Warmachine Hordes Review: Grymkin Active Duty Roster Season 7

I believe that winter is tough, but spring is coming.

WE HAVE A NEW SEASON OF ADR! Oh man, I am STOKED! As many of you know I'd been overthinking who, what, and where was happening with Grymkin season 7 ADR. It's great to finally know, and hell we have a super legit 4 caster setup to work with. The Child and Dreamer rotate out, but this makes room of the Old Witch, and the Wanderer. So I thought we'd quickly go over what I feel each caster brings to this season's ADR. Then we'll wrap up with who I'm testing and why! 

Grymkin ADR.jpg

The Heretic


I wrote about him over on the DGI blog, specifically as an answer to Denny1 Ghost Fleet. Well by all accounts Denny 1 Ghost Fleet is changing, and it likely won't be the boogeyman it's been made out to be (This is why we can't have nice things BANKY!). That being said the Heretic is still a solid caster. He has dispel, dmg buffs, unit control, single target threat extension via Gallows, and he himself is very resilient. I won't dive into him too much, but basically, he can run either a classic 2x DM Brick (double Skin & Moans and Cage Ragers) or a very HARD HITTING bump list. Where you put him I feel depends on what you're trying to do with him, and who you're pairing him with. More on this later!

As an aside I just learned last week, the stand alone Heretic is larger and better looking than the one in the army box! So if you haven't already, you may want to consider getting the stand alone Heretic to add to your army!


Zevanna Agha, the Fate Keeper


I hate typing her name, I just want to type Old Witch 3. But even that's a mouthful. I hope when Old Witch 4 comes out she's just named Anna, or Sally. Back on target though. I wrote a review of Old Witch 3 the other week, and well I still love her. She has everything you could want in a caster, except ARCANA! I won't go over everything she does again for that you should read my review article. Some highlights though include one of the nicest guns in the game. Couple that with two PS15 stomps means she can certainly do a lot of work herself, and can be a mid to late game monster. Her spell list is legit, and she ratchets it up a level with Arcane Machineries. She, like the Heretic is very comfortable delivering a horde of dudes in Bump under Windstorm or slingshotting beasts all over in the Dark Menagerie theme. 

The Wanderer


Okay, I know this will stir some controversy, but I just don't like him. I know he's a fan favorite. I know people win with him. I'm not saying he's not good, I'm saying he's not my cup of tea. And if Ryan Evans taught me anything, it's that tea is damn important. 

So what does he bring to the table? Well, he's very hard to kill thanks to his Trump Arcana, Divergent Path and free castings of Elusive from Crabbits. But as I've stated if you're playing him forward and leveraging the trump, you basically can't pop any other Arcana. He does help deliver his troops with Fog of War, Veil of Mists, and Star Crossed. Veil also doubles as a pathfinder solution, and his spray applies Beacon. Which among other things extends charges when they target a model with the beacon tag. To round out his spell list he has some upkeep hate in repudiate. So he has some things I look for in casters; Delivery, Pathfinder, Upkeep hate, and Survivability. 

Okay so why don't you like him than TT?  Well a few reasons;

  • He's fury 6. In this case, bigger is better, always. 
  • I HATE relying on starcrossed. 
    • First as stated it's on a fury 6 caster.  But TT I LOVE WRONG EYE, GATORS!!!! Yeah okay I like gators too. Wrong Eye and Snap Jaw do more than just bubble star-crossed. In addition, I want more from a caster than from expensive solos. But TT you LOVE DICE MATH and this makes their dice math worse! You're right it does, but I don't like the defensive values of the models Grymkin have. I feel like to be on the right area of the bell curve for me to feel comfortable relying on StarCrossed we'd need a 1 point def buff basically across the board. I won't go into this anymore, I know a lot of people disagree with me here, so I'm happy to say THIS IS THE HILL I'LL DIE ON!
  • He doesn't help with armor. He neither buffs our damage output or debuffs targets armor. 
  • He's really awkward into the mirror. 
    • Ruin can ruin his day (HAHA PUNS!)
    • If the Heretic could cast Star Crossed I'd argue he was the best caster in the game. Oh wait...
    • Hollowmen answer Fog of War well.
    • Our high def enemy toolkit gets there vs Star Crossed Grymkin models. 

