Zaadesh 2 (Exalted) vs. Rasheth (Winds of Death) - Warmachine and Hordes Skorne Battle Report

I’ve been leaping at the chance to play pretty much every night for the last little while, so coming into a bit of a dry spell was really annoying. Fortunately, I was able to play against Brian last week (it’s been a busy week guys) and he was trying out a version of Rasheth in Winds of Death that I think is extremely interesting paired with Kaiju. Naturally, neither of us wanted the Kaiju off, so we both picked our “off” list and I promptly lost the roll off.

- Aradus Sentinel
- Agonizer
- Basilisk Krea
- Aptimus Marketh

Supreme Guardian
Siege Animantarax
Siege Animantarax

Venator Dakaar
Extoller Soulward
Extoller Soulward

Slingers (min)
Beast Handlers (min)
Farrow Valkyries

Zaadesh 2
- Agonizer
- Archidon
- Despoiler

Supreme Guardian

Abidan, the Keeper
Ancestral Guardian
Ancestral Guardian
Hakaar, the Destroyer
Swamp Gobber Chef

- CA
- CA
- CA

Skorne…..Rasheth….Turn 1:

Everything runs at me. The majority of things are content to stay just out of shoot range of the Supreme Guardian. Rasheth puts up Carnivore on the Supreme Guardian he brought, and one of the turtles begins a long tradition of Bryan lighting his own things on fire because I gave him a fire hill.

Skor…er…Zaadesh turn 1:

I can barely move my Supreme Guardian at all without getting charged by one or both Animantaraxes, which sounds like a bad thing. I kill a couple of Immortals with my own Ancestral Guardian to fuel up both of the right hand CA’s with souls, and they pop Grave Mist and Incorporeal to get through the water.

On the left, that unit just uses Grave Mist and runs.

I fly the Archidon over to the left so that it’s getting cover from the wall and in range to threaten the flag next turn. I figure that a turtle killing it alone is pretty unlikely, and as Bryan noted wryly if he feats for an Archidon he probably loses.

Zaadesh puts up Battle Charged on himself and Inviolable Resolve on the Supreme Guardian. I really need to get better at unpacking this battlegroup and the Supreme Guardian because if I go second I always end up in really awkward positions that make the next turn really hard to work with.

Rasheth turn 2:

Bryan tries for the boosted 14 needed to hit the Paralyze Krea gun on my Archidon and connects, so one Turtle is able to murder it and reposition around so that I have approximately 8 charges into it with Immortals. His Agonizer screams -2 Strength in a position that he will catch the central ones (AKA the ones Zaadesh can easily feat on).

His other turtle moves up, kills a few Immortals, and cannot reposition out of range of the Supreme Guardian. I thought at the time that Bryan was trying a very clever bait here since the Immortals on the left have an approximately 20% chance to kill the Turtle there, which means that if he can force me to trade my Supreme for his Animantarax under my feat, he can respond by murdering my supreme and almost all of my immortals and still have two battle engines left under Rasheth’s feat. (Turned out he had clicked the minus button on the Supreme Guardian on accident and wasn’t accurately measuring it’s threat range).

Slingers kill off several more Immortals from the unit his Turtle had gone into, and that’s the turn.

Zaadesh turn 2:

I start things off by moving Zaadesh up and Feating. Remember how I talked about the awkward unpacking? This is where it really gets you. Zaadesh wants to be standing in the left side of the table to catch all of that Immortal unit with his feat, but because of the Supreme Guardian in the way I cannot. I also don’t really want to send in the Supreme without feating first, since there’s a small chance the Animantarax survives and then the game is well and truly over.

Fortunately, my dice turn into hot embers of insanity on the Immortal charges, and the first 5 kill the Animantarax before the other 3 even get to swing.

The Supreme Guardian makes short work of the Animantarax, and I send a bunch of things into the bottom zone, doing very poor damage to the Sentinel there.

I don’t really know why I bothered running the Agonizer turn one, since now he cannot get into my zone to score it, and the Breath of Corruption AOE from the turn prior is making my Gobber Chef be about 1/2 an inch out from the flag (sighhh) so even though I’ve taken a commanding attrition lead, I cannot score to capitalize on it.

Rasheth turn 3:

I had forgotten the shear amount of things that Rasheth’s list can kill. The Supreme Guardian murders my Supreme Guardian through a super mediocre defensive strike.

Rasheth’s Feat plus a few Breath of Corruptions and the Aradus spray brings my Immortal count down to 4 of my original 30.

The only saving grace here is that the bottom zone remains contested as he runs out of attacks to get the far side Immortal, but even with that Bryan scores 2 points.

Score: 0 - 2
Advantage Rasheth

Zaadesh turn 3:

My Agonizer frenzies, so I cannot possibly score the left zone. Desperation time! Hakaar charges into the Supreme Guardian first, who elects not to Defensive Strike, and combo strikes for a very spiked damage roll. The Despoiler runs up to engage the battle engine and contest the zone.

Zaadesh charges in, tanks the Defensive Strike by sending it to the Agonizer, and murders the Battle Engine before camping a bunch and sitting there.

I get my Gobber on the flag so I’m scoring one there, and I am able to contest his flag with charging Immortals.

Score: 1 - 2
Advantage Rasheth

Rasheth turn 4:

Bryan decides to go for a not great assassination run since he is more or less out of options. With the advantage of hindsight, we both see an interesting scenario play he can make instead though.

It relies on a couple of specific things working out, but essentially it looks like Marketh killing the Immortals, the Krea charging into the left zone and killing the Ancestral Guardian (this relies on the Defensive Strike not crippling something). The Dakaar scores the bottom flag. Rasheth arcs a Breath of Corruption or a Sunder Spirit into the Immortal CA in the top zone and Blood Mark into Hakaar.

Paingivers move up to the Agonizer, give him a free charge and fix his busted aspect, and then the Farrow Valkyries charge in and kill Hakaar (very likely thanks to Blood Mark.

The Agonizer charges Despoiler for free and uses his animus to push him back two inches.

The Sentinel turns around and murders both Immortals, and then an Extoller runs to contest my flag. Bryan scores 4 and wins the game.

Now, it was close to midnight my time (2 AM for him) and neither of us saw this play at the time, so what happens instead is Zaadesh gets Blood Marked and then through a combination of countercharging Despoiler and Immortals not dying, he is only able to bring 4 attacks to bear on the nearly full camp Warlock, so the assassination run fails.

Zaadesh turn 4:

Zaadesh uses Flashing Blade to force the piggies to all get knocked down, Despoiler charges the zero camp Rasheth and kills him in three attacks.

Victory for Skorne!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Turns out Rasheth is still insanely good. I was sweating for the entirety of that game, and then afterwards when we both realized how good the scenario play was I was flabbergasted that it was that close to ending in Bryan’s favor despite my sizeable attrition lead.

Breath of Corruption is an insanely powerful spell against infantry, and the Battle Engines are all insanely powerful against everything else. I am definitely looking forward to trying this list at some point in the near future myself and I’m excited to see what Bryan (and the other guys on Disciples of Agony) do with it.