Protectorate of Menoth Batrep: Feora, the Conquering Flame CM vs. Midas WWFF

It has been a while, but we're back on the batrep train! 

Since the revelation of Scrutator Potentate Severius, I've toyed with a lot of ideas for where best to put him. Feora, the Conquering Flame popped up in my head extremely often as an ideal choice, and... well, I own a ton of Repenters, it seemed like a fun place to fit it all. 

This is a list I've played with before, but has been tweaked to add the Exemplar Warders which increase the survivability of key pieces tremendously. 

Feora, the Conquering Flame
-Hand of Judgement
-Repenter x2
Scrutator Potentate Severius
-Repenter x2
Initiate Tristan Durant
-Repenter x2
min Choir x2
Exemplar Warder x2
The Covenant of Menoth

That's what 24 focus on the table turn 1 looks like, my friends. 

My opponent today is a common opponent for me, our local minions player running an experimental Midas Will Work For Food build. 

-War Hog x2
-Road Hog
-Battle Boar
-Gun Boar
-Gatorman Soul Slave
Farrow Valkyries
Gatorman Boil Master Master & Spirit Cauldron x2
Kwaak Slickspine & Gub, Croak Sorcerers
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters
Gatorman Witch Doctor
Bone Shrine

Our scenario today is The Pit II, and my opponent wins the roll off and opts to go first, as Will Work For Food loves to do. 

Minions Deployment

My opponent drops his battle boar to my left, Nyss to my right, and everything else is more or less central. It's a big pile of pigs and gators, ready to scream up the table. 

Oink oink?

Oink oink?

Protectorate Deployment

It's slightly hard to explain because it's just a bunch of repenters but... here goes. 

Severius takes the left while Tristan is more on the right. The two grey, unpainted Repenters (it's a lot of repenters, ok?!?) are on Tristan, and they just bunch up near him. The black primed and black based Repenters are on Severius, as well as the Reckoner of course, and he uses his long control range to deploy the black primed Repenter way off to the right, otherwise keeping his battlegroup near him. The remaining two Repenters and Hand of Judgement are, of course, Feora's and all of that deploys basically in the middle. Support all hangs out just behind or scattered between for ease of movement. I forgot my Hierophant at home somehow, so he didn't get deployed turn 1 and in later turns shows up as a Cephalyx model I borrowed from someone next to me at the table.



Minions Turn 1

He's got a ton of distance he can cover here, but I can threaten a little bit up the table if I want to, between Hand of Judgement starting play with Redline on him and, if he randomly kills something, Road to War pushing various 'jacks further up the table. His Gun Boar runs up and takes the trench on my left, the Nyss spread out quite a bit to my right. His support hangs back and Midas arcs Death March onto the Nyss. His Battle Boar and left side War Hog get Enliven, but... not likely that I'm making attacks on them this turn. 

Time to run into this meat grinder!

Time to run into this meat grinder!

Protectorate Turn 1

We're starting this game off quick. Nothing too wild here, everything just runs forward. 'jacks all get Passage and all of them run up into a basically straight line. The junior's hang back a bit to stay safe. Feora positions a bit far up to help her be useful next turn. 

Prepare for impact!

Prepare for impact!

Minions Turn 2

Well, he can alpha me, and he wants to remove some 'jacks. 

I was able to keep Hand of Judgement out of the Road Hog's vision range via the forest, but he can see a Repenter. Midas puts Primal on his Road Hog and Battle Lust goes onto the Nyss. The Hog gets Ghostly from the Witch Doc and charges in, killing one of Feora's Repenters as well as my Hierophant with the assault spray and Lightning Striking back into the forest a bit. The Nyss charge in, and succeed at breaking the spray arm on one Repenter, and doing some damage to two others. His Gun Boar walks up on the left and shoots and kills two Choir members, leaving a third out of command range for next turn. 

Enliven goes onto his left side War Hog and his Battle Boar again, and the Valkyries run to stand in the way of potential charges from Hand of Judgement. Midas is camping a few but pretty far forward, and loaded up on corpses for later. 

Time to see what we can clean up...

Time to see what we can clean up...

Protectorate Turn 2: 

There's a few routes I can take this turn, but I opt to feat. I don't have much focus to cast Incite, especially since I need Banishing Ward on myself every turn and lost my Hierophant. The 'jacks get pretty loaded up, as I figure if the turn goes how I need it to, nothing should really threaten the junior's anyway. I can ignore the Road Hog this turn since he's frenzying next turn and I have better targets for now. The objective fixes the spray arm of my broken Repenter.

Most of the 'jacks get Battle. The Book moves up and pops steady for the nearby models. Feora moves around to the left of the forest, pops feat, and sprays over the Valkyrie, War Hog, and Kwaak. All three hit, the Valkyrie is killed, Kwaak is left on 1 but on fire, and the War Hog takes a pretty decent chunk of damage and opts to Enliven over to the left into the trench. She then Fire Steps and Repositions back to get some of the Nyss and the other War Hog into Incite range. Also of note, she pulls a focus off a Wrack, which of course explodes and kills the Warder cliented to Severius. He's on the table still in the next picture because I forgot that Inhuman Resolve only triggers on enemy attacks, but I pick him up before my opponents turn starts. 

