A Scrub's Journey to Greatness: Have Test Will Test

Hey guys, Andrew here. This week I’ll be showing my primary list I’ll be testing for the next bit, and its Khador Khadoring as hard as possible!

This list is a high skill ceiling, unforgiving list. I played this list with too little experience at the SOO, and lost every dang game, trust me, I blame me, not the list.

What I want the list to do:

The aim of the list is to jam butcher with a wall of cheap hard to remove heavies into your opponent’s face while the eliminators, yuri, and the behemoth marshall package going up and scoring scenario, shooting, threatening zones, whatever you need.

How to test the list:

I’m going to have to grind this list into the ground! Though I’ve got around 5 plays with this list so far, I’m just getting to the point where I can use the list to even a beginner level, as I’m still having difficulties switching from squishy Menoth casters to Butcher.

As of right now, this list, independent of my incompetence as a noob player, seems to have tools into just about everything. Are you playing tough or recurring dude spam? Yuri and butcher can hot swap silence of death and remove upwards of 15 dudes irrevocably in one turn, with behemoth shooting super boosted shots at everything he can see. Is it heavy spam? Butcher can take about 3 heavies down a turn, the trick being protecting him after that extreme amount of work.

Other than just getting reps in with Butcher, my primary goal for my testing is to figure out where I CAN’T drop Butcher, and thus what his pairing has to be. As discussed earlier this list has tools into most things, though it completely lacks shield guards or sac. Pawns, which a Winter Guard Kommand list would supply in droves, and will be looked at after I get around 25 games in with this particular list.

Right now, I’m looking at Witch 2 in Winterguard Kommand to act as a the opposite to Butcher, as this Witch 2 poops on ranged, and you need to get ONE BILLION shots into Witch to do anything to her with said shooting, we’ll see where this goes.

testing meme 2.jpg

What’s happened so far:

As discussed earlier, I’ve gotten a few games in with Butcher, I’ve lost on scenario a few times, I’ve gotten assassinated a couple times, I think I’ve won… once…

Why am I still playing him in this list? 1) I got some help building it which would suggest I just need to git gud with the list, and 2) BUTCHER KILLZ THE WORLD EVERY GAME, every game where my opponent has never played against butcher 3, I drop him, regardless of wisdom of that drop, why? Because he runs forward, then charges, then pulls a bunch in. I rack up around 10 to 15 models, and I drink in the scared face of my opponent, DELICIOUS.

Well that’s what I’ve got for this week, I’m looking for ideas from you guys for what I should write about in the coming weeks.

At this point I’m mostly just testing butcher, so progress reports will keep getting fed into the blog, but I want to see what you guys WANT to read, post in the comments!