Warmachine Hordes Grymkin CID Model Review: Hollow Holden

HOLD ON (see what I did there) WE'RE GETTING A NEW MODEL!

Okay I guess we all knew we were getting a new model, but now we see the rules! At the Battle of Boar's Gate Holden ended up joining the Grymkin Forces. A deserter he now finds himself with the Hollowmen unit. For those of you who don't know CID stands for Community Integrated Development. Privateer Press started this up this year. They post model rules there asking for playtesting feedback. PP discuss their thoughts behind the model and release new rules over the course of a CID period. CID is free and open to everyone to sign up. If you haven't already, I recommend you do so. This week Black Fleet (Cryx) CID started, however Holden snuck in on the last page. So let's take a few minutes to break down who he is and what he does. 




Okay well for starters he's a Character Weapon Attachment, not a UA. He's 4 points, and currently no theme allows us to take Weapon Attachments for free. He himself is better shot than the normal hollowmen, being rat 7. Holden's also slightly harder to kill sporting a def 13, 5 boxes and also has Prowl to help keep himself alive. Coupled with the Latern Man he should have stealth more often than not. Holden has Eyeless sight and Apparition, so he can keep up and "see" everything the unit can "see". The Gremlin on him also gives him Annoyance. I'm not sure we'll ever use it, but it's nice to have I guess. Holden is armed with a Hunting Rifle and a Trench Knife. most notable that means he's only PS 9 in melee and has a .5 inch melee range instead of the 11 brutal charge with a 1inch melee range like the rest of the unit. His Rifle is range 14 POW 10 so he can comfortable sit in the back and plink away. Holden doesn't have CRA, but he does have sniper.

We're not taking him to be a super solo, and he has a few abilities that help the unit themselves. He has Granted Pathfinder. So when Holden is alive, and in formation models gain Pathfinder. Pathfinder is HUGE! Other than Murder Crows we had no native pathfinder unit. Granted is kind of a downer, but as we said before he has some tech to keep himself alive. In addition Blood-Bound allows us to return one destroyed model in its unit to play. So we could Blood-Bound back Holden if we needed.

Poisoned Fate is a weird one. We flip a coin (fluff) and half the time the unit gets reposition 3, and half the time Holden gets Weaken on his weapons. Repo 3 on a pathfinder unit with range 10 guns is very nice indeed. However not being able to count on it is a bit of a bummer. The Weaken ability is a nice one. -2 str and -2 def to a living model hit. However it's a stark contrast from granting a unit reposition, to making Holden be able to apply a debuff.

Things to Test

Things to test: Does Holden bring something to a unit of Hollowmen you find desirable? Do you think the Poisoned Fate rule has two meaningful outcomes? Will Pagani

Well this is what I'm going to be testing! I'm going to fit him into my King of Nothing double Neigh list and give him a few games tomorrow night. 

I'm excited for pathfinder on the unit. If nothing else changes I'd still take him/adr him for that reason alone.

I'm HOPEFUL they give us some mechanism to pick which Poisoned Fate buff we get each turn. Can Holden take d3 damage to change the die roll? Could Holden spend a corpse to pick?

If we're being SUPER greedy I'd love to see another unit buff in the same spirit as weaken replace it. Having one buff the unit and another buff just Holden feels off to me. I'd love both buff to benefit the entire unit.


Well there you go, a quick recap of the next model to join the Grymkin Faction. I strongly encourage everyone to join CID if you want your voice heard. I was super stoked with all the chatter on facebook, and hope you guys take the opportunity to express that to the development team over at Privateer Press.

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As always thank you so much for reading! let me know here or on facebook what you think of Holden!