hits and does 8 damage, I transfer that off to the pureblood. Second misses and scatters onto my wilder >.> Both boosted with powerful attacks. Karchev and battlegroup move up toeing just outside my threat range. The great bars charge 2 of the mannikins and turn them into compost. They are close enough to contest the left flag, nothing is within 4” of the right hand flag.

Kromac Turn 2.

I upkeep ( not for free >.> ). The left hand stone rolls 3 for fury again, places another mannikin close to the great bears. Both mannikins aim, catch all 3 in the sprays. Between 2 of them they do enough damage with boosts to kill the entire unit. Stone shifts to the flag to control.

Ghetorix casts spiny growth, Kromac casts spiny growth, The right hand mannikins run to the flag to score. The stone rolls 1 for fury and pops a forest. Everything else moves up to get his stuff into threat range.

I score 2.

Karchev Turn 3.

He moves up with his jacks to set up a few counter charges and moves a jack to the left hand side to contest. On the right hand side he moves up, contests and sets up lots of counter charges. Karchev stays roughly in the same position he was in. He’s basically setting up to survive my alpha and use feat to destroy my beasts.

Behemoth shoots at ghetorix but misses twice.

Circle 2 - 0

Kromac Turn 3

I check my distances, Karchev is in charge range of Kromac and the feral, Also the stalker if I tag him with hunter’s mark. I drop the upkeep. I activate ghetorix who runs in and engages all the jacks on the right hand side. I activate lanyssa, who tags karchev with hunter’s mark. I do a lot of proxy and measuring here to make sure there’s room for the feral, kromac and the stalker. There is. The feral warps strength and charges the wardog. This engages Karchev also, so he cannot counter charge. Due to horrible bad rolls, the feral misses his charge attack, his other 2 initials, then buys another attack only for the dog to tough. One more attack there removes it. He takes his last attack at Karchev and rolls box cars for damage.

Kromac activates and feats, charges Karchev. At this point, statiscally I need the stalker in there as well. After his initial and 7 more attacks Karchev is a pile of rubble. Unfortunately I had to way to clear all the jacks off my flags so I don’t score but at this stage it’s irrelevant, I’m one of three undefeated players going on to day 2.

Off to day 2!

Round 4.

I get paired down here. If i lose, there’s not 5th round as we’ll have a clear winner.

  • Cassuis
  • Warpwolf Stalker
  • Gorax
  • Megalith
  • Brennos the Elderhorn

Lanyssa Ryssyl
Gallows Grove
Blackclad wayfarer
Totem Hunter
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Shifting Stones
Wolves of Orboros MAX
Fuel Cache

Wraith Witch Deneghra
  • The withershadow Combine
  • Deathripper
  • Deathripper
  • Nightmare

  • Stalker
  • Stalker

Warwitch Siren
Warwitch Siren
Satyxis Blood Witches
  • Blood hag
Cylena Raefyll and Nyss hunters
Fuel Cache

Scenario is Entrenched. There’s a wall in each zone, there’s a forest on my left hand side, an obstruction on my opponents left side. A hill on my right hand side, a forest in his right hand side.

I win the roll, choose to go second and pick the side with the forest on my left. He deploys Denny opposite my zone, an arc node either side of her, nightmare next to her. Nyss and Satyxis in front of her. A Siren either side, Aiakos on the left hand side with his 2 stalkers. Withershadow behind Denny. Nightmare chooses wurmwood as his prey.

I deploy everything pretty centrally. Wurmwood slightly to the right so that He can be ported by the stones straight into the zone. Megalith is also toeing the stones. Cassius next to him. Wayfarer on the left, Lanyssa on the right. Wolves behind Wurmwood. Totem hunter on the right, he selects the right hand Siren as his prey. One sentry stone either side. Gallows on the far left hand side.

Denny Turn 1

He goes first, runs an arc node to my face but not quite enough to cast anything. It’s just outside the forest on his side. Nightmare stays central and moves up. Nyss move up centrally, Satyxis on the right. Aiakos moves up and the stalkers move up to threaten my left hand sentry stone.

Wurmwood Turn 1

Left hand sentry stone activates, gets 1 fury, a mannikin moves up and sprays a stalker. Does a bit of damage but nothing too serious. The stone shifts into the “safety” of the forest. Gallows grove with it. Brennos casts winds at the nyss, kills a few. Wolves activate right hand side, move up, slaughter one another and one mannikin to fuel souls and allow better mannikin sprays. Cassius runs up. Wurmwood activates, puts a stranglehold into the right hand arc node. Boosting both rolls, takes out movement. A second stranglehold boosting damage takes out its arc node making it useless. Right hand mannikins spray the satyxis, kill a few here and there including the blood hag. Totem hunter moves up to do his thing. Lanyssa hides behind the fuel cache. The stalker sits at my zone looking menacingly at the nyss. Megalith moves up towards the Nyss.

