Warmachine Hordes Grymkin CID Model Review: Hollow Holden CID week 2

HOLD ON (see what I did there) WE'RE GOT NEW RULES!

Okay so nothing too groundbreaking this week, but they did tweak a little about Holden heading into week 2 of the CID. If you didn't catch my week one write up you can read it here


First they changed the timing of Poisoned Fate. Instead of being when the unit activates, it's during the Maintenance Phase. This was done to allow us, the Grymkin player, a better picture when planning our turn, but maintains the random element of the coin flip. The Will's have said that the random element isn't going to go away. If that's true I think this is the best we can hope for. Knowing what my unit is going to be able to do before I apparate is a nice touch. I think this was well done. 

Secondly, they changed Bump in the Night. Bump is a theme force and they added weapon attachments to the list of things we can take for free. This should make it easier to fit him into lists, and helps make the 4 points easier to swallow.



Well, I think both of the changes are solid quality of life changes that embody what they want Holden to be and feel like. I'm excited about the possibility of new Weapon Attachments in Bump being free as well. I'll be testing Holden more this week and trying to get my results and maybe a battle report into the CID forums. If I could have my cake and eat it too I'd love to see him lose weaken, for something that benefits the entire unit. Have you guys been playing with him? What do you think of these changes?

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As always thank you so much for reading! let me know here or on facebook what you think of Holden!