Warmachine and Hordes Trollbloods Battle Report: Round 1 - Kolgrima (Band of Heroes) vs. Ossrum (Irregulars)

For the first round of the Mox Boarding House event, I played into a lovely gentleman named Ken who had brought Magnus 2 and Ossrum, both in Irregulars. 

The scenario was Recon II, and I didn't think that I was likely to see Magnus 2 given my Grim 1 list had a ton of shooting and the scenario wasn't particularly live. 

I also didn't love my Grim 1 list into his Ossrum list, and I wanted to try out Kolgrima, so I played her and Ken dropped Ossrum. 

Man it's nice not having to remember which Arcana I took. I did ADR out the Fennblades and the Feralgeist for my Brawler though. Single box infantry that only hits at POW 12 going into a bunch of AOE guns didn't seem like the best idea. 

Ken ADRed in Lynus and Edrea because of my potential cloud wall, and he also won the roll to go first. 

Ossrum (Irregulars)
- Reinholdt
- Driller
- Basher
- Avalancher
- Single Shot Gun Bunny x6
- Spray Gun Bunny

Eiryss 1

Horgenhold Artillery Corps
Horgenhold Artillery Corps
Ayanna and Holt
Lynus and Edrea

Kolgrima (Band of Heroes)
- Runebearer
- Mauler
- Earthborn
- Brawler

Fell Caller Hero

Krielstone (max)
- Stone Scribe Elder
- Skaldi
Long Riders (min)
Long Riders (min)


My picture of my own deployment is horrendously blurry, but I misdeployed a bit and put my Champs on the right hand side, one unit of Tuffalos on either side of the table, and my beast brick central with the Earthborn left so I could run it up next to the water. 

I chose the Pathfinder objective and Ken picked repair.

I apologize in advance for the blurriness of these pictures. My phone has been slowing down of late and the room in Mox is slightly gloomy so it tries to compensate and slows down the shots. 

Ossrum turn 1:

Everything runs at me. Ossrum puts Fire for Effect on a Mortar crew and Snipe on the Avalancher. 

The forest on the right is really skewing his army to my left already. 


Kolgrima turn 1:

Everything runs up. I've got a unit of Tuffalos on both sides, and I (somewhat unnecessarily probably) decide that it's okay to put some in range of guns on the left. 

On the right, they stand on the other side of the pond with the Fellcaller near them and prepare to kill whatever comes into the zone. 

The Earthborn also moves up and chills out next to the water. 

I screen off my Krielstone and Mauler with clouds and Kolgrima camps nothing after dumping into the stone. 

The Champs begin the long, arduous process of coming over to the left side of the table so they can actually kill what they're supposed to kill. 


Ossrum turn 2:

He moves up just barely into the left zone and removes both my Tuffalo in the trench and the one most central, killing each with a single shot. 

He sends a couple things up in the middle, and does chip damage to the Earthborn. 

Critically, there is no solo touching his flag on the left. 


Kolgrima turn 2:

I give the Mauler pathfinder with the objective and start making poor decisions. 

The Earthborn tramples up to and kills the objective instead of sitting safe in the zone and scoring the same number of points. 

I contest the left zone with a Brawler and a Tuffalo in the trench yet again. 

Kolgrima moves up and Rages the Mauler, pops her feat and catches basically the entirety of Ossrum's army, and dumps fury into the stone again. 

The Mauler is 0.1 inches too far away from the Basher to walk up to it, so he tramples up with Rage on himself and leaves it on 1 box. 

The Champs move up yet again, and the Long Riders on the right get closer to the fight. 

I stick my Fell Caller on the flag and score a total of two points this turn.


Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Trolls

Ossrum turn 3:

Ken can't really do much this turn except send things into my heavies. Ossrum feats, and the Earthborn goes down to the Driller pretty handily, and the Mauler survives on about a dozen boxes after the Avalancher and Basher go to town. 

The Tuffalo on the left survives since nothing can shoot at him, and Ken throws a Gun Bunny to contest my flag on the right. He puts Eilish and Eiryss on the flag and gets a point of his own. 


Score: 2 - 1
Advantage Trolls

Kolgrima turn 3:

I'm able to get multiple champs onto the bunny in my zone and keep a couple in command to attack the Avalancher. Between them, the Bunny dies and the Avalancher is pretty dinged up. 

The Mauler kills the Basher and whacks the Avalancher down to a handful of boxes. I should note here that the Mauler rolled 8,8,8,9,8,8,8 for damage this turn, it was pretty absurd. 

Kolgrima Rages the Brawler which easily kills off the Avalancher and cripples the Cortex of a Bunny. 

Tuffalos on the right slam the Driller back a ways and follow up, and also kill Ayanna. 

I contest the flag with the left hand Tuffalo who box cars to hit on Eiryss and kills her with the mount. 

I score again on my flag, and I forgot to take a picture of this turn. Whoops...

Score: 3 - 1
Advantage Trolls

Ossrum turn 4:

The Driller goes first and kills off the Tuffalo I repositioned to engage his Mortars, and then misses his attacks into the Tuffalo in front of him. 

Every single Gun Bunny in the left zone blasts at my Tuffalo there, but he's engaged and they need boosted 10s to hit him if they don't aim and they're at dice off 8. A couple misses and his final attack forces tough, but the beast of a troll passes. 

His Mortars with Fire for Effect hot swapped around easily kill off my Mauler. 

He takes a free strike with the Gun Bunny on the right hand side which cripples its movement, so it cannot contest my flag, and I score again one to nothing thanks to the contesting insanity that is the one Long Rider in the left zone. 


Score: 4 - 1
Advantage Trolls

Kolgrima turn 4:

I just have to kill the Gun Bunny in the top of the zone, get Kolgrima in the zone, and pass the turn to score six control points to one and win. 

Kolgrima gets Harmonious from the Runebearer, moves over and Vanishes into the zone before casting a boosted Hunters Mark into the Bunny, which hits. 

I can see him and charge him with three total Champs, and also get a pair of POW 14s in from the Tuffalo. 

The Champs kill the Bunny before the third one even gets to attack, I leave everything contesting where it is and pass the turn to score two more points for the win. 


Victory for the Trollbloods!

Post-Game Thoughts: 

I made two quite significant mistakes this game. 

First of all, my Longriders on the left hand side didn't need to be anywhere near where they were on turn 1. It's easy enough to run the leader model up turn 2 to contest and call it good and only lose one guy instead of losing two in a single turn and then only having the last survive by dice. 

I also should have just repositioned the Earthborn around on turn 2 instead of sending him into the objective. The objective would still have been there for an explosive 3 point swing the following turn, and I could have scored 2 points just as easily by keeping him in the zone, effectively invulnerable since the guns were all turned off by Kolgrima's feat. 

I was pretty darn happy with how the list performed though. The Long Riders really do a good job of forcing your opponent to play in a small little box or get obliterated, and the Champs threatening eleven inches with Hunters Mark is quite big. Between the Long Riders and the Fennblades, they almost always survive to get their charge in as well, which is something that can occasionally be a problem. 

Overall, a great first game though. Ken was a gracious opponent, even through some really awful dice at points, and it felt simply amazing to put models on the table again. 

See you for round 2!