Hand of Judgement uses Redline to walk around to the right of Feora and spray over all of the Nyss that charged last turn, as well as my objective. Using Incite and boosted attacks from her Bond, he clears them all and does a chunk of damage to my objective. I trigger Road to War to move one of Severius' repenters a bit closer to the fight. Severius himself runs around to get a few things into Eye of Menoth range for later. 

Repenters on the right use boosted attacks from sprays to kill all the remaining Nyss except one, as well as putting a little damage and setting on fire his War Hog on my right. Severius' Repenter then charges that War Hog, but rolls absolutely awful damage. The Reckoner charges into his Gun Boar and does a little damage (he didn't have much focus but I wanted it engaged), and the other Severius Repenter charges his other War Hog, also rolling pretty mediocre damage but leaving him quite low. Feora's Warder runs to eat the Road Hog's frenzy next turn since I don't want it on Hand of Judgement. Still, I score a point on my right zone so that's something. 

There's a lot of models I wanted to be dead this turn that have like... a few boxes left. Not super happy about that. 

There's a lot of models I wanted to be dead this turn that have like... a few boxes left. Not super happy about that. 

Minions Turn 3: 

He's got more alive than I wanted but... let's see what kind of damage he can do. 

His remaining Nyss uses Vengeance to put 2 damage on the Repenter up the table. A Valkyrie smacks a Repenter but doesn't do much. The Road Hog frenzies and puts the Warder into Inhuman Resolve state. His Gun Boar also had 2 fury left on it, it frenzies and charges into my Reckoner, doing no damage. Midas puts Primal onto the War Hog on my right and Battle Lust on the Valkyries, and his Battle Boar puts it on the one to my left. The Valkyries charge my Repenter in front of his War Hog, but leave it on a bit better health than he hoped. His Cauldron on that side comes in for the save, hitting the Repenter with its nuke and cranking damage on the boost to clear him out. Kwaak walks up and double heals his War Hog for 4 hp. The War Hog easily gets into my Reckoner and destroys it. 

The War Hog on my right gets Ghostly and walks around the Repenter in front of him, using Primal and Overtake to clear that Repenter and Feora's other Repenter. His Nyss guy charges my objective but doesn't do great damage (I believe it's on 5 hp at this point.) 

He ends his turn and scores one on the left zone, making it 1-1.

Sadly I missed a picture this round :(

Protectorate Turn 3

Alright, we've gotta clean up this table. 

Hand of Judgement gets loaded up, both my spells upkept. Tristan hands 1 focus to each Repenter, and with Fortify upkept he's left on 1 focus. Severius drops Road to War since he has no 'jacks left and just has 5 focus to play with. 

Hand of Judgement gets Battle from the Choir (as well as the two Repenters). Tristan charges the Nyss by my objective (which took 2 damage from fire), and boosts to hit to kill it. Hand walks in between the two Hogs on my right and wipes out both of them. Tristan's Repenters walk up and with sprays take out his Witch Doctor, damage his Bone Shrine, and hurt his Cauldron on that side. I've now taken basically complete control over that side, but... Tristan is the lynchpin of that half of the table and he's way up the table. 

Feora charges up, Assaulting over two Valkyries, Kwaak, his Battle Boar, and his other Cauldron. She misses both Valkyries but hits everything else, killing Kwaak and damaging the Boar and Cauldron. Her charge attack and one bought attack leave one Valkyrie dead, the other knocked down from a successful tough check which was *very* unfortunate because if she died, I would score this zone again. She repositions back, and the Book moves up and does its no-spell bubble, repositioning further forward to fill up landing space around Feora. 

Severius charges into the War Hog on the left and finishes it off (it was very low), engaging his Gun Boar and camping 2. Choir run to stand in the way of things. I score a second point on my right zone, making the score 2-1. 

Think we just need to survive this turn and we'll be k.

Think we just need to survive this turn and we'll be k.

Minions Turn 4: 

Fire stays on most things but fails to damage anything, including the knocked down Valkyrie, who this turn just stands up and moves out of the way.

It's Midas feat turn! Thankfully I have Banishing Ward on Feora, as well as the book there, so Calamity isn't really going on anything. He feats and drops his three heavies as near my caster as he can, then spends a ton of fury (he swapped some corpses to fury and pulled one off the shrine) healing up his new beasts a bit.

His Battle Boar, who had 2 fury on him but refused to frenzy, charges into my choir member in front of Feora and misses both his attacks. One War Hog walks around the book and attacks Feora, hitting her once and doing a bit of damage. The other War Hog is forced to just kill the choir member, which he does then overtakes back, and the Road Hog can get in and make his attacks. He crits his Gore, so Feora falls down, then hits her one more time, leaving her on 9 hp, but... he's out of attacks. 

