Warmachine Protectorate Battle Report: Thyra (Faithful Masses) vs. The Dreamer (Menagerie)

At some point during the insanity that was Warmachine Weekend, Chandler grew tired of playing with his Revelator and wanted to play something with Champions of the Order of the Wall for the next day of scramblers. 

Naturally, this led me to flip open Warroom, and the list just sort of clicked together. 

Chandler proceeded to play the list for two (?) scrambles and every time I came over he was having a blast. 

After the Invitational, I decided that since I came up with most of it (Chandler dropped the Indictor in favor of a Sanctifier and a Wrack), I deserved to play with it.

So I stole Chandler's army tray, prompting him to steal mine, and it was on!

The Dreamer
- Phantasms
- Skin and Moans
- Skin and Moans
- Cage Rager
- Cage Rager
- Rattler
- Rattler

Death Knell

Eilish Garrity
Karianna Rose
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm
Gremlin Swarm

Dread Rots (min)


- Heirophant
- Blood of Martyrs
- Sanctifier

Allegiant of the Order of the Fist (Punch Monk)
Punch Monk
Champion of the Order of the Wall (Champ/Champion)
Paladin of the Order of the Wall (Paladin)
Darton Vilmon

- CA
- CA
Choir of Menoth (min)

I won the roll off and opted to go first, and Chandler chose the Sacrifice and Pandemonium Arcana (I believe). 

The Idrians would choose the Rattlers on either side as their prey targets, since those things need to die ASAP. 


Protectorate turn 1:

This list is FAST. I've played enough Hollowmen to remember Apparition on Blood. 

The Champions ran 16 inches (!!!!) and the Idrians pushed up the table, carefully keeping the guides away from the enemy army. 

Thyra cast Gates of Death on herself, Occultation on the right hand unit of Idrians, and moved up. 

Everything else except the Punch Monks ran, and the two Monks each did Shifting Sands Stance and advanced. 

At the end of the turn, Thyra teleported six inches forward thanks to Gates of Death


Grymkin turn 1:

Chandler can't really stop me from getting at him, so he moves everything up. A stationary shot on the left side plus an arced Enfeeble makes that unit of Idrians really sad. He also puts up Artifice of Deviation and puts the Dreamer, one Rattler, and a heavy or two inside of it. 

Somewhere in there, I also took this sweet cinematic picture. I can totally sympathize for the poor Idrians facing down a 15 foot tall nightmare beast. 

Protectorate turn 2:

Time to capitalize on the exposed Rattler! I drop Occultation and upkeep Gates of Death. Idrians against their prey targets are RAT 7 POW 13 guns, and I get 11 shots into the Rattler. It doesn't quite die, and they reposition back before I send my Champion in to finish it off and then Reposition in deeper. 

Prey swaps to the right hand Cage Rager. 

On the left, my Enfeebled unit of Idrians gets Silence of Death put on them and Thyra casts Carnage. They still miss their Dread Rots a couple times, and I reposition the bulk of the unit back so that the Rattler can't go nuts next turn. 

My Paladin boat moves up and does their thing. I stick an Allegiant on my flag with stance up and put another one on the far flag. 

I forgot to take a picture of this turn sadly. 

Grymkin turn 2:

Chandler's Rattler comes in and murders three Idrians and a pair of Paladins. Turns out Manifest Destiny and Enrage stack up really well. 

The Dreamer Stationaries both Vilmon and my left Champ, and the Right Champ gets murdered by a Cage Rager. 

A Skin and Moans comes in to try and take out my Allegiant on Chandler's flag, but I tough once and then he misses, so the Allegiant waddles into the Skin and Moans' back arc. 

Side Note: I love doing Punch Monk things to Protectorate players. 

Gremlin Swarms run up to my jacks, contesting my flag, and Chandler calls it a turn. 


