Warmachine and Hordes Trollblood Kolgrima Tournament Prologue


I'm not going to lie guys, it's been a bit of a Warmachine Dry Spell for me. I won't bore you with the details, but full time work, school, and parenting lead to tired and unmotivated Jadens. It doesn't help when almost your entire meta sells their armies either. 

With that in mind, I had played one Borka 2 game since LVO in January and that was it, and I was heading to Mox Boarding House for an event in mid-March with no expectations except to screw around with some sweet Troll lists and play Warmachine.

Inevitably, I was trying to figure out my lists the night before (why does this always happen?!) and I had settled pretty comfortably on a Grim 1/Madrak 1 pairing, both in Storm of the North. 


And then....I had the fortune to glance over the ADR for this season and noticed that Kolgrima is on ADR and so is Grim, and both of them are control Warlocks with lots of tools. 

And so it was that 1:30 AM rolled around and I was wrestling with a Kolgrima list. I ended up on Band of Heroes for a couple of reasons. 

First of all, she's one of two or three Warlocks that can really deliver Fennblades reliably in my opinion, and Fennblades seem sweet in SR 2017. 

Take down and Cleave on the Fennblades also seems awesome, and I had a minimum unit of Longriders in the list because I was watching Mr. Tim on Arcane Assist play a Kolgrima game in Band of Heroes while I built. 

And then it hit me - why not take two minimum units of Longriders? The points fit, they're nice and tough. They're really bloody fast with Hunters Mark and they bully scenario like crazy. The mount weapon is technically still a melee weapon, so it also ignores tough and RFPs thanks to the theme, and that means infantry screens just melt. 

It took a bit of finagling, but this is what I ended up with. 

Kolgrima (Band of Heroes)
- Runebearer (free)
- Mauler
- Earthborn

Fell Caller Hero

Krielstone (max)
- Stone Scribe Elder
- Skaldi (free)
- Officer and Drummer (free)
Long Riders (min)
Long Riders (min)

And an ADR that contained a bunch of things but the only ones that mattered were

Troll Brawler
Lynus and Edrea

Alright let's dissect the list a bit:

This list is going for Scenario first, attrition second, and assassination dead last. With Kolgrima's feat pushing enemy models 2 inches away and Longriders slamming things or mulching infantry, I can clear zones fairly easily and just rack up scenario points. 

The Champs with Hunters Mark threaten 11 inches at potential MAT 9 PS 13 Weaponmaster, and that will level most heavies easily. 

The Fennblades actually threaten a ridiculous 15 inches with Hunter's Mark and their mini-feat, and with Cleave and Reposition they can jam out people really well (unless you forget they have reposition all day like I did). 

If they have a cloud wall, I drop the Fell Caller for Lynus and Edrea. If the Fennblades are a liability, I drop them and the Feralgeist for a Brawler and enjoy the extra meat. 

With the Clouds, Kolgrima's feat, and the generally just fast and tough nature of this list, I felt like it had some serious game if I could remember how everything worked. 

I dropped it every round of the tournament, stay tuned for those reports!