Protectorate of Menoth Battle Report: High Exemplar Kreoss CM vs. Jaga-Jaga, the Death Charmer WWFF

Hello everyone! I haven't been doing batreps as much as I wish I was, been in sort of a flux with my pairings and keep jumping around so have played some very weird games. Finally settling on more or less what I want to run going into the Rocky Mountain Rumble and, barring any changes, Lock and Load, so let's see what it has in store for us today. 

I dropped against one of my most common opponents, our local Gatorman, who is bringing one of his old favorites with Jaga-Jaga, alongside a Barnabas2 Blindwater build running Posse. I'm playing with Harbinger FM paired with Kreoss1 CM, and proceed to utterly misread the matchup and drop Kreoss. The reason for this is the Kreoss list is sort of supposed to fight Maelok Posse Spam, and my brain defaulted that to 'anything with gators in it' apparently so that's what I went with. I more or less expected to see Jaga-Jaga, given that I didn't think Barnabas2 would be a great pick into either of my casters, and that's what I got. 

What I didn't account for here, and didn't even remember until WAY too far into the game, is Swamp Horrors are Steady, and Wrastlers have Rise, meaning my feat is basically a minor hit fixer against a low DEF army and that's about it. But... let's see how that plays out. 

The Lists

High Exemplar Kreoss - Creator's Might
Initiate Tristan Durant
Idrian Skirmers w/Chieftain and Guide
min Choir
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal Mechanik
Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard
Anastasia di Bray


Jaga-Jaga, the Death Charmer - Will Work For Food
-Swamp Horror x3
-Blackhide Wrastler x2
-Gatorman Soul Slave
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew
Eilish Garrity, the Occultist
Alten Ashley
Bone Shrine
Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron x2
Efaarit Scout x2 (Proxied with acrylic large bases)

We rolled off, and both rolled a 2, meaning Anastasia came in and got me the win on the roll. This is good, because going second against Will Work For Food is MISERABLE in my experience, especially against Jaga-Jaga, and I didn't mind either table side too much. 

Today we were playing on The Pit II. On one side of the circular center zone was a building and forest pretty close together, and another forest blocked up one side of one rectangular zone, as well as some water near the deployment zone of one side, a trench near the other. A hill also sat around the center zone. My opponent decided to take the side with the forest and hill, since the water was too far back to be of much use so I guess he figured he'd just use the hill, plus my colossal made the building on my side a bit awkward. 

I've decided not to spend much time explaining deployment anymore, I've got pictures for that! 


Protectorate Deployment

Tristan/Redeemer left of Revelator, since he's hiding.

Tristan/Redeemer left of Revelator, since he's hiding.

Minions Deployment

The two bases on the far left are Efaarits. He forgot his at home on accident.

The two bases on the far left are Efaarits. He forgot his at home on accident.

Protectorate Turn 1: 

I'm not super quick, but I need as much distance as I can get since his stuff threatens far. Everything runs, Idrians spreading out as much as possible. I kept the Idrians out of aiming range of Alten, but if he really wants to shoot one he can, not much you can do about that. The building is forcing me to split forces in a way I don't love, and the Reckoner has to go take the right zone mostly by himself but I figure I can swing around that way when necessary. 

For my upkeeps in play, Fortify is of course on the Redeemer, Defenders Ward is on the Idrians, and Lamentation is up on Kreoss. 

Get up there, boys!

Get up there, boys!

Minions Turn 1: 

I didn't give him too much exciting to work with, but... enough. The Efaarits and Alten get Puppet Master from various sources. Jaga casts Signs and Portents and Battle Host, moving up a bit. Alten uses Signs and Portents to shoot through Defenders Ward into an Idrian, killing him. The Efaarits move up, killing one Idrian, failing to kill another. He repositions them, careful to avoid giving Anastasia a back arc if she decides to Ambush in. 

Otherwise stuff just runs, staying largely out of my primary threat ranges. Sadly I didn't take a picture at the end of his turn (I need a reminder to do this better...)

Protectorate Turn 2: 

I can shoot a little bit, so that's nice. I lament the SPD 4 on my Revelator this turn; were he 2" further forward, I would have either pushed my opponent a bit further back or been able to put the big guns into something this turn, but as it is I'm forced to just pew pew with the little guns if I want to do anything. The Reckoner and Redeemer both get focus and do a bit of damage, the Reckoner putting a decent hit into the Swamp Horror on the right, the Redeemer killing both members of the Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew with his first shot (I actually was trying to deviate to Alten, as I didn't have LOS to anything else that way, so was kind of annoyed they died so fast), then put a couple shots into the Swamp Horror on the hill, and with some good rolling actually managed to snipe out its Spirit. Idrians just... charged in like madmen. I needed to buy as much time as possible, and unfortunately they had to be the sacrifice. I also forgot about Eilish here like an idiot, so they died way more trivially than expected. They put 2 points of damage on the Wrastler, but otherwise just ran to engage everything they could. 

I forgot to activate the Revelator before the Idrians, meaning he just didn't really have anything to shoot at, so he just ran to give Kreoss a bit of a bunker to play in. One of Rhoven's guard and the Vassal on the right set up a blocking position on either side of my objective to keep the Swamp Horror off my Reckoner. Everything else basically just durdled around. 

