Rasheth (Winds) vs. Zaateroth (Dark Legacy) - Warmachine and Hordes Skorne Battle Report

For this game, we opted to try out the new anti-gun options Infernals have access to against one of the better gunlines out there. We’ve played two other games with the Infernals (not posted since the updates have rendered them useless), and we were excited to see how the faction had changed with the changes to summoning.

Skorne wins the roll off and opts to go first.


Zaateroth, The Weaver of Shadows [+28]
- Desolator [14]
- Foreboder [4]
- Lamenter [7]
- Lamenter [7]
- Lord Roget d'Vyaros [4]

Great Princess Regna Gravnoy [0(5)]
Mordecai, Master of Arms [5]
Umbral Guardian [0(6)]
Umbral Guardian [0(6)]
Valin Hauke, The Fallen Knight [7]

Cultist Band (min) [6]
- Dark Sentinel (2) [4]
Cultist Band (max) [9]
- Lord Adept Quintus Faustus [4]
Howlers (max) [16] Howlers (max) [16]

- Marketh
- Mammoth

Siege Animantarax
Siege Animantarax
Supreme Guardian

Gobber Chef

Beast Handlers (min)
Slingers (min)
Flayer Cannon

Skorne turn 1:

Pretty much everything runs. About halfway through my turn, after Rasheth has already activated and run, I realize that Distraction is range 10 and not 8, so my Turtles are both in range of a running arc node. With that in mind, things start killing my own models to fuel up the Supreme Guardian (already activated as well) who can Arcane Vortex the left one at least.

The Dakar blows the head off the Flayer grunt, and Marketh uses Breath of Corruption to kill off a Beast Handler so that the Supreme Guardian has two souls.

My arc node Slingers set up to run and arc next turn.

Mistakes/Alternatives: Keep left hand Turtle about 2 inches farther back or alternatively cast Castigate with Rasheth and do not run.

Infernals turn 1:

Similar running happens on this side. Long Shadows is super relevant here, since it makes my ranged threat against his Howler’s 9 inches plus a 3 inch reposition, which leaves the Turtles potentially in range of retaliation.

The Foreboder runs up through things thanks to Tactician and Zaataroth gets Harmonious and puts Distraction into the right hand Animantarax.

She also summons a Soul Stalker. Regna makes a Shrieker.

Cultists move up and fuel the Stalker and Shrieker to full and then kill three of their own off to fully load up Faustus, who then hands off the three souls to Zaataroth. The comment here is that he is never going to need all of these cultists, and if he has 10 Essence to play with next turn he has some rather absurd options.

Skorne turn 2:

Without the right hand Animantarax, I do not have a clear plan going forward at first. Then I realize that I can really test out the efficacy of killing off Cultists this turn by arcing two Breath of Corruptions into the backlines through the Soul Stalker, since it has stealth.

The left hand Animantarax aims and kills the white Howler next to the objective and damages the far left Howler from the same unit before repositioning backwards.

The Slingers run up through the forest and backwards respectively, and then the Supreme Guardian revives the two dead guys from last turn and moves up to collect souls.

Rasheth gets Harmonious, moves up, and puts two Breath of Corruptions deep into the lines, killing off the remaining three Cultists and Faustus in that unit, and two Cultists and Mordecai (phew) from the other one. The Supreme Guardian takes their souls.

The Mammoth moves up and rolls up shots. In hindsight, I think declaring the throw cannon and baiting out an Umbral Guardian would have been better this turn. He rolls very poorly, killing nothing but triggering vengeance, and puts up Counterblast.

The other Animantarax backs up to be inside of the Arcane Vortex range and out of charge range of everything but a Desolater assault and three charging Howlers once they vengeance up.

At the close of this turn, my opponent and I felt like the game should be massively lopsided in my favor at this point. He has 4 Cultists left and his odds of killing my Animantarax with a POW 12 spray and 4 boosted POW 17s (assuming no counterblast randomly killing a Howler) is hovering right around 40%, and that is the only model he can meaningfully get to.

Mistakes/Alternatives: Use the big gun on the Mammoth to bait out the Umbral Guardian, making Vengeance not trigger and keeping the Animantarax completely safe.

Infernals turn 2:

Zaataroth heals from the objective for a couple and she eats a Cultist, going to 10 essence. Regna cuts for 3:

Vengeance on both units happens, and then the Desolater assaults into the Animantarax to lower ARM by two and chip in a couple of damage.

Roget uses Harmonious. Zaataroth feats, casts Scything Touch on a Howler, Admonition on herself, and then summons a Tormentor.

The Tormentor gets fueled up, and the Soul Stalker gets topped up.

Howlers charge in and absolutely crank the dice and leave the Animantarax on 5 boxes. The Shrieker moves up and boosts a shot into the Battle Engine to finish it off, killing the Soulward as well.

On the left, one Howler charges my Animantarax, rolling the second triple sixes of the turn for damage.

Both Lamentors move up and spread the -2 to hit aura around.

Hauke takes the flag, and Infernals score a point.

Score: 0 - 1
Advantage Infernals

Skorne turn 3:

That was a pretty devastating counter attack, but I see a way to get the Supreme Guardian into basically everything under the sun.

