Warmachine and Hordes Unboxing: Champion of the Order of the Wall

One of the most exciting moments at Lock and Load 2017 (for me anyway), was the momentary flash of a gigantic, ornate Dragoon model coming soon to the Protectorate of Menoth. 

As we saw more and more of the model, and then the eventual stock photos of it fully painted (nice job Jordan!), my excitement grew as well. 

Finally, I have been able to acquire and assemble this behemoth of a model, and I thought I would take you all along for the ride. 

Let's go!

Out of the Box, Onto the Cutting Board:

Right out of the box, we see that this model has quite a few parts. Importantly, none of them have the small connection points or dreaded heavy metal heads/legs/hands with a weapon that many other Privateer Press kits from years past have. 

Every single piece fits snugly with a solid connection point, often with a pin built into the model. 


On very close inspection, the model is also wonderfully devoid of huge mold lines, and absolutely none of them obscure detail. The most prominent ones run the length of the sword blade, the sheath, and the outside of the shield. 

There are also some injection flash pieces, but they are all resin and came off beautifully. 

Total cleaning time for this model was approximately ten minutes - a joy. 

(Click to embiggen)

An important note about assembling the mounted version - attach the Sword and Legs before attaching the rest of the body. They're very tricky to put on otherwise. 


Once those are in place, you can assemble the rest of the body and attach it. It rests quite nicely on a large peg coming out of the lower half. 

For most painters, I recommend tacking this bit on lightly - you're going to want to take the upper half off to paint it completely with ease. 


And there! He's all built. 

The dismount is even simpler. After trimming off the injection points on the feet and scraping off the mold lines, I simply glued him down and then attached his sword and shield arms. Both fit very nicely and securely, I had to hold them together for about 15 seconds at most. 

And here they are together. 


I have to say that I have never assembled such a simple, painless Privateer Press model of this size. The mold lines are minimal, the joining points are well thought out, and the one gap on the entire piece is easily filled. 

All the while, the details are crisp and the end result is a gorgeous piece that took less time to assemble than writing this article did. 

I am excited to see what kind of stuff they come out with over the next couple years, if their kits are all this clean I would be ecstatic. 

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Thanks for reading!