His Gun Boar on the left tries to throw Severius at the other Choir member in the zone but misses his attack. 

He ends his turn but can't contest the right zone with Hand still in it, so I score another to get the score to 3-1. 

Pile o' Pigs!

Pile o' Pigs!

Protectorate Turn 4: 

Hand of Judgement's spray angle is wonderful here. He gets loaded up and receives Battle. The Repenters on the right also get loaded up. I upkeep both spells. The objective survives its fire yet again, even with Hand close enough to increase the damage output. 

Hand moves over and sprays over eeeeeverything. The spray goes over his three new heavies, my Book, Feora, and his Battle Boar. Feora doesn't care, and the book takes a point of damage, but he kills off the War Hog by Feora and does some damage to everything else. Lot of models left on like 1-2 boxes here, yet again, which is frustrating. 

Feora stands up and smacks the Road Hog, leaving him on 1, then Fire Steps back, finishing off the Road Hog and doing a little damage to the Battle Boar. She then repositions even further back. 

Severius boosts an Immolation into the War Hog and finishes him off, and swings a boosted damage roll into his Gun Boar, doing a bit to him but leaving himself on 0 camp. The Book scoots back and does its no spell aura again, standing in front of Feora to assure that the Battle Boar can't reach her (it has charge range but... nothing can clear the Book away.) Tristan hangs out camping 0 since he loaded up his Repenters, who kill the Cauldron and do a bit more damage to his Bone Shrine, as well as lighting up his Soul Slave and leaving it on 1 hp and forcing a tough on his Valkyrie, who succeeds yet again. 

I score my zone again, making it 4-1. 

Now that we've killed his army twice...

Now that we've killed his army twice...

Minions Turn 5: 

His Valkyrie dies to fire, and his Boil Master on the left succeeds a tough check to the fire, falling on his ass. The Soul Slave is also kind enough to die to the fire. 

He's kind of in panic mode, trying to see what he can do to stay in the game. Midas gets all the fury again and walks over into the forest, staying out of the Book's bubble and just barely within 10 of Tristan, who gets a Hex Blast to the face and dies, powering down my remaining Repenters. His Boil Master on that side charges a Choir member and kills him. 

His Battle Boar on 3 fury rolls snake eyes for his frenzy check, meaning he yet again is just loaded up on fury and can't do much about it. He flails ineffectually at Severius, unable to hit the DEF 15. The Gun Boar attempts to throw the Choir member at Severius, but the throw deviates away and the Choir member actually lives. Severius lives yet again. He at least contests the board so the score remains 4-1 in Protectorate favor. 

Severius don't care about 'nuthin, apparently. 

Severius don't care about 'nuthin, apparently. 

Protectorate Turn 5: 

I upkeep my spells, and the book takes a point of damage from fire. The objective finally burns down as well, giving him a point and making the score 4-2! If that didn't happen I would have easily won on scenario this turn but I can't quite finagle the points now. 

Hand gets 1 focus from Feora, and I forget to Battle him before he walks up and sprays over the Battle Boar, Gun Boar, and Severius. The boosted attack on Sevvy actually misses, but I hit the other two and with boosted damage rolls and some attacks from Severius, both lights are dead. Feora walks to the right and sprays his Boil Master and... misses with a 2,1,1. Choir charge him and miss, and the Book moves up to the center of the table and does his no spell bubble again. I end my turn scoring the center zone, making it 5-2. 

At this point, my opponent has no power left on the table and opts to concede. His inability to cast his spells on the targets he needed to pushed a game that I thought he was winning into my favor over time. 


This list is a lot of fun to play. My rolls this game were honestly pretty poor, but Feora's ability to just stack numbers counter-acted that somewhat and made things work in the end. I played Hand far more conservatively than I usually do which was to his benefit; he only went into melee once, when he could finish off two heavies, and otherwise spent the whole game relying on his gun and distance. Severius makes the whole list tick, and he's bloody hard to remove if you don't have the right tools. 

I could have played the Warders much better (not killing one with my Wrack, for example...) but overall I think they make this list *way* better than my earlier versions which just had Vassals in those spots. 

The main change I've thought about making at this point is taking the Reckoner on Severius and swapping it down to Blessing of Vengeance. While that gives me a bit less damage output... frankly, a Feora3 list hits pretty hard no matter what you do, but gives me a much better scenario piece, extra shield guard, and a little more flexibility with Severius' focus by giving him an extremely good arc node. Hell, with all possible number I can fire a FOC 10 POW 19 boostable nuke out of my free solo... that's pretty k. This also gives me a second wrack and a pair of mechanics, which is super helpful for scoring flags, helping repair, and keeping focus efficiency high. 

Overall I'm having a blast with this particular build, and I hope you all enjoyed reading my report on it. See you all around!