11/19 Local Steamroller Batrep 2: Thyra, Flame of Sorrow vs. Iron Lich Asphyxious

It's time for game two of the local Steamroller I hit up recently! Now if there was another faction I was likely to see at this event besides Cygnar, it was Cryx. Testament sat in my pairing specifically for the Ghost Fleet matchup, but it turned out none of the Cryx players there were running it. In the second round, I hit an Asphyxious1 Scourge of the Broken Coast paired with Lord Exhumator Scaverous in Dark Host. Both of my lists are infantry builds, so his Dark Host wasn't really necessary given my general lack of armor so he opted to go with Asphyxious, and I dropped Thyra. Testament would have been slightly stronger into this matchup, I believe, but I felt like Thyra had better general game into both so I decided to just stick it out with her. 

The Lists: 

My Thyra list can be found in the first battle report, which you can find here: 11/19 Local Steamroller Batrep 1.

My opponent was running Lich Lord Asphyxious in the Scourge of the Broken Coast theme featuring Satyxis

Iron Lich Asphyxious
-Nightwretch x2
Satyxis Raiders w/Sea Witch x2
Satyxis Gunslingers x2
Satyxis Raider Captain
Satyxis Blood Witches w/Hag

This is pulled again from memory, so hopefully no errors there. 

I won the starting roll and opted to go first. Given the ranged output I can push out, he chose a side with a trench, hill, and wall to hang out behind. My wall template was placed mirroring his own natural wall. 

I chose Fuel Cache as my objective, my opponent chose Stockpile.


My deployment is largely symmetrical and not dissimilar from game one. The Sanctifier took the right, Blood of Martyrs on the left, and my Sunburst sat to the right to use a longer sightline available there (and avoid the trench). 

My opponents deployment did't have much to speak on either; his army is largely symmetrical, with the Inflictor and Cankerworm sitting in the center and the Raider Captain taking my far left. The Blood Witches of course opted to ambush. Sadly I didn't take pictures of the deployment this game. 

Protectorate Turn 1: 

The Idrians chose the Satyxis directly across from them as prey, and I don't have any particular reason not to just run all out as fast as I can, barring a couple inches at the end of my run distance to avoid charges. So... that's what I did, spreading out and taking up as much table space as possible. Occultation goes up on the right side Idrians, Silence of Death on the left Idrians, and Gates of Death on my caster. The Choir did to Shielding since I'd prefer not to get Parasite onto my heavies until I absolutely have to. 

Game prepares to be very explosive.

Game prepares to be very explosive.

Cryx Turn 1: 

My opponent is a bit crowded in, although he thinks about feating this turn just to clear a handful of Idrians. He decides it's not a good enough feat and keeps back a bit with Gaspy and the battlegroup. Otherwise... Satyxis just run. They jam me up as much as they possibly can, giving me the question of how many I can handle before they dig in and start murdering Idrians. Not a lot to say here, I just have a ton of Satyxis up in my face. I'm sad I didn't take a picture of this turn since it would make an interesting before/after...

Protectorate Turn 2: 

I decide to feat this turn. It's not an amazing feat, but it will get me a few more attacks and I need as many as I can get. Thyra gets Pathfinder from my objective, Harmonious Exaltation from my Hierophant, and walks into the forest, casting Carnage and smacking a Raider in the face. She overtakes back a little, keeping as many Satyxis as I want in my control, and feats, adjusting her positioning slightly. Then... everything just goes to work. Idrians teleport past some of the jamming Satyxis, others move up and aim where they can, and between a lot of melee attacks, CRAs, the Sunburst, Holt, and a derpy Allegiant, 17 of the 22 Satyxis Raiders die. Blood of Martyrs sets himself up behind the forest in the center, prepping one of my favorite silly tricks (which we'll get to next turn!), and the Sanctifier moves up by my wall on the right. The Paladins all move up and Stone and Mortar, and the Allegiant on the right stays behind the massive building, keeping up Shifting Sands Stance. 

Time to eat feat to the face. Thyra does port back, I always take the picture before Gates of Death for some reason.

Time to eat feat to the face. Thyra does port back, I always take the picture before Gates of Death for some reason.

Cryx Turn 2: 

The Witches ambush in on the left. The Nightwretch hanging out on the right near the building runs over to drop Parasite onto my Idrians on that side. Gaspy walks up and gets that parasite out, then feats, killing a pretty good number of them. He also fires a Hellfire into a Paladin on the right, I believe killing him. He teleports back behind his wall, sitting on one focus. 

Satyxis Raiders and Blood Witches charge, killing a ton of Idrians and Holt. His retribution is pretty vicious, and he definitely evens out the attrition pretty quick. At the start of my turn, I'm left trying to re-gain my lead... but I have a play. 

Protectorate Turn 3:

Time for my little Blood of Martyrs trick. I do this when there's a forest in a central position, which there is often lately, and it's even better if I can have Fuel Cache nearby. Blood of Martyrs, hidden entirely by the forest during my opponent's turn, Apparitions up into the forest to get line of sight to his army.  Vilmon and a Paladin use Righteous Vengeance to get into position to charge his Inflictor, and crank damage, leaving it on basically nothing. With its movement out, an Idrian is able to shoot it and finish it off. Thyra moves up and casts Carnage. I forget to cast Silence of Death on Blood of Martyrs, for whatever reason. Blood gets Battle, then uses Pathfinder from the objective to charge his objective. He cleanly one-shots the objective, and side steps into melee range of Gaspy, although attacking over a wall. Even with that wall benefit, I need a 6 to hit and nail it, side stepping out so I'm not attacking over the wall anymore and doing a good chunk of damage to Gaspy. Even through his focus, Blood, at MAT 11 PS 20, finishes him off with one attack to spare, putting the Lich Lord into the dirt where he belongs. 


I was actually pretty concerned he would feat turn 1, since I needed every attack I could get, and we both agreed that would have been the better move. I largely spaced out the feat in that first turn, and could have positioned back a little further. That said, he was going to have a nasty feat turn on my eventually and there's just not much to be done about that. 

Satyxis can clear a whole lot of infantry, even when there's only a couple left. However, it was going to be pretty hard for Gaspy to get a meaningful feat at this point in the game without being in Blood of Martyrs' kill range, and that's what closed the game out. One round left in this event, and it's definitely into Cygnar again... see you all with that in a few days!