Makeda 3 (New DoA) vs. Stryker 1 (Flames in the Darkness)

I had an opportunity to take a trial version of a Makeda 3 list out for a spin this last week against my good friend JP on vassal. I’m pairing this (currently) with the Zaal 2 Immortals list that Chandler and I have been very happy with and JP had Stryker 1 in Flames in the Darkness and Siege 1 in Heavy Metal.

I felt fine with both of my lists into both of his lists, but I decided to drop Makeda and see if Battle Boars are as dumb with her as I think they are. I’m playing this list with 14 point War Hogs for those of you curious how the points worked out, since they’ve been spoiled as 14 points in the Farrow Insider.

Stryker 1
- Toro
- Toro
- Charger
- Charger

Morrowan Archon
Morrowan Archon
Gabriel Throne

Precursor Knights
- CA
Precursor Knights
- CA
Alexia 1 and the Risen

Makeda 3
- Court
- Molik Karn
- War Hog
- War Hog
- Swamp Horror
- Battle Boar
- Battle Boar

Zaadesh 1 (free)
- Gladiator
- Krea (free)
Swamp Gobber Chef
Swamp Gobber Chef
Bloodrunner Master Tormentor (free)

Paingivers Max

I won the roll off and opted to go first!

Skorne turn1:

Pretty normal turn 1 here, Rush goes on both War Hogs and Karn and Makeda casts Bulwark and drops some fury so her unit can press forward.

Cygnar turn 1:

Arcane Shield winds up on a Toro and Snipe goes on the left hand Charger, which shoots my War Hog once unboosted and misses and then shoots again and that shot gets Shield Guarded.

He sets up a nasty little line of Precursor Knights on the left running up since the Master Tormentor has Anatomical Precision and Shield Wall would be a real bad play there.

The unit on the other side does go into Shield Wall, and Alexia’s unit hangs out behind.

Skorne turn 2:

I look at his Precursor Knights 11 inch threat range and go “I should just back up this turn and see what he does” and then promptly do the exact opposite by slinging my Master Tormentor into 5 Precursor Knights, but only kill two because of Awe. Good job me.

Everything shuffles around a little bit, the right side staying out of threat ranges and under Force Aura and the Chef running to my flag.

I move the left up a bit since frankly I can not get out of threat range and stay in the zone anymore with his Precursor Knights getting vengeance, and this way he has to use Throne to give that unit pathfinder rather than giving a different unit tough.

Cygnar turn 2:

Because I made poor decisions last turn, I get pretty massively punished here as Vengeance and a mini feat make quick work of my War Hog on the left. Don’t trigger vengeance for two dudes people, it’s a bad idea.

On the right, everything turtles up in Shield Wall with the Morrowan Archons (blank bases with 12s on them) making everything hard to hit.

JP and I debate about 6 places for Stryker to position so that under his feat I can’t get at him with Makeda fairly easily, so he ends up in a place that I still think I can get to but that involves eating a countercharge or freestrike from a Toro, and Stryker FEATS.

The Sniped Charger kills the Gobber Chef on my flag, and JP scores one with a Thrall Warrior.

Score; 0 - 1
Advantage Cygnar

Skorne turn 3:

Like the complete ninnymuggin that I occasionally am, the second I see a sweet Battle Boar play I decide I will definitely be doing that even if it means that Makeda cannot get into Stryker (which probably was a good thing honestly, oddsmachine tells me this was an 8% assassination run).

Instead, Makeda upkeeps Bulwark, moves up, casts Primal on the Battle Boar and Feats. Molik Karn walks over base to base with Makeda, and the War Hog backs up in what was probably a poor position.

Beast Handlers Enrage the Battle Boar on the right and the Swamp Horror. Swampy rolls real bad, boosting hits and missing because Awe and Incite cancel out.

The Battle Boar, with a free charge, goes in after using his Aggression Dial for Berserk and Overtake and just kills SO many things. 7 Precursor Knights including the CA, Ragman, two Thrall Warriors, 9 Risen and Alexia and half of Throne’s health. If the Toro had not been there threatening countercharge the entire time, he would have killed the other five Precursors no problem.

