Theme Forces Revisited - The Exalted

One of the first units I ever went “woah, those look really cool” about after pulling my brand new to the game eyes away from the loveliness of Bane Thralls (kids ask your grandparents) was the Immortals. These guys looked like such a blast to paint and to play with, but at the time my extremely limited (non-existent really) college kid budget kept me on the straight and narrow and I did not stray.

Now, several years later, I found myself in the unique position of swinging back around to Skorne at the same time as Chandler, and dojoing with friends is always more fun than dojoing alone, and so it was that Bret stopped paying attention to the LoS chat and Chandler and I became enamored with Skorne and especially the Exalted.

Let’s have a look at what this bad boy came out the other side of Oblivion looking like!

Basically nothing has changed here except for the notable inclusion of Void Archon solos. Unfortunately, despite my begging, prodding, and cajoling, I could not get any of the Dev Team to give me official rules for these bad boys, but if they turn out anything like the end of the CID cycle (see below), they will be super interesting as options for this list. Specifically, if they keep Dark Shroud, they single handedly fix one of Exalted’s main problems - this is a list full of POW 13 dudes. I know that you can bring Despoiler, but he is more than the cost of TWO of these fairly durable, accurate, fast, teleporting solos.

A couple of other interesting points about Void Archons - they’ve got Entropic Force which is huge against a lot of the strongest models in the game right now (hello heavy infantry!) and because it has Soul Taker, one of the theme benefits which you will see in a minute here means that it starts the game with a Soul already on it, which is awesome for it’s early game offensive potential.

Also, these guys look really cool. Can you tell I’m excited about this?


Additionally, and something that hasn’t been a real option due to the way points in the pre-requisition world worked, we can start looking at some really interesting Minion options for this theme. Exalted has always felt the extreme lack of good gun support outside the battlegroup, and I think a minimum unit of Croaks or a unit of Brigands can be really interesting here, especially with some of the more debuff centric casters like Rasheth and Morghoul 2. I can also see bringing a unit of Farrow Valkyries to keep your important models alive longer.

This is actually quite a bit different from previous options. The ability to bring two Extoller Soulwards or Immortal Vessels for free makes a huge difference to a number of casters. Rasheth, Morghoul 2 and 3, Jalaam, anyone with a Mammoth, Zaal 2 - all of these guys love having both arc nodes and eyeless sight. Heck, with two kicking around for free, you can even start giving your Supreme Guardians Guidance just to see through clouds or to shoot at stealthy models.

Speaking of Immortal Vessels, you know who likes getting +2 to hit their spells and the ability to safely cast them from basically anywhere? That’s every caster in the faction.

The other interesting requisition option is bringing three Novitiates, which I think is actually insanely sweet. I was struggling to fit a third one into my lists, and between Repair, their tough aura, and the +2 damage buff for constructs, they are extremely versatile little dudes.

Naturally, Hakaar, Abidan, Ancestral Guardians, and Marketh will all still be in contention for these free slots, but having more options is always better.

The original immovable object


The theme benefits for this particular force have not changed at all, which is great for Skorne players everywhere since they’re very strong. As mentioned, the Void Archons get to start the game with a Soul in this theme (value!) and this entire theme force is just yelling GET REKT at Krueger 2 as loudly as it can.

Where does this leave us as far as building a list for this theme force? How does this look?

[Morghoul 2] Lord Assassin Morghoul [+29]

- Archidon [10]

- Despoiler [17]

- Aptimus Marketh [5]

Ancestral Guardian [5]

Extoller Novitiate [0 (2)]

Extoller Novitiate [0 (2)]

Extoller Novitiate [0 (2)]

Extoller Soulward [0 (3)]

Extoller Soulward [0 (3)]

Hakaar the Destroyer [0 (6)]

Swamp Gobber Chef [1]

Croak Raiders (max) [16]

Immortals (max) [13]

- Extoller Advocate [3]

Supreme Guardian [16]

Supreme Guardian [16]

Thanks for reading! Here’s the full pic of the theme force for your internet enjoyment.