List Dojo: Jaga-Jaga and the Dracodile

Two of the most exciting moments in the history of Minions happened this week. 

First of all, the much anticipated CID changes were finalized and published live to the world, breathing new life into many options in the Blindwater Congregation. 

Secondly, the Dracodile went live as a legal model, with a release date of December 15. Minions players have been wanting a Gargantuan for years, and though the Dracodile has been in the Monsternomicon for ages, we only just got a playable model for the beast and I, for one, am excited to play it. 

I originally bought into Minions on the strength of Jaga-Jaga's model, and with her recent re-work I couldn't help but get a little bit of dojo on with the two models I most want to play.

Let's first have a look at Jaga-Jaga's card and see what she can do. 


There are a LOT of tools to work with here, but the two most obvious ones are Signs and Portents and Battle Host, but Ghost Walk and Grave Wind are both immensely powerful tools. The latter on the Dracodile makes it incredibly difficult to remove. 


Jaga-Jaga is going to have a lot of spells to cast and upkeep every turn, which means that the Soul Slave is almost an auto-include. Among other things, he can cast a Ghost Walk every turn, and he also lets Jaga-Jaga upkeep either Grave Wind or Battle Host.

So far, we have not committed to any theme force. Both the Dracodile and the Soul Slave are allowed in both theme forces. 

I'm going to take us down the Blindwater path for one simple reason - I find the idea of Blinding a model every turn and then murdering it with Croak Raiders frankly hilarious. With Signs and Portents the Croak Raiders become essentially POW 13 weaponmaster guns, and with Blind they become very, very accurate. 




This sets up interesting assassination angles as well. I want two units of Croaks, because I think with their new, higher damage output, cheaper point cost, and Pathfinder, they are worth playing again. 


We are eight points away from the second free solo, so I think a unit of Gatorman Bokur and Shamblers to collect the corpses from Croak Raiders and provide a second line. 

Jaga needs another warbeast minimum, and so an Ironback Spitter  seems appropriate to continue our ranged game. 

With that, we are just filling in solos. Two Mistspeakers for Magical Weapons and Eyeless Sight are strong choices, and if one of them and the Soul Slave is free, that leaves five points left over. 

I like to have a Bone Shrine for Jaga since she wants to have so much fury, and a Croak Hunter and Gobber Chef round out our solo selections. 



At the end of it, we have:

- Soul Slave (free)
- Dracodile
- Ironback Spitter

Bog Trog Mistspeaker (free)
Bog Trog Mistspeaker
Croak Hunter
Bone Shrine
Gobber Chef

Croak Raiders
Croak Raiders
Gatorman Bokur and Shamblers

Is this competitive? Who knows! Does it look like a ton of fun? Absolutely. 

Poltergeist makes the Dracodile very hard to remove, while Battle Host makes it fast enough - when combined with the Floodwater animus to make 5 inches of water around it - to outthreaten nearly every major threat that it would have on the table. 

Meanwhile, Blind on the Dracodile's spray plus an Ironback shot PLUS two units of Croak Raiders means that any non-fire immune heavy is dead on a given turn. 

I can't wait to get this on the table, and I think it's just one of many, many builds that Jaga-Jaga can play in. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her on the table as she takes a place in Champions and (maybe?!) Masters thanks to the current season of ADR. 

How have you been building your new Blindwater lists? If you play in a meta that has them in it, are you having to start planning for them at events? Let us know what you think!

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Thanks for reading!