Zaadesh 2 (Exalted) vs. Rehara (Talion Charter) - Warmachine and Hordes Skorne/Mercenaries Battle Report

A rematch was required after last game, so the next evening JP and I re-wracked and got back into the testing. He had swapped a couple of things around in his list, and he really didn’t want to play into Xerxis again so this time I dropped Zaadesh. I won the roll off this time and got given the side with all of the rough terrain and the acid vat.

- Blockader
- Freebooter
- Swashbuckler
- Swashbuckler

Powder Monkey
Powder Monkey
Powder Monkey

Sea Dogs
- Mr. Walls
- Rifleman x2
Sea Dogs
- Rifleman x3

Zaadesh 2
- Agonizer
- Archidon
- Despoiler

Supreme Guardian

Abidan, the Keeper
Ancestral Guardian
Ancestral Guardian
Hakaar, the Destroyer
Swamp Gobber Chef

- CA
- CA
- CA

Skorne turn 1:

I cannot actually get into his threat ranges this turn, so everything runs ahead full. Inviolable Resolve goes onto the Supreme Guardian, and Battle Charged goes on Zaadesh.

Mercenaries turn 1:

He runes everything up at me, staying out of my rather predictable threat ranges. His deployment has kind of locked the Blockader into an awkward spot.

Rehara puts up Escort and Rough Seas.

Skorne turn 2:

The upkeeps both stay up. The Supreme Guardian drifts its AOE into the Pirates, killing one and lighting another on fire. I’ve verified that the Blockader cannot get into melee with it this turn. Zaadesh puts up a cloud wall anchored by the Supreme Guardian.

On the left, I run Immortals into the Sea Dogs, engaging all three Riflemen. The Immortals on the right give a few sacrificial dudes and hide behind the clouds. I run the Gobber chef to contest and stick the Ancestral Guardian on the flag so that he is forced to come up. With the Archidon behind him and native Defensive Strike I feel pretty good about that Swashbuckler charging in if it really wants to.

Mercenaries turn 2:

The left side of the table evaporates, as every single Immortal from the orange unit gets destroyed. A single Sea Dog contests my zone.

He gets three Sea Dog charges into my Supreme Guardian, one of which gets counter charged by Despoiler and mauled.

Freebooters have Jury Rigged, turns out, so it can get into my Supreme, but the Defensive Strike takes out one arm entirely, so it does minimal damage.

The Swashbuckler charges my Ancestral Guardian on the flag, and the Defensive Strike and Countercharge both fail to break anything, so the Ancestral Guardian dies.

Holt murders the contesting Gobber.

Something that is difficult to convey with the turn by turn is how ridiculously important Tactician was this turn - almost none of these things would have been possible without it.

The Blockader moves up and gets max shots into Despoiler, but does about 1/3 of his health and we reset so that it sprays the Supreme Guardian instead, doing minimal damage.

Pirates score a point.

Score: 0 - 1
Advantage Mercenaries

Skorne turn 3:

It’s Feat turn!

Zaadesh moves up, and I proxy out where I want Despoiler to be, Feat, and put down a cloud blocking Line of Sight to him.

I spend almost two entire Immortal activations clearing off the two Pirates and the Freebooter, and end up having to murder my own Immortals in order to clear a space for the Supreme Guardian. I also get Ayanna and ding up the Swashbuckler on the bottom.

The Supreme Guardian charges into the Blockader and at dice +4 and with Siege Weapon, and Divine Inspiration, puts it down in spectacular fashion.

The Archidon kills the Swashbuckler on the right and sprints back to contest my flag.

The Orange Immortal CA charges to contest the flag, and my Agonizer runs to control my zone. I pass the turn and scoring evens out.

Score: 1 - 1

Mercenaries turn 3:

Rehara goes nuts with her Feat up and kills 6? Immortals before sprinting back into the zone.

Pirates on the left struggle into my Immortals who are DEF 17 in the rubble against shooting, but they do contest nicely.

The Swashbuckler charges the Supreme Guardian and eats a POW 22 Defensive Strike and a POW 19 Defensive Strike. Needless to say, the poor little dude gets obliterated.

Almost all of the remaining Immortals on the right are destroyed, and Pirates score 2.

Score: 1 - 3
Advantage Pirates

Skorne turn 4:

I have a LOT of options here. Clearing the center zone is a trivial matter, and I can probably engineer a situation in which the Supreme Guardian threshers into the entire Sea Dog unit on the left. Vengeance clears off some guys, and then I realize that Holt is inside of charge range from the Archidon and if I crit, i just knock Rehara down and I can kill her easily.

I proceed to do so, and the Despoiler charges and finishes her off handily.

Victory for Skorne!

CID thoughts:

Red: Nothing


Talion theme force - this theme really has a problem with armor cracking. Opponent suggestion is that Hawke gives her buddies straight weaponmaster rather than against warrior models.

Blockader: the sprays on this thing are not strong enough for its weight class. When it can’t even come close to crippling a medium heavy from range, even with max shots, something needs to give. RAT 6, boost the pow up to 13 or 14, something to make it more interesting as a gun platform.

Yellow: Rehara - she feels almost there, I really like her entire kit. Giving Pirates some kind of extra oomph under her feat would be awesome as a way to fix this theme’s damage output and also to bump her to where she should be.

Green: Sea Dogs and Riflemen - these guys are awesome at their job and dirt cheap to boot, print them where they are!

Powder Monkeys - seem really important for this theme.

Thanks for reading!