Warmachine Grymkin Army Year in Review: Painting

I've written a couple of quite heavy pieces over the last couple of weeks, and with my school semester winding down and the performances and grading all slotting into place, I felt like I could get away with writing something a little whimsical. 

With that in mind, we're going to have a look at my Grymkin army from gaining possession to the end of the line (for now) as far as the modeling and painting side of things go. 

Lots of pictures, lots of fond memories, nothing super technical or heavy here today - let's go. 

In the Beginning: Lock and Load 2017

Lock and Load 2017 was extremely exciting for me. Going in, I had saved up enough to buy the entire Grymkin faction in one fell swoop, and because I used to be a Press Ganger, I was able to pick them up on Thursday afternoon. 

This was the box:

And here it is all laid out. I got quite a few funny looks as Tyson and I got to work. 

It took literally from about 3 PM to just before midnight to get things assembled. Just before I went to bed that night (still not really knowing what I was playing the next day), this is what my side table looked like where I was staying for the Con. 

I eventually landed on a Heretic and Child pairing - the two simplest Warlocks to play and still quite powerful. 

This was an interesting experience as various members of the Dev team would come up to me in my masters game, tell me Warroom was wrong about an ability on a card and then provide me with the correct rules. 

My first game - I even managed to get all the arcs marked!

It's very strange to look back at these models now - it's been a long road since this point. 

The next Month:

When I got home from Lock and Load, I took a couple days, but almost instantly started modeling and painting. 

The first thing I did was fill the gaps on my Skin and Moans. 

Side Note: It's a pet peeve of mine to see beautifully painted Skin and Moans with awful gaps between the arms and the shoulders. 

Also, at my then Girlfriends' now Fiancee's request and idea, started painting the Dreamer with a starry pattern. 

  She would be the first model I finished in the faction. 

One of the formative conversations I had in determining the way my army was going to look was a conversation I had with Jeff Olsen of Mox Boarding House. I promised him I'd put the quote in when I talked about it, so here it is. 

 Grymkin look their best when they are fantastical. 

There you go Jeff, diligence due. 

Experiments happened, and then were stubbornly completed after hearing some negative feedback from people in a crazy need to prove them all wrong. 

Ughh, it's so ugly


Still ugly, but a good kind

By the end of the first month and change, going into mid August, I had finished up a reasonable number of models for my first Dreamer list. (Click to embiggen)

I also took some time to experiment with freehanding - she's called Karianna Rose for a reason!

Towards the end of Summer Break (I'm a teacher if that wasn't already known), I made a big push and was able to play at least a couple games in a Steamroller with a fully painted list. 

I also started working on another caster and assorted models that go with that caster. 

By this point, my color scheme is fairly well established as bright, crazy blues with dark purple accents here and there. It's an army that stands out pretty well on the table and I'm getting excited to (someday) play it painted. 

September and October:

I got to go play in some events in the early fall months. This first picture is a picture from a Masters event in Bellingham. 

The amount of teasing I get from Pagani for these pictures around this point is pretty ridiculous. Thank you sir, you were a big motivator for me getting this much stuff painted. 

And then the next weekend, I went to Attack - X and played a couple lists I'd never played through to the finals on the back of some good plays, some luck, and usually triggering a sweet Arcana per game. 

I also fell in love with playing the Wanderer. That guy is fun. 

Suddenly, I'm qualified for Warmachine Weekend, and that event is a fully painted only event which means it's time to get cracking. 

I spend a lot of days staying up late into the night painting, and after a furious, month long sprint I have quite a bit of painted stuff to show for it. 

November and December: 

I make it to Warmachine Weekend with enough painted models to play a lot of different lists. In fact, I have enough stuff painted to let Bret borrow a bunch of stuff. 

And then promptly betray me and try and murder with it. How rude. 

I had a fantastic time at Warmachine Weekend, and came out of it even more excited to paint and play than I was going into it, leading to a huge streak of painting stuff for the month of November. 

This includes some sweet Sketch Style things like this Old Witch:

And this Trapperkin marker, which is actually one my favorite things I painted for this army. 

And, somehow, I convinced myself to paint Piggybacks (even though I won't play them most likely ever)

I actually really enjoyed painting this unit - these models are very cool. 

And suddenly, somehow, I only have this pile of models left to paint. 

And about a week later, I put the final bit of paint on the Wanderer, who was the last model in the entire faction I did not own fully painted. 

A day later, I was able to set up this table with everything I've painted in the last five months. It was quite cool to see it all out in the open for a change. 

And I took a bunch of pictures top down style:

And then Inyoung straightened me out, and I took a bunch more pictures with something resembling photographic skill:

I've never owned a fully painted faction before. It's a really cool feeling, and I'm super excited to put 30 painted Dread Rots on the table at some point soon here. 

It also means that it's time to consider the most important question....

What to do next?

I've got some sweet ideas coming down the pipe. I've decided that I never want to build individual bases for models again, as having the pre-made resin bases was extremely lovely. 

As such, before I start painting any of my Minions (well, painting them again, I've already done a few a year ago), I'll be building resin bases for them all, which will require me to learn how to cast and mold things - I am very excited about this, and if Tyson doesn't beat me to it, I'll probably write a tutorial. 

I'm sure you'll start seeing a ton of painting updates from me again in the near future - I can't help it, I originally got into the game for the painting, and it's a love that's never really gone away. 

Until next time, thanks for reading:)