Protectorate turn 3:

Thyra upkeeps her spells and Blood Apparitions again. Thyra goes first, killing the Gremlin Swarm by Blood. Chandler triggers All Fall Down, so at the end of her activation, Thyra will be on her butt. 

I think about that for a second and decide it's largely irrelevant. Silence of Death goes on the right unit of Idrians and then Thyra falls over comically. 

Blood goes to hide behind the building. With Apparition and Thyra's feat, he can get to either side of it easily enough. 

Idrians on the right charge in on the Cage Rager, and since he's their prey, they charge in at PS 16. 

He dies quite spectacularly and prey moves to the Skin and Moans. 

On the left, I kill the Gremlin Swarm with something random because the Sanctifier is making it corporeal for me, and then the Sanctifier gets battled by choir. With Hand of Vengeance and Battle, the Jack is a nice MAT 8 PS 20, and he can walk into the Cage Rager with full focus, putting that warbeast down as well.

I get to score a point thanks to my flag this turn. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Protectorate

Grymkin turn 3:

Time to hit back! 

Dreamer keeps making my Paladins stationary.

The Skin and Moans on the left kills off my Sanctifier and a couple Paladins and the other one backs up. 

I believe he contests with another Gremlin Swarm here, but I did not take a picture so that is just my memory. 

Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Protectorate

Protectorate turn 4:

With Feat and Apparition, I can get Blood into the left side Skin and Moans. 

Thyra charges the contesting Gremlin Swarm and then Feats backwards. Blood gets battle and kills the Skin and Moans 

Idrians, still with Silence of Death, charge and kill the Death Knell and then Reposition around. 

I score again. 


Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Grymkin

Grymkin turn 4:

Chandler has to contest here, so he tramples in his Skin and Moans and uses his mouse to contest my flag. 

The Dreamer casts Lurker and stationaries Vilmon AGAIN before moving behind the wall. 

The combination of Gremlin Swarm and Artifice on Blood is annoying since he's way out of Thyra's control range. 


Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Protectorate

Protectorate turn 5:

I clear off the far flag and the close flag. 

After the Dread Rots die, the left unit of Idrians swaps prey to the Dreamer and puts some damage into her, which she has to transfer to the Skin and Moans. 

I make a WALL OF THINGS in front of Vilmon - Chandler will NOT be putting Stationary on him again!

Thyra plays very, very safe. 

I score twice. 


Score: 4 - 0
Advantage Protectorate

Grymkin turn 5:

The Skin and Moans tramples up to get closer to Thyra and contest my flag and zone. 

The Dreamer gets Incororeal and skiddadles before taking some stationary shots on unit leaders. 

He contests both the zone and the flag on the other side with a Gremlin Swarm. 


Score: 4 - 0
Advantage Protectorate

Protectorate turn 6:

That wall of things in front of Vilmon turned out to be awesome, because he's alive now and he charges and kills the Gremlin Swarm, scoring me two more control points and the win!

I also put enough shots and damage into the Dreamer that she kills the Skin and Moans with transfers. 


Victory for the.....Wait Chandler why are you moving models still? Chandler?? CHANDLER?!?!

Grymkin turn 6?!?!!

The Dreamer moves over after Eilish kills the engaging Idrian and Stationaries Vilmon AGAIN while Chandler laughs maniacally, and then throws the poor Paladin through an Abyssal Gate, ending his righteous crusade too soon. 

Then she runs away.


Victory for the Protectorate!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This list is just about as silly to play with as it sounded. The threat ranges are huge, Thyra has a tool for every situation, and the Champs force your opponent back SO far with a 16 inch run followed by a potential 15 inch threat charge if Thyra feats. 

Chandler is going to do a full write up sometime soon here, but this is a list that I fully expect to see him (and maybe some other?) Protectorate players pick up and start utilizing at tournaments. It's incredibly strong, incredibly fun to play, and something that most people aren't used to seeing from Protectorate at this point. 

What do you think? Is Thyra the next big thing for Protectorate? I certainly think she could be!

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