Zaadesh goes to the flag and casts a spell (MISTAKE) and I score 2 - 0 because the Battle Boar actually cleared the entire right zone.

Score: 2 - 1
Advantage Skorne

Cygnar turn 3:

It takes Stryker and a Toro to kill off the Battle Boar, and Throne moves up to the flag and Stirs the Blood on the Vengeanced unit of Precursors.

Three Precursor Knights charge Molik Karn and JP cranks damage on him, leaving him on about 8 boxes after the three charges.

Even forcing the Toro to reroll the boosted attacks it’s making over the building, Karn goes down as the second boosted attack hits through the reroll, and suddenly I am feeling like I am in super bad shape.

The Precursors on the left leave Zaadesh on 2 with no transfers and then the charging Morrow Archon….misses. JP scores a point.

Score: 2 - 2

Skorne turn 4:

Unfortunately, the War Hog frenzies which at this point is REAL BAD.

It takes all of the Gladiators fury to kill off the Morrow Archon, and then the Swamp Horror misses the Charger a whole bunch of times which leaves it alive. The Battle Boar takes care of the rest of the Precursor Knights and takes a couple from the Aggression Dial.

Makeda’s unit handles the Precursors on the right after the Gobber Chef runs to engage the Toro so no countercharge. He also contests the flag, and I get two more points to none this turn.

Score: 4 - 2
Advantage Skorne

Cygnar turn 4:

Throne kills the Gobber Chef, and then his Toro misses the last possible attack into the War Hog on the right and leaves it on four boxes.

The Toro on the left goes into my Swamp Horror, but it stays alive due to Impervious Flesh and a few rolled 1s and 2s. We both score a point here.

Score: 5 - 3
Advantage Skorne

Skorne turn 5:

The first thing that happens this turn is the Beast Handlers move up and heal the War Hog and Enrage both him and the Swamp Horror. In hindsight, this was a huge mistake. I didn’t see it at the time, but I actually have a pretty reliably scenario win on the table here.

It goes like this - Battle Boar casts Primal on the Swamp Horror. Swamp Horror finishes off the nearly dead Charger and beats up on the Toro. The Gladiator goes in and finishes off the Toro.

Beast Handlers run to contest his flag, Makeda charges Throne to get him out of the zone, puts Primal on the War Hog, and heals it for one or two.

The War Hog activates, Aggression Dials up to PS 22/22/21 and murders the Toro, and I score 3 points to win the game.

Instead, Makeda moves left and casts Incite and camps two. The War Hog kills the Toro on it’s own, and the Swamp Horror kills both the warjacks on it’s own.

I score two to one.

Score: 7 - 4
Advantage Skorne

Cygnar turn 5:

JP goes for the hail mary assassination run. Stryker lands the Earthquake and his pistol does one to Makeda. At that point, I’m actually feeling pretty good about surviving this turn since I have two transfers into my 15 health Swamp Horror, and he only has Throne’s charge, the Spear from the Morrow Archon, and the two shots from the Charger left. Oddsmachine puts this assassination run at about 1%.

Of course, that all goes out the window when Throne charges and rolls 6,6,6,5 on the damage roll, one shotting my Swamp Horror with the transfer and splashing back 2 damage into Makeda, at which point I am pretty happy to concede.

Victory for Cygnar!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Definitely reinforced some core mechanics that I should have always been cognizant of, especially looking for that Scenario win and not triggering vengeance. If he comes in at me with the Precursor Knights, I send my MAT 10 PS 17 Battle Boar in, and even under feat and Awe, his Precursor Knights are DEF 15 ARM 23 so I need 5s to hit and kill on sevens, and every time I boost I can remove the fury if I kill a model. At that point, I’ve effectively traded my two Battle Boars for his entire army minus the heavies, and that seems a great place to be.

Also - don’t put your Journeymen casters on flags in charge range of things - that’s a bad idea.

I really liked JPs list, I think it’s a completely different style from other Cygnar lists that we see out there, and between Sacred Ward, Awe, and Shield Wall, those PKs are hard to kill efficiently for most lists. Backed up by Toros and Strykers feat, this might be one of my favorite things coming out of Oblivion.

Thanks for reading!