Iron Gauntlet Round 3 - Zaal 2 (Exalted) vs. Kallus 1 (Primal Terrors) Warmachine and Hordes Battle Report

For the third round of the Iron Gauntlet, I found myself paired against the illustrious Jake Van Meter!

He had the Kallus 1 Blightbringer list paired with Thagrosh 1 and three character heavies in Children of the Dragon.

I knew he was dropping Kallus, and that meant I was going to play Zaal.

Kallus 1
- Blightbringer
- Harrier
- Ammok

Gudrun, the Wanderer
Spell Martyr

Chosen of Everblight
Chosen of Everblight

Zaal 2
- Mammoth

Supreme Guardian
Supreme Guardian

Ancestral Guardian

- CA
- CA

Critically, I won the roll to go first and happily took it.

Skorne turn 1:

Everything runs, including Zaal. I want to start dictating Kallus’ position really early with the threat of spell assassination.

Legion turn 1:

Jake’s models also mostly run. He puts Ignite on the left unit of Chosen and moves Kallus up gingerly. He’s giving me basically his Hellmouth’s and one Chosen member from the left unit if I want them.

Skorne turn 2:

I’ve never played this particular matchup before, but I feel like it’s the correct time to feat and send in the Supremes.

The Mammoth moves up and does about 25 damage to the Blightbringer. Zaal Feats, puts Vision on the right side Supreme and Aura of Power on himself.

The Supremes roll in and kill off both Hellmaws and a Chosen member and maybe a Rotwing or two.

Legion turn 2:

Jake responds by counterfeating and rolling slightly low on his charges. Four Ignited Chosen and four Ignited Rotwings leave the left Supreme on about 8. My Defensive strike on a Chosen did effectively nothing.

He jams up the right Supreme with guys and passes the turn.

Skorne turn 3:

I get the coolest thresher ever with the left Supreme, but I miss a lot of Signs and Portents 5s, so quite a few Rotwings survive. The Mammoth rolls 2 shots and does a total of 4 damage to the Blightbringer.

I’m not sure why I didn’t go for this, but there were definitely options on the right hand side to clear off the one Rotwing and the Incubus spawned and send the Supreme into three of the Chosen over there - this was definitely a mistake that Jake pointed out after the game.

I send 6 Immortals into the last Chosen on the left and it doesn’t die. Get ready for that to be a theme.

Legion turn 3:

As expected, both of my Supremes die, and a chunk of the left side Immortals do as well. I’ve got a load of souls though which is nice.

Skorne turn 4:

What begins here is the most ridiculous series of turns I have ever experienced. In this particular turn, I manage to kill one Rotwing and one Chosen and do 3 more damage to the Blightbringer with my Mammoth as I miss and fail to break armor with nearly every attack.

The rest of the game….

So I don’t have any more pictures as we were already low on time, but if you look up to the picture above, that many models stay on the table for the next 3 turns of attacks. Turns 4b and 5a see a total of maybe 8 models leave the table, and only on turn 6 do things start to die properly.

At one point I roll four double 1s in a row and Jake responds by rolling a total of 3 on two dice six times in a row on his turn. Four Chosen charge Immortals and kill one total. The Chosen on the left takes over 25 attacks before he dies.

The game boils down to me collapsing the right side and beginning to score while Jake collapses the left and scores there. Jake times out after failing to kill the objective and I pull out the win.

Victory? for the Skorne

Post Game Thoughts:

I definitely played aspects of this game very wrong. I should have always been shooting at Chosen with the Mammoth from turn 2. I should have probably kept the Supremes back and sent in Immortals first. I should have dug into the unit of Chosen on the right earlier.

I have no idea how this game plays out if we roll even close to average, but I suspect Jake probably takes it (since he had a plan and I didn’t).

No matter what, this will go down in my mind as one of the most absurd games of Warmachine I have ever been present for, against one of the best sportsmen I have had the pleasure to play.