Cedar Rapids River Raiders Support Drive

Hey all, it’s a bit of a different article today, and one that will hopefully garner at least a share with your local meta.

So much of what is heard in the WMH online community are hyperbolic statements about how metas are dying worldwide, with playerbases shrinking and interest in the game waning.

This is a case where the exact opposite is happening, and we are delighted to try and help in a good cause.

In brief, the Iowa Warmachine community is exploding. They ran a very successful 3-man team event earlier this year, and, after demand for another has exceeded local area resources for clocks, terrain, and zones, we have put together a small campaign to get them what they need to run this event.

The Cedar Rapids River Raiders are in need of the following:

12 Death Clocks
64 pieces of terrain
14 Zone Sets
10 Flags
24 Objectives

Working with our partners at Broken Egg Games to receive extremely good discounts on the pieces that they can provide, we have a goal of $850 for this Support Drive and we need it by September 28th to ensure that all the pieces can ship by their event on October 19.

Here’s where you come in.

We have set up a GoFundMe page for this drive, and if you have a spare dollar or two that you don’t mind helping out another WMH community with, please go donate!

Finally, we will be “silent auctioning” off a few things of our own. We will have a pinned post to the top of our facebook page with photos of these that people can pledge an amount to. At the end of the drive, we will contact the highest “bidder” for payment and any other relevant information. Starting bids for each item will be $10.

Item 1: Choose the topic of an LoS Episode!
Item 2: Come on LoS as a guest host!
Item 3: Choose an LoS host to paint a small or medium based model for you!
Item 4 - 8: A tournament legal Hermit of Hengehold conversion made by Bret or Jaden. This model will be comprised of 80-90% PP parts and be supplied primed.

What happens if we overfund?

Great question. We have been feeling for quite a while now that LoS ought to be in the business of helping metas grow in more than just an informational role, and any extra donations over our funding target will be put into a fund that will become part of a quarterly or bi annual drive for good causes in the community. This could be anything from replacing a stolen army or getting a new player some models to projects on the scale of growing new metas ability to host events like this one. The money will be accounted for in a publicly viewable google sheet with copies of receipts and explanations for all included in that document. We are committed to transparency and best ethical practices where this is concerned.

Before You Go:

Here’s a statement from the organizer of Iowa Warmachine - give it a read!

Hello! My name is Micah Walker, and I am currently the lead organizer for Iowa Warmachine. I started playing the game at the very beginning of Mk 3. Within my first year, I decided to step up to help organize tournaments at my local store, First Turn Games in Cedar Rapids. While this did coincide with the demise of the Press Gang, my transition into running tournaments was a premeditated and collaborative effort between myself, my predecessor, and the store owner. I tend to plan and run the events in my area, while my cohorts Matt Parker and Jason Knox run the weeknight leagues.

My local tournament scene draws the bulk of its players from three separate areas. Cedar Rapids and Iowa City create the “Eastern Iowa Corridor.” This region has been slowly building over the last two years despite losing some veteran players early in Mk 3. Cedar Falls brings heavy hitters from the north. This amazing player group has never failed to make the two hour drive down to my events in Cedar Rapids. What they lack in a local venue they certainly make up for in competitive prowess and pristine sportsmanship.

The third region of the area that I serve has grown the most over the past calendar year, the smaller towns between the cities. Several rural player groups have sprung to life in the past few months. These are the workings of my enthusiastic compatriots, Ben Pohl, Scott Gooding, and Gary Wallace. As with our friends in Cedar Falls, these groups also lack a local store that can act as a tournament venue.

This new growth in rural areas and the regeneration of our sister meta in Des Moines has increased tournament attendance by 25% this year over last. I have kept extensive records of every event in Iowa since June 2017. We consistently had just under 40 active tournament players with most events across the state bringing in 8 to 12 players per event through 2018. As of August 2019, that player base is pushing 50 and will soon pass it once more of our new players are comfortable with 75 point games.

My current supply level can cover 12 tables. While they adequately handle Steamrollers I run at First Turn Games, my biannual team tournaments have outpaced my resources. My most recent event in April had 27 players, and my upcoming event already has 31 players signed up with registration closing at the end of September. I am also happy to point out that all 31 of those players are from Iowa, whereas the April event only had 18 Iowan players. As this tournament grows, so does the out of state interest.

The main reason I am looking to increase my table capacity to 24 tables is for these team events. My local store is on board with this plan as we see it as both necessary and mutually beneficial. Current trends for team event attendance already put it on par with MuseOn Con (our regional convention) for number of Warmachine players.

I would also like to have an independent set of supplies that I could take with me to run events outside of my local shop. With most of my meta not having ready access to a store, I would like to be able to run events on the road. I want these resources to go directly toward supporting the fledgling communities that are popping up around the state.