Xerxis 2 (Imperial Warhost) vs. Rehara (Talion Charter) - Warmachine and Hordes Skorne/Mercenaries Battle Report

Time for more CID testing! I’m still on the Xerxis 2 IWH “Kaiju” paired with Zaadesh 2 in Exalted, and into a pairing of Pirates and “something else in Mercs”, I definitely wanted to drop Kaiju. We rolled up a random map and scenario, I lost the roll off (sad face) and chose the side without the fire hill.

- Blockader
- Freebooter
- Freebooter
- Swashbuckler
- Swashbuckler

Doc. Killingsworth
Powder Monkey
Powder Monkey

Sea Dogs
- Mr. Walls
Sea Dogs
Ayanna and Holt

Xerxis 2
- Agonizer
- Agonizer
- Archidon
- Krea
- Desert Hydra
- Titan Gladiator

Siege Animantarax
Siege Animantarax


Paingiver Beast Handlers

Mercenaries turn 1:

Everything runs at me. The rather extreme (17 inch) threat on my Hydra’s sprays keep his Sea Dogs back a good bit from where they could be.

Rehara puts up Escort and Rough Seas and moves up the table with her battlegroup.

Skorne turn 1:

Turns out that the foremost Swashbuckler is inside of Trample + Shoot range of both Animantaraxes, and so they each get whipped three times for Rage Tokens, and then Trample up. I get six shots across the two Turtles, which is enough to put the little ‘jack in the dirt and Reposition back outside of threat range of the Freebooters. The Bombards do 2 damage to the Turtle which tramples into it.

I cautiously advance models up on the right, with Sandstorm up on Xerxis and Rapport on the Desert Hydra.

Mercenaries turn 2:

JP has a couple of options here - he can feed me a Warjack at a time, or he can try and get a positioning advantage by body blocking the Blockader with his Freebooters behind the Wall in the zone. At effective DEF 14 behind the wall and Steady, they’re actually reasonably hard to take down. He positions such that only one Animantarax can reliably get into the Blockader.

A small number of Pirates come forward, although I can absolutely get to most/all of them with my Hydra sprays if I want to.

Skorne turn 2:

I start things off by killing off the five Pirates up front with Archidon/Hydra Sprays and then putting the Feralgeist into the zone.

I had really thought about putting the Hydra up there and spraying on approximately all of the Pirates under Xerxis feat, but then I realized that the Hydra would be in charge range of the Blockader and chickened out.

I should have started out with the math I did next, which is that an Ignited Animantarax under Xerxis 2 Feat with 3 shots has close to an 80% chance of one rounding a Blockader, and that it absolutely will if there are more shots coming in from the other turtle.

So yeah, that happens. Ignite on the Animantarax, Xerxis Feats, and the two Turtles kill the Blockader and 1.5 Freebooters.

Mercenaries turn 3:

Rehara charges in and kills off my Agonizer, which allows the Freebooter and Swashbuckler under Manifest Destiny to kill off my right hand Animantarax.

Ayanna gives out magical weapons to the pirates, who then murder the Feralgeist.

Mercenaries score 1.

Skorne turn 3:

The Animantarax fails to kill the Freebooter by 2 boxes, so Xerxis charges in, leaves Rehara on 1 from the charge, and then kills the Freebooter and buys a boosted attack into Rehara. She toughs, but is now knocked down since the Freebooter is gone, so Xerxis buys an attack and auto kills her.

Victory for Skorne!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Coming after the next battle report.

For everyone not on the CID forums, thanks for reading!