Warmachine and Hordes Trollbloods Battle Report: Round 2 - Kolgrima (Band of Heroes) vs. The King of Nothing (Bump)

The Mox Boarding House meta is one of the bigger groups of WMH in the western USA, and that's largely thanks to the efforts of Jeff Olsen, the former WMH tournament organizer now management of the establishment. He's an excellent player, one of the only people to play exclusively King of Nothing since Grymkin came out, and one of my better friends. 

He was also my round two opponent, much to my dismay. 

Jeff had a Dreamer Dark Menagerie list with a max unit of Dread Rots and the King of Nothing with a ton of infantry. We were playing Standoff, and I knew Jeff loves King of Nothing so I expected him to drop that. 

I played Kolgrima, he played King of Nothing. Jeff won the roll off and opted to pick sides to avoid some incredibly detrimental water terrain and also picked the Ruin and Pandemonium Arcana. 

I ADRed out my Fell Caller Hero for Lynus and Edrea. 

The King of Nothing
- Cage Rager
- Crabbit x2
- Crabbit x2
- Crabbit x2

Lord Longfellow
Glimmer Imp

Dread Rots
- CA
- CA
Twilight Sisters

- Runebearer
- Mauler
- Earthborn


Lynus and Edrea
Krielstone (max)
- Stone Scribe Elder
- Skaldi
- Officer and Standard
Long Riders (min)
Long Riders (min)


Kolgrima turn 1:

He has a 17 inch threat range on his guns unless he wants to run an apparitioned Hollowmen up and then cast Sands of Fate to it, in which case he can throw an Ashes to Ashes 20 inches from his lines. 

I figure that's pretty unlikely, so everything just runs up to out of range of the Hollowmen. 

The left side in particular feels really strong since the Long Riders are threatening the entire zone and he's committed less of his army over there. 

Kolgrima dumps all of her fury into the Stone, which pops the aura of no continuous effects and also runs. 


King of Nothing turn 1:

Jeff's army surges forward and is covered by three clouds on the right. The King of Nothing toes the killbox. 

I briefly wonder if Jeff has forgotten about Edrea, but I am the one who will be caught out a bit next turn.


Kolgrima turn 2:

Well it looks like a great time to run my Feralgeist up and blow up all the clouds, jam him with Fennblades and call it a turn. 

Until, after the Feralgeist runs, Jeff Ruins Edrea's spell and suddenly the clouds are all too real. 

All is not lost though. Kolgrima gets Harmonious Exaltation and moves up, Feating to basically remove the ability of Jeff's army (but for 5 guys) to shoot, and put down a cloud in front of my Champs so that they can move up safely. 

I'm prepped to charge into the far zone next turn, kill the objective maybe, and take a scenario lead. 


The King of Nothing turn 2:

Jeff gives his Crabbit pathfinder with the objective. 

The Glimmer Imp runs up to within 5 inches of Edrea. The King of Nothing moves up and casts Scything Touch on the Crabbit in question, and then casts a couple of clouds. The mentioned Crabbit moves up and hops into the back arc of Edrea and eviscerates her. 

I love playing with hero Crabbits, but man do they suck to play against. 

Jeff removes my jamming Tuffalo on the right, and everything else runs at me. Jeff scores a point from his zone. 


Score: 0 - 1
Advantage Grymkin

Kolgrima turn 3:

I actually see a really nice set of charges here with the Fennblades, who have until this point been sitting in the trench trying not to die. 

Unfortunately, I kill the Crabbit first and Jeff craftily puts down a cloud and reduces my charges from about 8 down to 3. 

With that plan gone, the Long Riders on the left Press Forward, and thanks to impact attacks that RFP from the theme, they permanently kill nearly the entire Hollowmen unit. 

Skaldi is barely within 16 inches from the King, so Jeff uses Pandemonium to stop them from charging. They still kill multiple models with Overtake, and contest the zone. 

The Krielstone goes for Strength and Armor and tops up to full. 

I sacrifice my Mauler to kill the objective, hoping to close out the game and also keep my Champions alive. 

Kolgrima misses a boosted spray into the Glimmer Imp, misses a SECOND spray into him, and finally kills him with a third. 

I shove the Long Riders on the right into the Grymkin lines to tie them up and call the turn good, scoring three total points to Jeff's none. 


Score: 3 - 1
Advantage Trollbloods

The King of Nothing turn 3:

It takes a considerable amount of resources to kill the Tuffalos on the far right, and then the King moves up and puts Scything Touch on a Crabbit. He also clouds up again. The Cage Rager then moves up and kills the Mauler and one Champion. 

Charging Neighslayers remove another, and Longfellow kills Skaldi. 

The Hollowmen on the left flail sadly at the Long Riders on that side. 

Jeff realizes that he has to contest my zone, so the Dread Rots have to expose themselves somewhat in order to get into my zone. 

No one scores. 


Score: 3 - 1
Advantage Trollbloods

Kolgrima turn 4:

I have to kill a grand total of 8 models to win the game, and most of them are Dread Rots. 

The left zone is easy to clear, the Long Riders do it with initials. 

The central zone gets cleared by a combination of Lynus murdering a Dread Rot (woo!!!) and the Earthborn trampling out of the zone into melee with several more models on the right and killing the Dread Rot in the way. The Earthborn kills one of the two models that Kolgrima cannot get with a spray. Kolgrima sprays down three models herself, and I can walk two Fennblades up into melee with the last Dread Rot in the zone and kill it. 

I score three more points and win 6 - 1


Victory for the Trollbloods!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This game really cemented to me the incredibly utility the Long Riders bring. 

One unit on the left completely tore apart a unit of Hollowmen and took a zone for multiple turns. The other unit tied up a unit of Neighslayers and Hollowmen all on their own, and all the while the Champs marched up the middle of the table, and had that Scenario play failed, they would have easily killed the Cage Rager (under the King's Aura) and the rest of that unit of Neighslayers. 

I felt after this game, and Jeff agreed with me, that perhaps I should be playing two max units of Longriders instead of including the Fennblades. The Long Riders are fast, hit hard, and are incredibly difficult to remove. They bullied the Scenario like crazy here and I definitely wouldn't have won without them. 

On to round three!