Xerxis 2 (IWH) vs. Doomshaper 1 (BoH) - Warmachine and Hordes Skorne/Trollblood Battle Report

One of the things that JP and I have been trying to figure out for the last little while is this: What do Trollbloods do into Siege Animantarax’s?

This has led to some interesting and fruitful debates about possible options, most of which we have discarded before testing out.

Power of Dhunia, the obvious ish answer, is a non-starter in this particular Scenario Packet, and so it is either Band of Heroes or Storm of the North.

This latest incarnation was something JP thought would be viable based purely off of Stranglehold and Doomshaper’s Feat making it awkward for Xerxis to cast any spells and the Hydra/Gladiator to force.

I won the roll off, and off we went.

Doomshaper 1
- Runebearer
- Brawler
- Mulg

Fell Caller Hero

Krielstone (max)
- Stone Scribe Elder
- CA
- Sorcerer
Long Riders

Xerxis 2
- Agonizer
- Agonizer
- Archidon
- Basilisk Krea
- Desert Hydra
- Titan Gladiator

Siege Animantarax
Siege Animantarax


Paingiver Beast Handlers

Skorne turn 1:

Everything runs like mad. Xerxis puts Rapport on the Hydra, who stays just a smidge out of the 13 inch threat range the Fennblade unit presents. The Animantaraxes run up and sit next to each other. I felt like it was better to offer him two Stranglehold targets with higher ARM that can reposition rather than giving him the option for one Animantarax and the Hydra.

The Archidon ran up to be Hero Support for his many-headed friend and Paingivers whipped some Fury off.

Trollbloods turn 1:

JP started things off by trampling Mulg up and using his Animus to make him into an arc node for the turn. Doomshaper got Harmonious and then moved up half an inch. His first channeled Stranglehold forced the left turtle to make some choices next turn, and his second one failed to break ARM on the right one.

Long Riders ran to engage both Turtles to keep them from moving out of Mulg’s/Champions’ charge ranges.

On the left, Fennblades jam like crazy with the Brawler waiting in the wings to counterpunch.

Skorne turn 2:

It is my gut instinct to feat this turn, but I am a little wary of doing that without also killing Mulg in the process, and that isn’t going to happen.

I decide not to, and instead start off with the Archidon. He flies over his friend and into melee with the two Trolls engaging him. Both die, and the Archidon sprints to engage the Brawler.

The central Animantarax goes next and absolutely flubs all of his rolls. In fact both Turtles do extremely poorly this turn, rolling a total of six 4s to hit on melee attacks and only rolling two shots each.

Despite this, three Long Riders do die (eventually), and then I pull my ace of using the Krea to Paralyze Mulg so that he cannot charge into the Turtles next turn.

The Hydra is now able to aim, and it is sure a good thing he does because despite only needing 4s or 6s, he misses a lot as well, leaving two of the Fennblades in his spray range alive and uncorroded.

Xerxis tries to be cute and throw a Stranglehold at the Fennblade behind cover, but misses his 11 and then walks to the right to get the Agonizer back in control.

I also move up my Titan Gladiator to be the second wave if the incoming Champion charges can kill my Animantarax, even though I think that is unlikely at dice off 9 or 10.

Both Agonizers scream -2 Strength and I pass the turn.

Trollbloods turn 2:

Mulg moves out of the way and becomes and arc node again.

Doomshaper feats and Stangleholds the right hand Animantarax this time. The Long Riders do their charges, doing a few to the objective and a couple to the Animantarax at dice off 6 and dice off 8 respectively.

The Champs come in and roll reasonably well all things considered, leaving the Animantarax on 8 health. One of the Champs charges my Krea and deals reasonable damage there as well, taking out Spirit.

Fenns charge the Hydra and Archidon, but fail to kill the Archidon, so the Brawler has to finish him off.

No points are scored.

Skorne turn 3:

The first thing that happens is Xerxis feats and charges the central Fennblade engaging the Hydra, murdering it and then casting Ignite on the Hydra. Doomshaper’s feat does 5 damage back to him for his trouble, and then Xerxis Sprints back.

The right side turtle starts off, sacrificing movement so that he can make attacks. His initial tail attack kills off the Long Rider engaging him, and he spins up four shots. The first three kill the non-engaged Champion next to the Krea through a couple of tough rolls. I check and see that I’m out of range from the Krea so there’s no harm in shooting the guy engaging him. Needing a SnP 10, I hit and force tough which knocks him down.

The Agonizer on the right gets out of the way and cries -2 Strength again.

The Paingivers move up and heal quite a few boxes off the Animantarax and repair the Spirit on the Krea. The Krea goes next and Paralyzes Mulg once more. The second Animantarax kills all of the remaining engaging models and shoots down some Krielstone members. The Feralgeist runs to the spot Mulg would have to land in in order to walk and hit the damaged Animantarax.

On the left, the Hydra opts to just walk out of Doomshapers feat and finish killing Fennblades rather than trying to deal with the Brawler while taking a d6 for every Fury. He kills every member with a weapon and then sprays down the objective.

The Gladiator sits next to the Siege Animantarax to prepare for Mulg coming in, and at this point JP concedes as I will be up 3 - 0 and he has zero chances of ever getting the jump on my Hydra ever again on the left, while Mulg will kill one Turtle and then be killed by the other Animantarax and Titan remaining.

Victory for Skorne!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This doesn’t feel like a great Animantarax answer after this game, although I think it would be interesting to try it again with Trolls going first. I am not incredibly hopeful that this would work since the threat ranges of the Hydra sprays and Animantarax guns are so extreme, and I do not think that the mostly melee force can handle the amount of ranged fire power the list brings to bear.

We’re going to try Madrak 2 troop spam next and see how that does. If Power of Dhunia wasn’t so abysmally poor on scenario, I also think that would be a viable answer, especially under Kolgrima.

Thanks for reading!