I was confused at what my opponent was doing as he was a little too far from his zone to make it in for turn 2.

Denny turn 2.

The satyxis kill a few mannikins and run into the zone to contest. The other arc node runs up towards megalith. The nyss take a few shots at the stalker and and 5 of them combine into a shifting stone to kill it. Aiakos upkeeps escort and gives some focus to both stalkers. One stalker moves and jumps on the sentry stone, leaving it on 3 boxes in the forest. The other jumps to the gallows. He had the option to engage both the grove and the sentry stone but didn’t, killed the grove with his first initial but was out of range on the sentry stone. Nightmare and Denny both run towards his zone but can’t quite get there. Left siren moves up and sprays down 2 mannikins, right hand siren moves up and sprays some wolves.

Wurmwood turn 2.

I take time in the tank thinking exactly how i’m gonna play this turn safely. I wanna score, but I don’t want nyss knocking on my tree. I get my 10 fury. Left hand sentry stones, dead set on vengeance, spawns a mannikins. Rolls 3 for fury. Move mannikins move up and it shifts to the tip of the forest, First spray on Aiakos kills him. Second sprays the siren and misses.
Other sentry stone unit activates, sprays some satyxis. Totem hunter kills the siren, sprints into my opponents forest, threatening the withershadow combine ( who he selects as his prey). Megalith moves up into the nyss and starts splattering them. Brennos casts wind at more nyss, hanging back and being safe. Cassius runs up towards nightmare and the remaining useful arc node. The stalker moves behind the wall in my zone and kills a nyss over it that was contesting. The wolves charge and run into the satyxis to kill/engage them. Wurmwood activates, Strangeholds both the useful deathripper, taking out cortex and nightmare but fails to damage nightmare. I feat. My zone is all clear! I score 1

Circle 1 - 0

Denny Turn 3. He can’t do much with the forest up. A few nyss move up and start hitting megalith, doing nothing. Satyxis kill a few wolves. The remaing siren charges the injured shifting stone, leaves it on 1 health. Nightmare runs forward but can’t get close enough to contest. The arc node forfeits action and barely moves. Stalkers sit in my forest inert.

Circle 2 - 1. Both of us have been spending too much time in the think tank and i’ve taken a long time making many rolls to remove infantry.

Circle turn 3.

I kill the rest of the satyxis. The left sentry stones spawns a mannikin, 2 charge into the siren and kill her, the other charges into the zone on the objectives and does a tiny bit of damage. Cassius runs up, Wurmwood activates, strangeholds the deathripper on the left, then hellmouths the nyss next to it. This pulls nearly all the nyss into the it as well as megalith. It kills all the nyss and finishes the deathripper. Megalith moves up near denny to contest. My clock is running really low as we’ve been playing real slow. I use brennos to crit fish for a pitch to get nightmare away from me, The stalker finishes off the nyss. Totem hunter kills 2 of the withershadow. I clock over, unfortunately with only 12 seconds left on my clock. I sigh when I see that. I score.

Circle 3 - 1.

Denny turn 4

Denny activates, feats and tries to beat megalith to death. She can’t even hurt him. He realises my clock, and only has a couple minutes himself. A bit over zealous, he activates everything real quick and just clocks me over. He doesn’t contest, so I score.

Circle 4 - 1.

Wurmwood turn 4.

I reeve at the speed of light piling all the fury onto wurmwood very messily, shake shadow bind on megalith, move to the objective and make a boosted damage roll just before the clock sounds, it kills the objective, I win 5 - 1.

Round 5

Two of us remained undefeated. My opponent here is the PG who originally got me into the game many years ago! This scaverous list has strong game into my wurmwood list, so I chose Kromac2.

  • Druid Wilder
  • Warpwolf Stalker
  • Feral Warpwolf
  • Pureblood Warpwolf
  • Ghetorix

Lanyssa Ryssyl
Tharn Ravager Shaman
Gallows Grove
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Sentry Stone and Mannikins
Shifting Stones

-Withershadow Combine

Gorman di Wulf
Bane Lord Tartarus
Bane Riders
Bane Knights
Croes Cutthroats

The scenario was the pit. My plan going in was to get up quickly, and try and push my opponent back. I made a few mistakes in this game that I wasn’t proud of, and they eventually lost me the game. My opponent won the roll, table was basically symmetrical in terrain. A forest each side, a lava pit and acid pit in the pit.

My opponent deployed centrally with his Bane riders on the right side, croes on the right side, bane knights on the left.
I deployed centrally with my pureblood opposite his riders and croes and the stalker opposite the bane knights.

