Makeda 3 (Imperial Warhost) vs. Mohsar (Bones) - Warmachine and Hordes Skorne/Circle Battle Report

I’ve played a few games with Skorne so far, and none of them have been with Makeda 3. I felt like it was time to fix that problem, so I opted to take Cory’s list that he took second place at the Las Vegas Open this year and take it for a spin. It’s a very strange list, and it didn’t really start to click with me this game so I am definitely going to try it again soon.

I got to play against John, running a pairing of Mohsar Bones/Iona in DH and he dropped Mohsar into my Makeda/Zaal 2 pairing. I lost the roll off and handed him the side with a bunch of obstructions for his Woldwrath to monkey around with (hehe).

- Woldwrath
- Woldwarden
- Woldwarden
- Woldwyrd
- Woldwyrd

Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove

Sentry Stones
Sentry Stones

Makeda 3
- Exalted Court
- Molik Karn
- Cyclops Brute
- Cyclops Brute
- Cyclops Brute
- Cyclops Shaman
- Cyclops Raider
- Agonizer
- Krea

Zaadesh 1
- Gladiator
- Cyclops Shaman

Beast Handlers (min)
Beast Handlers (min)

Circle turn 1:

Everything runs up and dances outside of threat ranges for the most part. Mirage goes on the forward Woldwyrd and Sunhammer goes up on Mohsar. Two Pillars of Salt form in front of things.

Skorne turn 1:

I’ve got a small chance of killing the forward Woldwyrd since the Shamans ignore Line of Sight and Cover, and I can also get the Raider up close enough to see over the building. Without Incite, it’s around 10%, with Incite it goes up to 53%. I think about it for a minute and decide that I’m too afraid of getting murdered by Sentry Stone sprays, so Makeda moves up and puts Bulwark up and does little else.

I do put the three shots into the Wyrd, and I leave it on a handful of boxes left.

I completely space that I have Bulwark up and that it has a base to base requirement, so Molik Karn is sitting out in the wind doing nothing useful and not getting DEF 15 out of it.

Zaadesh puts up Tag Team and his Gladiator runs up into the zone.

Circle turn 2:

The busted Woldwyrd heals up from theme and objective, and the Wyrds start off by nearly killing Molik Karn despite him hyper-aggressiving into cover.

Sentry Mannikins move up and kill a couple of Paingivers, and the Woldwrath shoots at Makeda, misses, and deviates onto Karn and boosts tha damage to make him even closer to dead.

More Pillars of Salt come down to block charge range into things and Mohsar shifts left.

Skorne turn 2:

Makeda drops Bulwark since Arcane Suppression is up and the Shamans start off by killing that Woldwyrd. Makeda kills a Mannikin and blood boons Bulwark again, and then casts Incite.

The Savage on the right kills the Pillar, and Molik Karn gets enraged and a free charge from prodding. He kills the Woldwarden no problem, but then misses the Wyrd three times in a row and leaves it on one.

I run a Brute over to him to keep Bulwark up.

On the left, things advance and Sunhammer takes its toll on everything. The Krea and Agonizer put up their Auras.

On the right, the Raider aims and kills the Sentry Stone.

Notice Makeda hanging out without a Bulwark buddy? Yeah….

Circle turn 3:

John thinks about going for an assassination run, but I’m camping two and he can’t get into melee with anything so he opts not to.

The Warden moves up with the strength buff and removes Molik Karn from the table trivially with initials before beating on the Brute until it’s nearly dead.

The Woldwrath charges up and fails to kill either of my Brutes thanks to DEF 17 vs. charges, DEF 15 against melee, and steady.

A charging Mannikin deals 8 damage to my Gladiator through the Agonizer scream.

Mohsar feats, the Wyrd casts Arcane Suppression again, and that’s the turn.

Skorne turn 3:

I can’t leach from anything, and I can’t cut since it turns out that’s leaching from yourself (Mohsar has so many crazy rules interactions). The Agonizer and left hand Shaman both frenzy.

I want Makeda to kill a Mannikin so I can Blood Boon Bulwark back up, and that means I have to kill a Pillar. The Krea puts a boosted 12 into it and fails. The Shaman on the right shoots it with a boosted 12 and fails. The Raider on the right puts a boosted shot into it and finally kills it.

I am able to Feat for a free Incite, kill the Mannikin for Bulwark, and pile Makeda into a bunch of Shield Guards. On the right, I get Enrage on both beasts, pull their fury off, and wail on the Warden, but they completely fail to kill it.

The Green Brute clears out a landing space for Zaadesh, who runs up to engage the Woldwrath and engage Tag Team. The white Brute smacks the Woldwrath a bunch.

The Gladiator takes a free strike from the Mannikin, which does another 8 damage to it (sigh) and between that and Sunhammer it only has three hit points left - one in each system.

With Tag Team and Incite, the Gladiator is MAT 10 PS 20/20/19 and can buy four more PS 20 attacks. Sadly, I roll double ones on my last attack and leave the Woldwrath on 6 or so health.

I run a unit of Beast Handlers into the zone on the right to score a point and pass the turn.

Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Skorne

Circle turn 4:

The Woldwrath and Warden and Wyrd heal from the theme force. The Wrath boosts a hit into Zaadesh and kills him and the Green Brute. Spraying Sentry Stones kill the Shaman (!!) and trigger battle Driven on Makeda with a 9 damage shot that gets transferred.

The Warden flails at my Brute/Savage on the bottom, and the Blackclad Wayfarer charges into the zone, kills a Paingiver, and sprays down a few more.

John scores the left zone, since the Gladiator doesn’t contest anymore.

Score: 1 - 1

Skorne turn 4:

The Brute frenzies into the Savage, who gets all his Fury pulled. The Raider frenzies into a Beast Handler as well.

Makeda charges and kills the Woldwrath and blood boons Bulwark back up. Paingivers charge into the Blackclad but just cannot get the job done. The Savage finally puts down the Warden, and no scoring happens since an Exalted Court member is contesting the left.

Score: 1 - 1

Circle turn 5:

John opts to try and kill Makeda this turn with a Wyrd, two Sentry Sprays, and some Crevasses. I still have two Shield Guards kicking around after the Sentry Sprays, so two of the Wyrd shots do nothing and the Crevasses aren’t enough.

I didn’t take a picture of this turn, but John scored a point (and the only thing that moved in the next picture is Makeda).

Score: 1 - 2
Advantage Circle

Skorne turn 5:

The Krea tries to paralyze Mohsar, but misses, and Makeda charges the zero-camp Warlock and two shots him.

Victory for Skorne!

Post-Game Thoughts:

I have no idea what to make of this Makeda list. One game was definitely not enough to really make it click for me, and I’m definitely going to have to get a few more reps in with it against a variety of lists (maybe not ones that completely hose down my army with their feat) to see what it can really do.

I was very impressed by Makeda’s surviveability with all of the shield guards built into the list. After the first Wyrd died, I felt very comfortable leaving her out in the breeze for the most part. DEF 15 everywhere is really, really strong and it makes me feel a little better about DEF 10 Titans since, frankly, if they were still 12/19 they’d be straight up absurd with her now.

It was really interesting to have three very relevant guns in a list that is primarily melee based. Incite on the Shamans/ Raider is incredibly strong and I think that it is one of the best (if most confusing) parts of the list. Congrats to Cory for taking this beast to second place at LVO - I’m excited to try it again!

Thanks for reading!