Pillars of Salt Episode 1: Warp(wolf) Speed Ahead!

Hosts: Bret, Jaden, Sabra

On the first episode of the newly dubbed Pillars of Salt, our three co-hosts dive deep into the topic of Warpwolves! These fantastic looking models are the thing that drew many (most?) of us into the faction in the first place, and we spend a good chunk of time going over the rules, roles, and preferred playstyles of all three regular beasts and both characters!

Please note: we are discussing week 3 CID rules in this episode. Changes from pre-cid include:

All Warpwolves have pathfinder
Feral, Stalker, and Ghetorix have their points reduced by 2.
The Stalker gained a point of Strength.
The Pureblood gained a point of RAT.
Ghetorix gained Rapid Healing.

Join us next month on the fourth Wednesday as we discuss the Devourer’s Host theme force!

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