Xerxis 2 (New Disciples of Agony) vs. Zaataroth (Dark Legacy) Warmachine and Hordes Battle Report

I got in a game with the new Disciples of Agony theme force! At the time (this was last week) I was under the impression that you could get two Paingiver Master Tormentors for free, and that has proven to not be the case, so apologies for that. I guess I drop the Agonizer for the second one.

Either way, this is a sweet opportunity to try out the theme changes and against Infernals to boot!

I won the roll off in this particular game.

- Tormentor
- Lamentor
- Lamentor
- Foreboder
- Roget (proxied by Orin 1)

Umbral Guardian
Umbral Guardian

- Orin 2
- WA x3
Griever Swarm
Griever Swarm

Xerxis 2
- Tiberion
- Wrastler
- Gladiator
- Swamp Horror (Judgement model)
- Swamp Horror (Castigator)
- Battle Boar (Bear Handler)
- Krea
- Agonizer

Paingiver Master Tormentor (Thrall Warrior)
Paingiver Master Tormentor (Thrall Warrior)

Beast Handlers

Make sure you double check the lists above, there’s a few proxies! I’m acquiring minions quick, so hopefully there will be less and less proxies as we move forward.

Skorne turn 1:

Xerxis activates and puts Rush on both Tiberion and the left Swamp Horror.

The Gladiator moves up and puts Rush on the other Horror.

The Horrors and Tiberion all run 14 inches up the table.

Paingivers whip some fury off things, the Wrastler walks up 7 inches, and that’s the turn.

Infernals turn 1: (That felt really cool to type)

“How far do your Swamp Horrors threat?”

The abacus comes out.

“Base speed 4, 2 inches from field marshal, 2 from rush, 3 from charge, 4 inch melee so…..15 inches.”


Things move up. A Desolater is summoned from a Wretch and makes a cloud by the house and the other Cloud is blocking Line of Sight from my Swamp Horror to basically everything.

Zaataroth also puts up the Infernal version of Road to War/Warpath.

Skorne turn 2:

I’m wayyy too aggressive here because I want to see what I can do. Xerxis activates and puts Rapport on the Battle Boar and Feats.

I kill the left Lamentor and Umbral Guardian with the Horror and then send an Elasticitied Battle Boar into the Griever Swarm, killing most of them and then bonking the Tormentor a couple of times. A few misplaced overtake moves here, I might have been able to dig into the Cultists behind them.

Everything else shuffles around.

Infernals turn 2: (still feels cool)

The response is pretty brutal. Desolator sprays drop the ARM on everything and then a Tormentor casually three shots the left Swamp Horror. Griever Swarms roll a little bad and leave the right hand Swamp Horror alive.

Another Desolator is summoned and the two of them stand between Tiberion and the now empty Zaataroth who has her feat up.

The Lamentor on the right charges in and fails to kill the objective (awkward), and Hauke charges off to that side zone to kill the Master Tormentor who would probably go mess up a ton of Grievers next turn.

Skorne turn 3:

I see a couple cute options here, so Tiberion gets Rushed and charges the Desolater by the building. DEF 11 plus 2 from building plus 3 from feat means I need 9s to hit, and I whiff the boosted charge attack so he ports over to the side. (Tiberion is the LoS proxy base in the picture).

I think about my options for a second and realize that I can actually get the Wrastler up into throw range, so Xerxis casts Rush and Rapport on him and then heals the crippled mind on the Swamp Horror.

The Wrastler walks NINE inches (like you do) and Rages itself before boosting a throw into the Desolator. I hit, can’t fail the Strength check, and throw directly away into Zaataroth.

The Swamp Horror walks around the Griever Swarm and smacks the Infernal Master a few times until she dies.

Victory for Skorne!

Post-Game Thoughts:

That was a really bad feat turn for me (should have been the next turn) and my opponent should have kept Hauke in the middle of the table and then this assassination doesn’t work thanks to Brothers Keeper.

All that being said, it felt real cool to be able to throw Rush on Minion heavies and Rage on Skorne heavies and all of it working together really nicely.

I don’t particularly care for this list, and I’d change a lot of it for next time (bye bye Tiberion), but I think Xerxis 2 has a real home in this theme and I am SO excited to get some more games in with it.

Thanks for reading everyone!