Warmachine and Hordes Model Unboxing: The Dracodile


AHHHHH Christmas came early!!!!


It took a lot of self control to take pictures of this process, because I wanted to just tear this box apart as fast as possibly, and clean and assemble this monster of a model. 

When you get your Black Anchor Heavy Industries box, you'll notice that it's really hard to tell what it says on it. The entire thing is reflective black, and the tab on one end has both the Warmahcine and Hordes symbols stamped on it. 

I couldn't even get my camera to pick them out, so I didn't bother to take a picture. 

Inside the box, you'll see a layout very familiar to anyone who's purchased a Privateer Press huge based resin model before. 


On the right, there's a typical PP large blister which contains the legs, arms, and segmented head section, and under that is the base. 

On the left, the two very, very large pieces of resin that make up the body and tail of the beast sit loose. 

No seriously, very, very large pieces. 


That slayer isn't a very large heavy warjack, but it's still a heavy warjack, and the tail end plate is almost as tall as it is. Lying on its side, the body is taller than the Slayer is upright and on the base. 

I was pretty impressed. We all knew from the sculpt renders that this thing was going to be large, but I wasn't expecting the sheer size to be this notable. 

Here are all eight pieces (nine with the base) laid out together. 


Every single piece has injection flash on it from where the resin was pumped into the mold. The most egregious of these is on the body where it would connect to the tail. This one took me a solid five minutes to get off between my snips and exacto knife. The rest are all pretty minor, requiring a quick clip and then some shaping with the blade. 


Each piece also has a mold line or two on it somewhere. Fortunately, these are mostly small and in easily scraped places. The most annoying for me was in the second photo - the curve of the armor plate on the back made it difficult for me to get in there with a blade, and I will probably have to go back and use a file to smooth it out later (I didn't have mine with me). 

Something I'd really like to emphasize here is the incredible detail on this model. I've not seen PP create something so lovely in terms of the little details very often. Every scale is nicely defined, the spikes almost all have further detail on them, and the beast seems very much like a living animal would be with a myriad set of textures all over it. 

Once you get everything cleaned up (which is a pretty fast process), it's time to assemble the beasty. 

This is a pretty simple process. Each piece has a nice, large pin and socket to attach them to eachother. There are some definite gaps between the legs and body and body and tail to fill, but nothing insane for a model this large. The arms go on quite nicely, just needing some Green Stuff for smoothing (which is inevitable on an organic model like this). 

The Mouth comes together nicely as well, with just a thin line needing a fill on each side. 

As you can see, the tail and leg gaps are pretty big, but the arms connect with a very thin seam.

I deliberately posed the head quite aggressively upwards, which resulted in the gap on the bottom of the neck/jaw. If you pose it normally, there's nothing so egregious there. 


And here he is in all of his beauty:


Coming in at a very cheap $110, the Dracodile has been the easiest Gargantuan to assemble that I have had the pleasure of building, and I have built every single one aside from the Sea King and Desert Hydra. 

Total preparation time from open box to built model (with no gap filling) was about 35 minutes, which is pretty incredible for a model of this size. He is incredibly detailed, nicely balanced, and very, very pretty. 

I will not touch on the merits of Black Anchor Heavy Industries here (I have an article about that coming soon), except to say that I think overall it is a positive thing for the company, most consumers, and the game as a whole. 

Now excuse me, my Dracodile wants to go hunting!