Idrian Prey is the Swamp Horror back behind the cloud.

Idrian Prey is the Swamp Horror back behind the cloud.

Minions Turn 2:

Eilish walks up and pops Unbinding, removing Defenders Ward from the Idrians and doing a few points of damage to Kreoss. Jaga-Jaga casts Signs and Portents and kills the two Idrians blocking up Alten. The Wrastler on the left kills both the Idrians engaging him, using Overtake to step into the zone. The Slave gives the other Wrastler Ghost Walk. One Efaarit shot my Idrian Chieftain, which got Shield Guarded to one of Rhoven's Guard, who proceeded to instantly die. Alten finished off the Chieftain and repositioned around in the forest, and the Ghost Walked Wrastler moved into the forest to Rage the Swamp Horror on the hill, and does so within Lamentation, meaning he has to spend 4 fury to do it. The Swamp Horror in the back clears off the Raged Swamp Horror, at which point he remembers that the one with Rage has no Spirit currently, so instead of charging into the Revelator (which it would have only had Tentacles on), he just walked closer to his objective to be able to heal next turn. 

The Horror on the right charged in to attack my objective, killing the Vassal and hurting Rhoven's guard guy, and wiffing horribly on damage on the objective, leaving it in pretty good condition. He boosts a Spectral Lash from the Spirit Cauldron into the engaged Honor Guarsdman, hitting and killing him. My opponent scores one point on the left zone. 


Protectorate Turn 3: 

Well this is going swimmingly. 

The 'jacks get loaded up and receive Battle. Kreoss gets Harmonious Exaltation. I move some of my support out of the way and walk Kreoss around the Revelator's base, catching both his Wrastlers in the feat (the Swamp Horrors are meaningless and I don't have an assassination this turn so... best I'm going to get, really.) 

The Reckoner on the right walks up and kills his Swamp Horror pretty trivially. The Revelator, with a sliver of line of sight on one side of the Wrastler, charges in, killing the Wrastler and Alten. The Redeemer tries to clear Eilish, but every shot deviates off into nowhere, but he at least moves up into the zone. Kreoss also put Defenders Ward onto the colossal, and I had a landing spot just BARELY outside Eilish' unbinding range. 

Also, of note, when his Efaarits activated last turn, he forgot about Anastasia, so she ambushes in and charges one in the back, killing it pretty easily. Go Annie! Nobody scores anything this turn. 

Revelator just needs to survive three heavies. How hard can it be?

Revelator just needs to survive three heavies. How hard can it be?

Minions Turn 3:

There's not a lot complicated about this turn. Jaga casts Signs and Portents, but in order to stay out of Lamentation and still Rage the things she needs Rage on, she has to move into a pretty open position. Further, she needs Rage on both Swamp Horrors, but the Wrastler can't do it because he needs to be there to finish off the Revelator if it doesn't die, or needs to kill the Redeemer if it does, and is inside Lamentation range meaning if it wants to use Rage on anything, it can't do anything else. At the end, Jaga is on zero fury, standing a bit out in the open, but both Swamp Horrors have Rage on them. 

The Swamp Horrors get Puppet Master from various models and go in on the Revelator. The first one rolls ok, but the second one rolls hot fire and finishes off the Rev with its last attack. The Wrastler is now free to go to town on my Redeemer, but with Fortify it's a tough little cookie and is left with its melee arm and cortex, but nothing else. 

I am, again, the worst and didn't take a picture of this round, but not much happened on my turn as far as movement so you'll see the end position of everything there. 

Protectorate Turn 4: 

Basically the only shot I have, but it's a pretty good one. Kreoss allocates 1 to the Reckoner, who receives Battle and walks forward, getting line of sight to Jaga around the forest. He boosts a shot into her, needing a nine to hit, and rolls a somewhat scary 5, 2, 2, meaning he both connected and got a critical, setting her on fire. 

The Hierophant gives Harmonious Exaltation to Kreoss and Repositions forward, allowing Kreoss to charge his Swamp Horror and stay within 5" of the Hierophant, increasing the range of his spells. None of her beasts are in range for Battle Host's armor bonus, and Flare from the Reckoner reduces her DEF to 12, making her a pretty easy target. With 6 focus and a Harmonious Exaltation, Kreoss fires three Immolations with boosted damage into Jaga, finishing her off with a failed tough check. 

All in all, the assassination run had around an 86% chance to succeed, not accounting for her tough check (which messes with the percentage a bit.) At the end of the day Lamentation saved the day, forcing my opponents positioning in a way that left him in inefficient locations, but overall I was both outmatched and outplayed here. Jaga's Swamp Horrors are absolutely vicious, which I've learned in the past, and Harbinger would have been a far superior option in to both his lists. I squeaked out a victory, but would have preferred to be in more control over the situation. 

Sometimes you just gotta use those bad nukes on your card.

Sometimes you just gotta use those bad nukes on your card.

Shaky start for my pair practice for RMR, but we'll see how it goes! Just remember... don't drop Kreoss1 into armies that are mostly Steady. Who knew. 

Thanks for reading, everyone. See you next time.