Local Steamroller Batrep pt3: Makeda3 vs. Lord Ghyrrshyld

We’re in the finals! My opponent is Retribution, a player I’ve played in the finals of an event before, back when I was playing Protectorate. We meet again at the end of the event, but with very different lists (and in my case, factions.)

Now… I quite like Xerxi2 into Retribution. The problem is… my opponent is playing Issyria, and Blinding Light is a massive problem for that list. Overall, I don’t want to see Issyria double Trident with my Makeda list either… but Makeda can make some crazy things happen and it seems I’m dropping her again. Much to my excitement, my opponent opted for Goreshade4 Legions of Dawn, with a single Trident and a pair of units of Sentinels.

Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven
Arcanist Mechanik x2
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios
Ghost Sniper x2
House Shyeel Artificer x2
Lys Healer
Dawnguard Sentinels w/Officer & Standard + Soulless Escort x2
Dawnguard Trident

I lose my first roll off of the day and he decides to go first.


He places his Trident to my far right, other than that it is largely a mirrored deployment with his battlegroup in the center and the Chimera a bit to the left. My deployment is similar but with the Supreme Guardian central and more of my combat solos on my right.


Round 1

Not going to go into a lot of detail here because there’s just not that much going on. Dauntless Resolve goes up on the Sentinels to my right, both units get Force Barrier from the Artificers, otherwise stuff mostly just runs up into position. Ghyrrshyld casts Freezing Mist to block LOS to a lot of stuff on the right. My stuff also runs, with Makeda putting up Bulwark. The Supreme Guardian moves up and shoots at his Trident trying to randomly deviate onto Eiryss, but I’d have to have been absurdly lucky for that to succeed and it did not.


Retribution Turn 2

He stays a bit cagey this turn, but needs to get some space. His Sentinels on the right move up and get set up behind a cloud wall from his caster, who also arcs a nuke into some Immortals, killing a couple. He also feats. The Trident kills an Ancestral Guardian, and the Ghost Snipers, and Eiryss shoot at Immortals, killing a few and triggering Vengeance on both units. Imperatus kills an Immortal and lights a few others on fire. Left side Sentinels run up into the zone. Both units have Iron Zeal up.


Skorne Turn 2

I feel good about cutting down a lot of the Sentinel unit on the left, and would prefer to just kill none of the right side Sentinels. The fires from Imperatus all either go out or fail to kill an Immortal, which was nice. The Immortals and Hakaar vengeance forward, and one Sentinel dies to a Vengeance attack, causing my Immortal to become stationary. The Supreme Guardian moves up a bit and shoots at Sentinel, killing it and lighting others on fire.

The Immortals on the left pop Spirit Walker to charge wherever they want to go, and roll… very, very poorly. All in all, only a couple Sentinels actually die to my horrendously bad rolls, but I do kill the Ghost Sniper on the right and leave the Chimera extremely beat up.

On the right side, I opt to do as much damage to the Trident as I can to soften it up for later, so I charge a group of Immortals into it, including one into his Ghost Sniper, which fails to hit even with a reroll. The Immortals do ~10 damage to the trident. Abidan just runs to engage 6 Sentinels, but I make no attacks on that unit. My battlegroup just moves around a bit to ready for next turn.


Retribution Turn 3

I did considerably less than I hoped to on the left, and I shall be punished for it. A couple sentinels die to fire on the left, and between Vengeance and their regular activation they clean up that side of the table reasonably well, leaving only the Immortal Vessel and Supreme Guardian alive on that side. I roll no tough checks on that side which was rough.

His right side cuts in hard and a number of Immortals die, although two in front of the Trident take about 6 attacks between them and tough repeatedly (it comes back around!). Abidan does beautifully and holds all six Sentinels in place, although he super dies. Abidan saved an absurd amount of things this turn just by standing there. Eiryss and the Ghost Sniper shoot a couple more Immortals down. He also scores the left zone, making the score 1-0.


Skorne Turn 3

I look pretty behind at this point but… this is the turn I was setting up for. Thankfully one of his Sentinels, which Makeda can’t see, is within 8” of her. The Immortal Vessel runs around to position for Makeda to spray into the left side Sentinels, then the Supreme Guardian charges and Threshers, killing 8 Sentinels instantly and returning two Immortals to play on the right side unit (I always forget Abidan!). Marketh gives Makeda Harmonious Exaltation. Makeda walks directly ahead into melee range of the Sentinel she can reach, and her remaining unit member walks up into range of one as well. Makeda feats. The Exalted Court model kills one Sentinel, but I opt not to Overtake and kill another as Makeda needs it to start her chain properly. Makeda gains one fury from the feat and uses it to cast Deathbringers to stop tough checks from being an issue, then proceeds to… do what Makeda3 does. She kills all 12 members of the Sentinel unit as well as the Soulless Escort, blood boons a Bladed Gale through the Immortal Vessel to kill the remaining two Sentinels on the left, kills Eiryss, the Lys Healer, the Arcanist, at the end of her chain ends behind the Trident and buys the attacks at dice +1 to finish it off, then Fatewalkers’ back closer to her army. The Immortal unit kills the Ghost Sniper and the rest run to the left to go start helping finish off that side of the table, and Molik and the Brute move up a bit aggressively, staying on very low fury to force rerolls if Imperatus goes that route. I score the right side zone, making it 1-1.


Retribution Turn 4

He was certainly not prepared to lose that much stuff at once. In order to clear room for Imperatus, he kills a paingiver with his Arcanist. His caster casts Hand of Ice on the Supreme Guardian, which gets Arcane Vortexed, but he casts it again and it sticks. He casts Ghost Walk on Imperatus, who also get Concentrated Power. Imperatus cruises in and kills the Supreme Guardian, using Side Step to stay well away from Molik Karn. He has his side cleared and scores again, although so do I, making it 2-2.


Skorne Turn 4

I can’t even reach much of anything so not a lot happens here. The Immortal Vessel aims and shoots a Mechanik but misses, so the Immortals kill both of them. Otherwise things just move up aggressively with models in the way to keep Imperatus off Molik. An Immortal and a Paingiver contest his zone, I score one making it 3-2.


Retribution Turn 5

Imperatus, the Arcanist, and the Chimera clean up the two models contesting and his caster drops a cloud so I can’t see Imperatus, then revives some Sentinels. I don’t take any more pictures from this point. He ends his turn and the score goes 4-3.

Skorne Turn 5

Makeda gets Harmonious Exaltation, then walks up and casts Incite and Deathbringers. The Brute walks to the right to keep scoring that side for me. Molik gets Enraged and charges the Chimera, which he can see. He one shots the damaged light, side steps into Imperatus, and with Grievous Wounds cleans him up fairly easily. The Immortals clean up the Sentinels, destroy the objective, and kill the Arcanist, leaving only his caster and a soulless escort alive. When I end my turn the score goes to 7-3, and we call the game at that point.


Pretty fun tournament overall! Got to play both lists twice. This was the toughest game I’ve played against Shade4 with this list (I’ve played the matchup about five times now), as most people clump up the army to make the most of the feat and end up getting shredded by Makeda. Instead I was forced to hold off her explosive turn until later, but… as a game drags on, it’s very hard to avoid. I need to remember Abidan, and if I had kept souls on the Guardian instead of bringing back a couple Immortals, I could have kept the armor debuff off of him and possibly kept him alive. All in all though, solid game.

Thanks for reading through all these, everybody! Been having a great time with Skorne, and hope to get a few more events under my belt before Infernals drop in a few months.