The Best and Worst of 2017 in Warmachine and Hordes

"Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us." hal borland

Well, this is my last blog post of the year! 2017 was a huge year for Warmachine, and for myself. Last year around this time I decided to start taking the game seriously again. I ran 2 large events locally and started my blog over on Colorado Warmachine. I was lucky enough to write for Discount Games INC, and am now fortunate to write for I did well locally in events, and this coming year I'm going to make a few national events! I'm excited to keep documenting my journey playing Warmachine! And am thankful for every one of you who reads it, and has talked to me along the way.

2017 was also big for Warmachine itself. Chandler talks about it nicely, but to recap;

  • A very good limited release faction in Grymkin (by good I mean fun to play and enticing despite being a limited release)
  • Announcement of a new faction every year
  • Dissolved the Press Gang
  • CID
  • Dynamic Updates
  • ThemePocalypse 
  • SR2017
    • Turn limits
    • 5 delta win on scenario
    • specific zones
  • Loot Crate
  • Discontinued Stat Cards/Privateer Press Card Database
  • Black Anchor Industries

I thought today I'd talk about the things I loved the most, and least about Warmachine in 2017. 

What I loved, Dynamic Updates

I really loved Dynamic Updates. I know this is a point of contention for some people, but anything that helps resolved unexpected issues quickly I'm all for. If we look at the Meta Shift from Maddog Spam (nerfed via Dynamic), 2una Gryphon Spam (nerfed via Dynamic), High Reclaimer String Assassination (nerfed via Dynamic), Haley2 (nerfed via Dynamic) they really are controlling issues they think are running rampant.

Dynamic Updates aren't only bringing tears though. They buffed all the battle engines with Junes Dynamic Update. When CID's go live them come out in Dynamic Updates. They even addressed a core rule, Assault via dynamic updates. 

While I understand people are concerned about their purchases, I think as a whole Dynamic Updates go a long way to ensuring the tournament scene is as Privateer Press wants it to be. Whether you agree with their desired state or not is another conversation. 

Honorable Mention SR2017

Honorable Mention to SR2017. They did a great in making a fun to play packet where players had to readjust their lists. All the quibbles about it seem to have died down. In the end, we're left with a very live scenario game that punished passive play. These scenarios vary enough from each other than multiple list styles are needed to play strongly into all of them. All in all, this is the best Steam Roller packet I can' remember. 

What I hated, the Disbanding of the Press Gang

Let me start by saying I understand the legal reason for disbanding the Press Gang. However, this has left a vapid hole in some communities. Players and Stores have been left to pick up the pieces, and honestly, it hasn't always happened. 

For stores ensuring you keep your players interested has really fallen to you. Ensuring events are run, demos are given and play nights occur isn't a ton of work, but its certainly work. For stores that are willing to support Warmachine but don't themselves play it's been especially hard. I'm not sure what the answer its, but I certainly hope PP address this soon.

For players, we're being asked to do what the Gang used to do, but for no compensation. A lot of former PG's have said they never did it for the money, but the removal of the program and still being "asked" to do it is a slap in the face. I haven't been in the gang since mki, but I can sympathize with what they are saying. Organizing Events and Play nights takes time/effort. While the Thamartie Black tokens are nice, I think that needs to be looked at again. 

While the product and competitive packet for Warmachine are solid, I do think they need to look at how they expect the community to grow and thrive. I know a lot is falling on players, and if you are helping locally I do want to say thanks. In Colorado a few people have stepped up, to ensure we're still going strong, but we certainly miss the Gang. Local events are down roughly 12 a year, and I don't know the last time an organized Demo Day was held. I hope your local meta is doing well, and would love to hear any ideas you have come up with to help it grow.

Honorable Mention Black Anchor Industries

Anything that takes money out of local game stores I don't like. The removal of a game store to be able to make any money on these models hurts. In addition, PP also readjusted their online reseller policy so online stores are able to offer deeper discounts again. I know all local game stores don't value the miniature gaming market the same. But without them do we really have a game? The local game store is the main place where new players discover the game and can be introduced to the playgroup. The local game store is where most local events will be held. Without the local game store, I really doubt there is a thriving/growing meta for any real game. I know basement game groups work, but finding and welcoming new players is a hard task. I hope Privateer Press and fellow gamers make a concerted effort to keep their stores alive. 


Well 2017 has been an incredible year, and I'm stoked for 2018. I'll be at the Las Vegas open next month and hope to meet some of you there. I'm excited to see t Crucible Guard in CID! I can't wait to see what the next Steam Roller packet contains. What are you guys excited about in 2018? What did you love or hate in 2017?