Warmachine Hordes Grymkin Model Review: the Dreamer

"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." Tom Hardy

I've been searching for a partner for the King of Nothing. I've decided to test the Heretic and the Dreamer. I started writing up why I chose the dreamer, but without some context I was afraid people would be confused. So here it is, the Dreamer in review.

Stats and Abilities


Her stats aren't why we love her. She's a speed 6, rat 7 def 15, arm 14 caster with 15 boxes. She has no melee weapon, but has gunfighter. Her gun "Call to Sleep" is range 10 ROF 1 with Reload 1 with no POW, more on that later. She's Fury 7, and command 7 as well. 

If we flip her card over things start to get a little more interesting;

Future Sight: Which allows her to boost attack and damage rolls after the fact. Slight tip, be sure to not roll location when you roll damage, once you've rolled location you're a step too far in the chart, and can't then decide to use future sight to boost the damage. 


Hat Trick is a big one. Basically, she has 3 models that don't start the game on the board. When an enemy model is boxed she can elect to remove that enemy from play, and replace it with a Phantasm not already on the board. The phantasm must be equal or smaller in base size. This is huge, it basically gives her entire army spot RFP removal. She has three phantasms, a 30, 40 and 50mm respectively. They each have their own cool abilities, and we'll go into those later. I'll also say now that the phantasms get to activate the turn they are put into play! 

Wraith Walker allows her to go incorporeal in the Control Phase, every other turn. The benefits are obvious, it goes a long way to keeping her alive, or ensure she can get where she wants to go. 

Call to Sleep isn't your typical hand cannon. It's reload one stationary gun that deals no damage, but only affects living warrior models. On a crit you can make a full advance, followed by a basic attack before the model is stationary. This is an awesome tool. The most obvious use is stationary the unit leader so the unit can't give or receive orders. If we happen to crit why not walk the unit leader as far away from the unit while we're at it. It's a really nice gun, and if we want to get cheeky we run it with the Accursed arcana!

That wraps up her main card. We have a caster with some build in survival tech in Wraith Walker. She brings spot RFP to her army with Hat Trick. Not to mention a pretty damn awesome gun with Future Sight to boot. If you're still on the fence about whether you love her, let's dig into her spell list.



Remember way back in the day when casters had spells equal to their focus? Well she's a few short, the dreamer has 5 spells, but luckily they're all pretty damn useful.

Abyssal Gate: Anything that extends threat is solid. This can be used to get an "unexpected" alpha, or for scenario play. Remember you have to damage the model to place it. Also the place is after the damage, so if you kill something with the spell they aren't moved. This can be important for Phantasms, corpses, souls etc etc.

Artifice of Deviation:  Cover always helps vs shooting. The Dreamer herself goes to def 19 with cover and the Skin & Moans go to 17. That's certainly nothing to sneeze at. We also have some synergy with the Desolation Arcana (which allows us to drop a 4 inch ring of terrain). Against non pathfinder armies it can be devastating. 

Enfeeble: Signature Spell! My only complaint is range 8, but it's still really amazing. She also has the fastest arc node in the faction with her Phantasm, I know I haven't talked about them yet, but he's faster than a Cage Rager. I don't think anything else needs to be said about this spell, it's phenominal. 


Manifest Destiny: This spell does great things to our dice math. I posted an article on Dice Math way back when, but I'll quickly go over what rolling another die and dropping the lowest does for us. Short version is it increases your average rolled value from 7 to 8.46. This mat buff is huge for the mat 6 beasts that normally need numbers on the meaty part of the bell curve. The odds of rolling a 2 go from 2.78% to .46%. The odds of hitting a 7 or better go from 58.3% to 80.5%. I think the math speaks for itself, it's an amazing spell. If only we had a good melee beast heavy theme we could play her in...

Mirage: Apparition is always really damn nice. Use it to ensure you can see your charge target. Disengage your arcnode so it can be used to channel. Threat extension. Out of activation movement is always high sought after.

I don't know about you guys but that's a spell list everyone has to love, that is unless you're playing against her. She helps deliver with Mirage. She protects things from shooting with Artifice. In melee she has an incredible mat and dmg fixer in Manifest Destiny. Enfeeble is a lifesaver when coupled with our armor skews. As much as I adore the King of Nothing's spell list, the Dreamer's might be better. 



If I'm going to be picky this is what I like the least about her, but it's certainly not rubbish. Basically after a model destroys or removes a model from play with an attack at the end of their activation they are knocked down. In Bump in the Night this really allows us to swing back with vengeance. In Dark Menagerie we get less mileage out of it, but knocking down Denny1 after she Venoms a Gremlin Swarm is never wrong. It's a solid addition to her already incredible toolbox, but none of the Defilers trumps are the reason I take them. They don't feel as defining as normal Casters Feats.


So what are the phantasms? They are created models who don't start the game on the table. As previously stated when a model is boxed in the Dreamers control we can chose to have the model removed from play, and spawn a phantasm whose base is equal to or smaller than the RFP'd model. The phantasms also get to activate the turn they are put into play, so we have a ton of game play options here. There are three phantasms and they all have Annoyance, Souless, and 5 hit boxes. That being said they all have different stats and abilities;


The Small Phantasm, who I call Brother Mouse, has Dodge and Mark the Target. Hallowmen love Brother Mouse, and for obvious reasons. Let's also not forget that Call to Sleep is a ranged attack. 

The Medium Phantasm has Channeler. He's a speed 6 arc node, which almost brings me back to my Cryx days. He opens up a ton of options and is the main reason I've gotten "unexpected" abyssal gates on players.

The Large Phantasm, who I call Mittens, has Bulldoze and Arcane Pulse. He's only speed 4, but a free Bulldozer is incredible. We couple this with Abyssal gate and we really can get to models people thought were safe. Arcane Pulse I believe is unique to this model. When this model is destroyed by an enemy attack enemy upkeep spells on models within 8" of it expire. So while we can't kill "Mittens" ourselves to drop upkeeps, we certainly can sling shot him at that arcane shielded Storm Wall. 


So that's the Dreamer! The Dreamer is one of the best toolbox casters in the game in my opinion. I'm going to be trying her out as a partner to the King of Nothing, and as a ghost fleet drop. I've been running;

Grymkin - little Nemo

Theme: Dark Menagerie

5 / 5 Free Cards     75 / 75 Army

The Dreamer - WB: +28

-    Phantasm

-    Skin & Moans - PC: 15 X2

-    Cage Rager - PC: 14 X2

-    Rattler - PC: 8

-    Frightmare - PC: 9

-    Crabbit (Dark Menagerie) - PC: 0 X2

Death Knell - PC: 13

Gremlin Swarm - PC: 3 X4

Eilish Garrity, the Occultist - PC: 5

Dread Rots - Leader & 5 Grunts: 7

What do you guys think of the Dreamer? In an upcoming article I'll go over my thoughts behind the list, and get a few battle reports up with it as well. Am I crazy for dropping Rose for Eilish?