Local Steamroller Batrep pt2: Makeda3 vs Locke (CG)

It’s on to round 3 of this local steamroller!

For this round I was paired up with Trevor Christensen of Chain Attack fame who came down to Utah for the day. He was running his beautiful Crucible Guard army with a Syvestro/Locke pair, with Syvestro running a Vulcan, two Railless Interceptors, Steelhead Halberdiers, and all that good stuff.

When I looked it over, my first thought was I didn’t want the Locke vs. Xerxis fight, and I would be ok with the Syvestro vs Xerxis fight. However I would love the Makeda vs Locke fight, and felt… ok about the Makeda vs Syvestro fight. This means Makeda is marginally the better choice, so that’s what I went with. Trevor opted to drop Locke, so overall I got the matchup I was after.

Aurum Lucanum Athanor Locke
-Toro x2
-Vindicator x2
-Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc
Crucible Guard Mechanik
Combat Alchemists x2

Deployment/Skorne Turn 1

I won the roll off, which is great for me, so here we go.

Everything deploys fairly evenly, with battlegroup in the center, Hakaar more to the left, and everything else fairly mirrored. Trevor put his ‘jacks in a line, his combat alchemists in a line… hard to say too much about the specifics. I missed deployment pictures this round, but not terribly important.

Nothing threatens as far as I can run (which isn’t that far) so I just… run as far as I can. Makeda casts Bulwark and charges one of his ‘jacks, everything else runs up to hang out with her… nothing exciting here really.


Crucible Guard Turn 1

I miss a picture of this turn (I’m always ready for it during my turns but I always forget at the end of my opponents as I’m all ready to get my turn going, I guess). Still, his turn isn’t much more exciting than mine; the ‘jacks all run up in a big line, the Combat Alchemists having moved up and made a cloud wall. Redline is cast on the Toro to my right and Road to War is up on Locke.

Skorne Turn 2

He has moved the cloud wall up a little far, and is in charge range of some Immortals. I move Hakaar up close enough to get Veteran Leader where I need it and charge, hitting five 7’s in a row and killing all but one Alchemist. Everything else just spreads out, and both Immortal unit gets Grave Mist to be a little harder to kill. The Novitititittitates move up into position to get the Immortals in their CMD ranges for Tough. Makeda moves a little, and my beasts move up with her, the Brute casting his animus to put a fury on him, but otherwise leaving my caster on 5 camp.


Crucible Guard Turn 2

He decides he wants to get his Redline’d Toro onto my Supreme Guardian, but there’s a lot of stuff in the way. This causes him to put a ton into the right side, and quite a few Immortals die to his guns but not quite enough to clear the lane without causing the Toro to take a couple free strikes as well as the defensive strike from an Ancestral Guardian and a Supreme Guardian, which… on top of damage from Redline, is a very scary thing. In the end he opts not to go in, but has put a lot into one side of the table, and he forgets to Feat. To be fair, though I don’t believe this was a great feat turn for him anyway as my beasts didn’t have much reason to go in. Also of note on this turn, his Toro charges Hakaar and rolls extremely poorly, rolling double 1’s on the attack roll and super low on the follow up damage rolls, leaving Hakaar on 1 hp. His Dragon’s Breath fires over near Makeda, killing my Gobber Chef and randomly putting a couple points of damage on Makeda herself. Yet again, I missed a picture this turn > . <

Skorne Turn 3

Time to kill some heavies. Makeda gets Harmonious Exaltation and casts Incite. Hakaar gets Stone’s Wrath, and between him and an Ancestral Guardian, the Toro that attacked him is killed. The Suppressor that walked into the forest gets heavily damaged and left on about 4 boxes. A swarm of Immortals charge one of his Vindicators, destroying it, forcing a Take Up on his Dragon’s Breath rocket, and doing a bit of damage to his Toro with Redline. My goal is to put as much damage on it as possible so that I can try and break a system when it comes in on the Supreme Guardian.

My battlegroup models move up a little to threaten the table better.


Crucible Guard Turn 3

Prospero casts Guided Fire to help out his broken Suppressor. The Suppressor kills a couple of the Immortals clumped up near his Dragons Breath, and lights a handful of others on fire. His ‘jacks on the right clear the space needed for his Redlined Toro to get to the Supreme Guardian after a Road to War move gets him out from behind the wall. The Toro charges the Supreme Guardian, who does very poorly on the Defensive Strike and ends up destroyed. The Dragon’s Breath shoots and kills a Novitititittttitiate. He has now cleared his right zone and scored the first point of the game. Locke is camping 0 due to a bunch of Jackhammers he had to cast, but also has the feat up.


Skorne Turn 4

Game is getting down to the wire, but I can clean up a lot of the table. The fire rolls I think kill one Immortal, most of them either rolling out, not breaking armor, or forcing a succeeded Tough check. My Brute moves out of my way to the right. Makeda gets Harmonious Exaltation from Marketh and charges his Toro, whose shield arm was broken by the damage from Redline, meaning she kills it very trivially, although he gets some tokens onto his other ‘jacks from his feat. His Dragons Breath and Prospero’s Suppressor die to Immortals, and the Ancestral Guardian on the right moves over and does some damage to his Vanguard. Molik Karn walks up, finishes off the Vanguard and Side Steps to his remaining Vindicator and into the zone, killing that as well. Hakaar runs to the right side flag, and Immortals also do a bit of damage to Prospero. I score on the right side flag and nowhere else, making the score 1-1.


Crucible Guard Turn 4

I am the worst and, again missed a picture here. Locke gets Engine of Destruction and murders Molik Karn. Alyce transforms and kills an Immortal. The Suppressor moves up and kills Hakaar and the Ancestral Guardian there. He clears his zone and again scores a point, making it 2-1 in Crucible Guard favor.

Skorne Turn 5

Our clocks are running quite low at this point. Marketh puts Harmonious Exaltation on Makeda again, who casts Incite. The Brute gets Enrage and does as much damage as it can to the Suppressor, which is a fair bit but it rolls kind of badly overall. A couple Immortals finish off Alyce and do a little more damage to Prospero but can’t kill him. My Novitititititttitiiate on the left runs up to start scoring my flag. Everything else just prepares to threaten and finish off everything it can, and I score, making it 2-2.

Crucible Guard Turn 5

Trevor doesn’t have a lot he can do here; killing the Brute as well as killing enough stuff to actually stop me from clearing his army is pretty hard. Prospero moves up and casts Instability Equation on the Suppressor, but before he can do much else, his clock hits zero and the game finishes.


Pretty wild game, with some mistakes on both sides. Failing to finish off his Suppressor in the forest basically came down to me not leaving the room I needed to move Molik Karn up like I should have, and one of my AGs was out of position for a couple turns and made it hard to finish off the things I needed. He also didn’t need to move his Alchemists up as far as he did, as he essentially just clouded to stop an army that couldn’t reach him anyway, but did let my reach the Alchemists. Overall was a very good and enjoyable game, though it ground down to the wire pretty good. Makeda’s Immortal army remains as effective as ever at just tearing through a lot more armor than it seems like it should, and is always a joy to play. On to round 4, the finals! See you in that batrep!