I'm happy to move on at this stage. If you've had killer luck with the Wanderer let me know, but also let me know if it was luck or something tangible you feel like you can rely on. I'm not saying he's bad, I'm just not the guy who likes to let it ride on Star Crossed. And I feel like thats a big part of who he is.

King of Nothing

Who's left? The KING of course. It's well documented that I love the King. I'll leave you with this Haiku of how I feel.

the King of Nothing
Season 7 ADR
Christmas came early

He's my safety net. I just can't quit him. He can run Bump or DM extremely well. His biggest knock is he doesn't get any work done himself at any stage of the game. I feel like his kit more than overcomes this, however. 

Pairing Dojo

So I'll start with I think a Bump list and a Dark Menagerie list is the way to go. I know a lot of players ran double DM at WTC, but that's a team event, and they can someone filter their matchups. I'm sold on the King for a lot of reasons, mainly irrational bias. So that leaves me with the Heretic vs the Old Witch. I think either can run Bump or DM. So let's break down what they each do, and how they do it.

  • Threat Extension Heretic Gallows vs Old Witch 3 Boundless Charge

This is a tough one. Vs single target lists like Jack/Beast spam gallows could be stronger, but the random element of it is a hard sell. Being able to toss out 7 Boundless Charges wins this one for me. 1-0 OW3

  • Delivery Heretic Wall of Fire vs Old Witch 3 Windstorm

Wall of Fire is great for controlling single wound infantry swarms. Windstorm is incredible vs shooting lists. I've already got the King's Cloud wall to handle most shooting, so I think I'm going to lean slightly to the Heretic on this one.

  • Utility Heretic Hex Blast/GodlikePower vs Old Witch 3 Divinator/Hellhole/Respawn

Asking me to chose between Upkeep hate and Recursion is like asking me to pick my favorite child.

You know what? You're right it's not that hard.

While I love Hex Blast, the sheer depth of the Old Witch's kit wins this one. I will say that Godlike Power can be GAME CHANGING. But if you haven't noticed by now I like things I can rely on, and this is very circumstantial from game to game. 2-1 OW3

  • Board Control Heretic Wall of Fire/Rebuke vs Old Witch 3 Scourge/Black Wings

Wall of Fire making its second appearing! It is an upkeep though so the first appearance has to disappear now.  Rebuke prevents a unit from charging and can be absolutely devastating. The Old Witch, however brings AOE Blind and AOE Knock down. TT Can we Blind and Knock down the same targets?  We sure can and that's why I'm going with the Old Witch! Advantage OW3 3-1

  • Damage Output Heretic Fury/Guided/Reckoning vs Old Witch 3 Stomp/Curse of Shadows

The Reckoning really tips the scales here. Bouncing Prey + Fury = overkill, but it's sweet sweet overkill that I'll do whenever I can. 3-2 OW3

  • Survivability Heretic 15,15,17/Divinity/SacredWard/40mm vs Old Witch 3 12,19,20/120mm

This pretty easily goes to the Heretic. It's nerve-wracking trying to ensure the Old Witch and her 120 mm base stay safe. She just can't hide anywhere and while she's certainly not easy to kill, she's not that hard to kill either. Tied up 3-3

So we're tied up, both casters have the areas they are better in, and the areas they are worse in? So whats my pair going to be? Well, I think it's going to be the Heretic. Why you ask? Arcana! I think the flexibility that the Arcana system brings when combined with the specialist option of the ADR is too GOOD to pass up. ADR and Arcana deserver their own article, and someday maybe I'll write it! Also, I just don't want to travel with the Old Witch. I mean who does?


Well season 7 ADR was very kind to us. But honestly which 4 casters could they put on there where we wouldn't be excited? Privateer Press did a great job of diversifying and balancing the Grymkin casters. Each fills a role and does it differently than the person to their left or right. 

I'll be playing with the Heretic in Bump and the King of Nothing in Dark Menagerie as I get ready for Season 7 of ADR! I'll post my lists in another article and go over how they are each performing.

As always thanks for reading! Let me know what you disagree with! Show me what I'm missing in the Wanderer. Tell me what secret ADR tech you're planning. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all my Mile High Delusions. I'll be giving away some holiday gifts to followers and will be traveling to some national events in 2018! More on that to come, but I can't wait to meet more of you!