Warmachine and Hordes Narrative Battle Report: Trophy Kill Two - The Storm Raptor Returns

After the thorough drubbing we got from the Storm Raptor in the last battle report, my wife immediately wanted revenge. 

We rolled for deployment, but this time she got to go first. My phone was basically dying at this point, so I busted out my DSLR camera for the first time in like a year and man does it take way better pictures than my phone. It might be traveling to events with me from now on. 

I'm going to try something a little differently this time - this is a narrative scenario and the positioning doesn't matter nearly so much as the story, so I'm going to completely dispense with the tactical side of what happened and just write some story instead. (Who knows, maybe I'll get the bug and start working on my book again). 


It had been several weeks since their humiliating defeat at the hands of the gigantic elemental raptor, and Skaldi's boys were restless. They had painfully, slowly, regenerated on that frozen field, watching as their quarry flew away trailing a storm. 

Now they felt ready, compelled even, to return to it's domain. It was a silent itch, a nagging, unceasing, burning need without explanation. 

The other members of that ill-fated party were also returning. Toruk had dispensed his displeasure with his Satyxis thralls by reviving them and killing them many times over before sending them back again. The moon, blood red and angry, hung low on the horizon. 

Dread filled their ranks, fear of a repeat of their previous failure. It was nothing compared to their fear of Toruk and his Lich's. 

Now they had both returned, once again unaware of each-other and frightened. 


The war bands both ran forward as quietly as they could, the low rumblings of thunder masking footfalls and the gentle clanks of armor and weapons. 


The Satyxis were faster than the Kriels, fleet feet carrying right up to the sleeping animal. With trepidation, the front line sunk their ritual blades deep into the sleeping creature, which woke with a piercing scream. Electrical currents dancing off the feathers dropped the first wave of pirates where they stood. The rest of the band felt their fears vanish as the blood lust hit them. They could almost taste the sweet blood in the air, could feel their unnatural draw towards it pulling them in. 

The bird turned on those who had so deeply wounded it, but sleep blurred its senses. It struck furiously, blindly at the Satyxis, and yet it claimed none of their lives. The Witches could see it's rage boiling up to incandescent levels and it urged them onwards. 


The Trolls plodded forward, trying to take advantage of the distraction. They needed to hit it hard and fast before it woke completely. They spread out, cautious of the crackling electricity sparking off the feathers and snapping through the air. 

The beast, oblivious to the incoming 'kin continued to slash at the swift Satyxis, this time connecting with Talon and Beak. Dancing electricity leaped from those cut down to incinerate others around them. 


Enraged by their deaths, the Blood Witches charged forward, the wicked ritual blades seeking bestial lifeblood. 

As each struck, they shuddered in ecstasy before the charge blasted through their bodies and ended their existence. 

The Pistol Wraith moved alongside, cautiously seeing how the electricity could not touch it's wraithlike form. 



Shrieking in pain, the beast turned it's baleful eye onto the brave 'kin in front of it, charging and eviscerating the pair where they stood. Electrical energy grounded onto the Pistol Wraith, who, again, was unaffected. 


With a mighty roar, the remaining Kriels charged the beast. So great was the current on the surface of the feathers that the strikes against it brought down two of their number in retribution, and knocked the other pair prone. 

The incandescent beast tore down the two remaining 'kin without pause, biting clean through one of their bodies. 


The wiley Wraith caught Janissa's eye, and then placed himself directly in front of the angry creature. Distracted and furious, the bird slashed, bit, and stabbed at it with all it's might while Janissa lobbed magical boulders at it from a distance. 

By the time the animal realized it's peril, it was too late. A flying rock careened into it's eye, collapsing it's skull and bringing the beast down. 


Did we cheese it a bit? Yeahhhh, we did. But this particular trophy kill was possibly the hardest out of the Gargantuans. The Satyxis instantly dying to the Plasma Nimbus without getting their second attack and a crippled body meaning that the Plasma Nimbus actually killed a Champion on average dice as well just stacked against us so hard. 

In the end, we didn't feel too bad about beating it in this particular way, and we set out sites on new prey for next time....