2017 - Jaden's Warmachine Year in Review

I did one of these last year as a sort of way to check in with myself and see what I'd done with my year Warmachine wise. If you would like to read it, you can find it here.

I came out of 2016 with a pretty full head of steam, coming off my first taste of making day 2 at events and getting to travel to cons. 

I had a couple specific goals for this year that I put down in my last review, including:

- Play at Las Vegas Open for day 2
- Qualify for Warmachine Weekend
- Playing well at the first America Team Championship
- Apply for the WTC
- Make day 2 at Lock and Load
- Play at the Intermountain Cup and go at least 5 - 1 again
- Play 200 games of Warmachine with a 70% win rate. 

I am happy to say that I successfully completed the first three goals, and came close on several of the others. 

Las Vegas Open started off the year, and I was extremely excited to make day 2 along with Chandler and Bret, eventually losing in the semi-finals to Tom Guan. 

Thanks to that, and coming second at Attack-X in Kamloops, BC, Canada, I was able to qualify for Warmachine Weekend as an invitee. 

My team went 2-2 at the ATC, which was plenty for us. Most of the team hadn't ever played outside their local meta, and I was very proud to play alongside them. 

I missed the opening for WTC applications, which is probably for the best as I likely couldn't have afforded to go this year, but I am firmly committed to applying next year. 

Lock and Load saw me pick up Grymkin and play basically blind which meant, unsurprisingly, I didn't make day 2. I did have a blast playing with the new faction though. 

I didn't make Intermountain Cup sadly; having a newborn will do that to you. 

Although I didn't get to play a full 200 games of Warmachine this year, I did get close with 163 logged and a win percentage of right around 88%. 

I also got to participate in some events I hadn't expected to, such as the Seattle Open where I learned some valuable lessons about clock management, Attack-X where I met some incredible Warmachine players, and the Warmachine Weekend Champions event, which I came third at. 

I'm pretty happy with this year in hindsight. I learned a lot, stuck to (mostly) two factions, and got to meet a ton of new people through the game. We started Line of Sight up, both the blogs and the podcast, and it's been amazing to see the project unfold. I'd have never believed I would still be creating content for this game after a year and a half when I started. 

(Honestly after seeing how long the first battle report took me, I wasn't sure I was going to last a week!)

Going Forward:

2018 is already shaping up to be an exciting year. 

January will see me attend both the Las Vegas Open and the American Team Championship. 

I've also secured, in advance, the dates for when the WTC applications are due and have been writing my resume ahead of time. 

February will be pretty quiet on the Warmachine front, but my brother, mom, and I all have birthdays and my other brother will be coming back from a 2 year trip to Japan and I am very excited to see him. 

I'm getting married at the end of March - doubt I'll be getting much Warmachine in. 

Seattle Open is in May, which I will definitely attend, and Lock and Load is in June. I'm already qualified for Iron Gauntlet, so I'll be going to that for sure. 

After that, who knows! I'd very much like to see myself playing for an American WTC team in September, and, of course, November will see me at Warmachine Weekend again (hopefully qualified). 

Let's set some Warmachine goals then shall we? 

- Make Day 2 of both LVO and Lock and Load
- Qualify for the WTC
- Qualify for Warmachine Weekend
- Win a Con Masters or Champions event
- Play fully painted at tournaments
- Produce roughly 100 pieces of written content and 45-52 podcasts
- Play 100 games of Warmachine minimum

I am looking forward to 2018 - it promises to be a great year, full of new and exciting opportunities. As I said last year, it's been a crazy ride, and it only promises to get crazier. Thank you all for joining me. 

Do you have any Warmachine goals for 2018? Let us know, we'd love to hear them. 

Happy New Year everyone!