Scaverous turn 1

He moves up with everything, the croes into the forest in front of them. Nothing else very relevant.

Kromac turn 1

Well here begin my mistakes. I went into the forest with the pureblood and sprayed a croe. I wasn’t aware that if you don’t have LoS to a model due to terrain, your spray cannot hit them. I should have just ran the pureblood and engaged Croe himself.

I move kromac up into the pit, measure max threat range from the riders and decide that I can afford to let 2 get to me. My plan here was to present my opponent an assassination option. I wanted him to try and burn his resources, to give my beasts the free round. I upkept awakened spirit on ghetorix for free I camped 4 fury. And stood in front of the acid pit. I should have moved ghetorix up further for an ultimatum. We’ll explain that later.

Scaverous turn 2.

Ok, here we go. Withershadow TK BLT up. Arc node runs into the pit, so does erebus. Scaverous activates, He feats. He TKs a rider forward. He TKs kromac forwards into the acid pit, and turns me around.

He casts Feast of worms and boosts damage. It does negligible damage, I don’t transfer. Croes step up, Some to the pureblood, most to Kromac. 6 croes shots manage a bit of damage, but I don’t transfer anything. Unfortunately due to my prior mistake, A hit from Croe himself prevents any spells next turn. This leaves me on 1 HP. BLT runs to engage Kromac. 2 Bane riders charge into Kromac, hit with both their impact attacks. I transfer to the pureblood. Both charge attacks miss. I survive on 1HP, with 2 transfers. A few bane knights run to engage the stalker. My opponent here now asks to read a few of my cards, as scaverous is camping 0 on his flag. We discuss ghetorix, and the threat of overtake here which he had missed originally. He scores.

Cryx 1 - 0.
Kromac turn 2.

Well, I succeeded in what I wanted. If I had not been hit by Croe, I feel I would have a strong attrition game from this point forward, as I could have removed both arc nodes, erebus, and most of the croes. I remain corroded and actually have to transfer that damage.

Kromac activates, feats. He demonstrates exactly why he is the monster that he is. The plan here was to feat, kill whatever he tried to assassinate me with, sprint back out of threat. Unfortunately no spells meant I couldn’t even cast carnage as part of my feat. Kromac kills the 2 riders and BLT in 3 attacks, eats the corpses to heal 8 dmg. I cast spiny growth and camp 3.

Here I’m now trying to think of a way in which to stop Kromac getting assassinated. I needed to move, both to get away from my opponent and to unblock my own charge lanes. I spent a lot of time in the tank to try a desperate assassination myself.

My sentry stones activate, spray a few croes and bane riders to clear some room and do some damage. Feral activates, primals ghetorix, and moves up. He throws a rider into another rider, killing both. The pureblood activates and clears out some croes in the forest. Lanyssa activates, fails to hit the rider I needed her to with hunter’s mark. This was the beginning of the end unfortunately. I needed the threat extention to reach rider from the side I wanted, to kill it, over take, kill gorman, to then arrive at scav with 4 attacks at POW21 with Murderous. I instead now calculated that with the other path I would have fewer attacks as I would have to kill a deathripper rather than gorman to trigger the over take. My nail in the coffin here was not knowing you needed pathfinder for the acid pits. Ghetorix fails his charge and I get nowhere.

The stalker kills 3 bane knights and stands in a position where after they vengeance very few can get into charge kromac without taking free strikes and also engages erebus. He scores,

Cryx  2 - 0

Scaverous turn 3.

He upkeeps feast of worms. His remaining Rider clears out mannikins so that erebus can walk up. Erebus walks up to Kromac, makes him stationary on his first attack, and had more attacks dealing damage than I had transfers. Kromac dies. He scores again, my opponent wins 3 - 0.

Looking back at the game, engaging the croe would have required me to trample into the position but would have had the added benefit that where I would have been my opponent wouldn’t be able to TK my pureblood out of engagement. Had I not been hit by croe, I could have simply sprinted back with kromac, Charged Erebus with ghetorix, and camped with spiny growth. Kill the knights I did and sprint forward into them rather than backwards. Ghetorix would be able to overtake into the deathripper and kill it. Feral could have killed the riders as before. Pureblood could then have killed the other arc node rather than clearing croes.

All in all, I had a blast. I was happy to come second.  My opponent played a great game, unfortunately I made a few mistakes. More practise to iron out the creases and we’ll be better for next time.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It was by far my favourite for the weekend. We both played a very clean game, all measurements were double checked, we used lots of proxy bases. For me, that is much more important than winning.

If I do write any more reports, I’ll make sure I get some more photos :)