Rasheth moves up and feats, arcing a Breath of Corruption into the Howlers clumped together. He fails to kill any of them, so has to do it again. The central one dies.

The Supreme Guardian, now full on Souls, moves up and threshers. Dice go way off the rails here, and even though we rewind a couple of attack rolls, he still manages to miss the Desolator and Lamentor and let them teleport out of melee.

Marketh moves up and kills the Howler in the way of the Mammoth, and then gets shot in the back by the Dakar so that the Mammoth can charge the Desolator because I feel like if the Desolator lives next turn I will still lose all of my models under Rasheth’s feat.

The Desolator dies to a couple of boost hits and the Mammoth puts up Counterblast.

The Animantarax charges and kills the Lamentor, puts some shots into a Howler and then promptly stops shooting when the Umbral Guardian spawns.

Skorne scores 1 - 0 this turn.

Score: 1 - 1

Infernals turn 3:

Zaataroth cuts for some Essence and allocates nothing. She drops Admonition.

The remaining three Cultists fuel the heavies to max and then the Tormentor charges the Supreme Guardian. Despite being hit by a dice + 2 Defensive Strike and a Dice -1 Counterblast, the crippled outer ring is irrelevant. Most heavies hit by these attacks would have some form of crippled system.

The Tormentor nearly kills the Supreme Guardian alone, even without spending a last essence so that it could Tithe, and a boosted shot from the Shrieker and a charge from Hauke finish off the Battle Engine.

Zaataroth casts Distraction on the Mammoth and moves Scything Touch to the Soul Stalker who charges in and leaves the Animantarax on a handful even conserving an essence to Tithe with. The Howlers charge in and finish off the Battle Engine.

No one scores, and I do not have a picture for this turn but very little moves on Skorne’s next turn.

Score: 1 - 1

Skorne turn 4:

Rasheth moves Carnivore onto the Mammoth after we determine I cannot get an arc node to range on Zaateroth without being engaged.

The Gobber Chef walks around the Umbral Guardian and kills it with Backstab.

The Flayer Cannon moves up and rolls 3 shots, needing 10s to hit on Zaateroth. Both Umbrals are out at this point so the single shot that connects and rolls well forces a transfer, as Zaateroth has taken chip damage from things.

The Mammoth charges into her, needing nines to hit. She is on 6 boxes and camping 1, and the Mammoth with Enrage and prodding gets three shots at a boosted nine with his tusks at dice +4. He misses the boosted charge, kills the objective and cripples the inner ring of the Tormentor. He hits the second boosted nine, forcing a transfer, and then misses the third one. If he had not had Distraction on him, he would have hit all three attacks.

Score: 1 - 1

Infernals turn 4:

Zaateroth pops Roget for some Essence and allocates a couple to each beast. The remaining three cultists continue to ensure that all of the heavies are maximully fueled.

The Soul Stalker with Scything Touch comes in and does some good work. The Tormentor turns around and leaves the Mammoth on 4 boxes, and then the lone Howler on the side charges in and kills off the Gargantuan.

Zaataroth runs away from my arc nodes, and the Howlers in the zone clear it.

For fun, Hauke charges my Dakar and engages my Slinger so I have no ways to get to Zaataroth. His Tormentor disappears thanks to tithe, but I concede at this point regardless as I will quickly lose on scenario as he continues to summon Horrors every turn from now on and fuel them up with the remaining Cultists.

CID Thoughts:


  • Cultists as Essence providers are far, far too efficient. Even killing 2/3 of the ones he brought on top of two, he had no problem fueling multiple heavies for several turns through a combination of cutting and healing from the objective and/or just having souls.

    In my opinion, these guys are what is breaking this faction the absolute most. I would like to see a variation where they have to be sacrificed to fuel Horrors or another way in which they must die so that they aren’t a seemingly limitless resource.


  • The damage output of models is too high with the available buffs/multitude of attacks available. Tormentors make 6 attacks (7 if chain attack matters) and every infernal master has access to a -4 swing minimum. Losing not one but two battle engines to a pair of heavies, a boosted gun, and 4 charges under Rasheth’s feat is concerning.

  • Tactician is making placement a non-issue for infernal players. Some skill should be required to correctly place Horrors to be fueled, screens to protect valuable pieces, and to layer pieces such that others can move to the front when needed. As it stands, none of this is true. I would like to see this rule removed from the faction, or limited in some way.


  • Mordecai still has too many rules. If I had not been able to snipe him out, the Mammoth or a Battle Engine would have spent the entire game being kited by a single heavy.

  • Damage webs don’t seem to matter at all. These guys are virtually immune to free/defensive/retaliatory strikes and since they’re free anyway, who cares if they can’t charge the next turn after they’ve already traded in. I would like to see a real negative to losing the outer damage web. Perhaps run/charge/power attack for free becomes base, losing the outer web loses you an attack dice and the second one loses you a damage dice.


  • Umbral Guardians do their job very well, definitely make gunlines think hard about when to commit.

  • Howler’s seem to be doing their job well. I am a tad concerned about the range of Brother’s Keeper when paired with them, but not overly.

  • Roget feels fine now.

  • Regna summoned a horror and then ran away every turn which feels more like a typical journeyman rather than an endless source of boostable POW 13 admonisher guns.