Iron Gauntlet Round 2 - Makeda 3 (IWH) vs. Cyrenia (Exemplar) Warmachine and Hordes Battle Report

For round two of the Iron Gauntlet, I found myself paired with Robin from Brisbane, AU (I hope I got that right).

He had Cyrenia and Severius 2, and I had brought Makeda just for the Protectorate matchup soooo I knew what I was dropping.

He played Cyrenia and promptly won the roll to go first.

Makeda 3
- Court
- Hydra
- Karn
- Krea
- Agonizer
- Marketh


- Gladiator
- Reptile Hound
Gobber Chef

Beast Handlers (min)

- Judicator

Shrine of the Lawgiver

Severius 0
- Dervish
Exemplar Warder

- CA
- CA
Choir (min)

Side note: Check out how flipping cool his models look!

Round 1:

Inviolable Resolve goes on the Judicator and Cyrenia casts Dash and moves up.

Cinerators Shield Wall up the table, and Sev 0 puts up Road to War.

I think for a minute and decide I need to push the right side of the table since he can’t double wall me off there. I run the hydra that way, put Sandstorm and Bulwark up, and set Karn in a threatening place so that if the Judicator comes to spray my Hydra he’ll have to be in threat range.

Protectorate turn 2:

Robin proxies out his Judicator placement and then we call Travis over and make sure that his Rock Wall is in such a place that the Hydra can’t charge the Judicator and Karn can’t charge to the left.

He half kills the Hydra with ranged attacks (Judicators hurt turns out) and plants his wall down, casts Dash, and Feats with Cyrenia.

Skorne turn 2:

I spend a LOT of time trying to figure out how to get Karn into the Judicator before I realize that I can just Rush the Hydra, walk it seven, and be within 5 of Cyrenia.

This is real important since I’m almost guaranteed to kill something spraying her and if she feat moves back she still needs to be in spray range.

I run the math on oddsmachine and it tells me I’m right around 80% for this assassination run with Incite up, and after a full on 2 hour round one and playing into a matchup I don’t feel comfortable with, I decide to pull the trigger.

Makeda moves up, Feats, and casts Fate Walker so she can walk up to catch Cyrenia even if she moves back.

The Hydra gets Rush and walks up, killing the Protectorate caster in three sprays.

Victory for Skorne!

Post-Game Thoughts:

Okay so looking at this in hindsight, I definitely had some outs here. Robin and I rolled out a way in which I kill all but three Cinerators and Karn gets into the Judicator, but leaves it on 4 (curses Inviolable Resolve). At that point I’m not totally certain if I instantly lose like I thought, as I could position the Animantarax to charge in next turn, and if he’s only get Cinerators and a Dervish against my Animantarax, Makeda, and Gladiator maybe I’m okay?

Either way, I’m glad that worked out as I was able to go and get some food. Robin was a lovely opponent and I was glad to chat about the differences between the AU and US school systems as we’re both teachers!

On to round three.