Warmachine Hordes What I've learned thus far about Zevanna Agha, Fate Keeper aka Old Witch 3

"A witch who is bored might do ANYTHING", Terry Pratchett.

As many of you know I've been trying to gear up to use the Old Witch as one of my Champions and Masters Pairs. I've been running a really weird list, but feel like I've learned a lot. I'm just over 25 games in, and I thought we could take a few minutes today, go over what I've learned. And see if you guys are having similar results. Here's a list pretty close to what I ran for all my testing games. 

Grymkin Army - 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Bump in the Night
(Old Witch 3) Zevanna Agha, The Fate Keeper [+27]
 - Cage Rager [14]
 - Frightmare [9]X2
 - Gorehound [6]
Cask Imp (2) [1]
Eilish Garrity, the Occultist [0(5)]
Glimmer Imp [0(4)]
Lord Longfellow [0(6)]
Dread Rots (max) [12]
Hollowmen (max) [13]
 - Lantern Man [3]
Mad Caps [4]
Neigh Slayers (max) [12]X2
Twilight Sisters [7]

Things I Love

  • Windstorm with an 18inch control is super solid!
    • Don't forget you control AOE deviation from opponents
    • VS Other Infantry Hollowmen are beasts when protected by windstorm
  • Divinator grants me a little more confidence when running low volume of attack beasts like the Frightmare.
  • The Old Witch can win games on her own from her ability to get work down late.
  • The Sprint and See in the Dark Animi are essential to her being able to continuously contribute to the games.
  • Carrion Crows is a really bonkers control gun, vs most hordes matchups it's King.
    • There are 4 BattleEngines you can blind too, Dinoriders, Wraith Engine, Death Knell and the Hentai Throne.
    • Again, See in the Dark is Key! I want to shoot the gun every turn other than 1.
  • Mad Caps, Being able to make threats, and flag scoring solos is awesome. Be sure to be within 4 inches of the flags base to drop cask imps in to score!
  • Gorehound. Sprint Animus aside, he's a really solid beast to contest/harass with on the flanks. 
  • Scourge, range 13 scourge. AOE knockdown and AOE blind. Yes please! Given it's expensive, but it's  gnarly amount of control into infantry bricks.
  • She has two ps15's. It might not seam like it but she's very capable of killing low to medium armor things easily.

Things I Don't Love

  • Murder Crows. They were relegated to the bench for another beast. They are a solid ambushing/AD threat that at times helps control the board or scenario. But in a lot of games they'd charge, and die.
  • Rattlers, kind of. Lets set the record straight here. Re-Roll all attacks, Berserk, Overtake is sexy. However I don't feel like I need the extra infantry clearing. I still love Rattlers, just not right now. We're on a break.
  • The Huge base model LOS rules. I'm always PARANOID that she's going to die. Being able to be seen basically always is a little scary, especially when you combine that with her wanting to be within 12 of something to shoot her gun. 
  • Walls. This is a weird one, but a few games walls on my side of the board prevent me from putting the OW3's base where it needs to be. It's quite annoying.

Things I Want to Test

  • 4 Frightmares. Jaden says it does the lords work, I need to test it.
  • Double Pigs Double Neigh Slayers. Rory a local list savant says to try it. I do own double pigs...
  • Trapperkin. I love their upfield presence in a pair. I want to fit 2 into a list, but where do I get 6 points from...?
  • Sans Cage Rager. He's the obvious choice for Respawn, and he's a solid brick with a occasionally needed wraithbane. Can I live without him?


There is a local steamroller this weekend, and honestly I don't feel very confident. I've had a good win record with OW3 but I just don't feel nearly as solid as when I was running the Heretic and KoN. I'm not sure why either. What do you guys think of the lists, and comments above? Am I way off base with anything? Is there something I really need to try?