Warmachine and Hordes Trollbloods Battle Report: Round 3 - Kolgrima (Band of Heroes) vs. Rask (Will Work for Food)

After a really solid game round 2, I found myself paired against Robby, who is one of the best 2-3 players in the state of Washington in my opinion. We've played a couple of times before, and they've always been close games with lots of tense moments. 

Usually, I've found a way to weasel out of certain defeat, but that won't always be the case! Furthermore, Robby recently bought my Minions, and I had the unnerving experience of playing against my "own" models. 

Robby had a Rask superfriends list and Maelok with 18 Gatormen Posse. Since we were playing on Breakdown, I didn't think that Grim was a great answer into this, but I *did* think that the Long Riders slamming Gatormen everywhere sounded like a lot of fun. The Gatormen really don't like cloud walls in my experience. 

Either way, it was time to drop Kolgrima again, and Robby dropped Rask into me. I ADRed out my Fell Caller Hero again for Lynus and Edrea 

- Wrastler
- Wrastler
- Swamp Horror
- Bull Snapper

Mist Speaker
Wrong Eye
- Snapjaw
- Skareth
- Lug


- Runebearer
- Mauler
- Earthborn


- Stone Scribe Elder
- Officer and Standard
- Skaldi
Long Riders (min)
Long Riders (min)
Lynus and Edrea

Critically, I won the roll to go first (after we both rolled threes, then fours, then fives) which was probably the most important dice roll of the game. If a Will Work for Food list gets to go first, that's half the game over right there sometimes. 


Kolgrima turn 1:

Everything runs up like crazy. The Rask list actually outthreatens me by a reasonable margin with Hunters Mark and Boundless Charge, which is a strange feeling for a list playing double Cavalry. 

If I'm going to have a chance, I need to bully him out of the zones. 


Rask turn 1:

He runs everything up as well. Rask is clearly going to feat here and deny me the alpha, which he does. Admonition goes on a Wrastler and Fury on the Swamp Horrer. 

Kwaak and Gub Enliven both Snapjaw and the Swamp Horrer, which is a piece of tech I hadn't had to play against or gotten to play with in Minions and it threw me for a loop. 


Kolgrima turn 2:

Bad decisions are made here. Instead of committing the entire Fennblade unit to jamming, I forget about Haunting Melody on Dahlia and only put a few up there. 

I forget to move the left hand Long Riders back out of Snapjaws charge range. 

I forget about overtake from the theme force and run my Tuffalos on the left way wide and think they're safe with 2-3 inches between them. 

I plop my Mauler down without checking the distance from his Swamp Horror, forgetting it's a legitimate threat with both Fury and Rage

Kolgrima also feats here to prevent Skarath and Rask from shooting. 


Rask turn 2:

Robby plays this turn like a master. Enliven on Snapjaw and Swamp Horror. Boundless Charge and Rage on the Swamp Horror and it goes in. Now if it hits every attack, it kills the Mauler on average. Fortunately for me, Robby misses 3/6 of his attacks and the Mauler survives. 

On the left, Snapjaw gets cleared by Skarath who eats Fennblades and overtakes down the line, and then Snapjaw charges and kills two Long Riders and two more Fennblades. 

On the right, the Wrastler clears off Lug, Hunters Mark goes on a Tuffalo, and Lug charges in and kills both of those Tuffalos with little issue. 

Adding insult to injury, Dahlia moves up and catches my remaining Tuffalo in her "no orders" spell, along with two Champs. 

Wrong Eye casts Star-Crossed to complete the disgustingness. 



Kolgrima turn 3:

I'm going to be completely honest, I lost my nerve here. I was certain I was going to lose unless I stalled for clock. 

Kolgrima moved up and got a Crit Stationary on the Swamp Horror, which meant that I could use the Champs to try and kill Skarath. They hit two charges and leave the Snake on two boxes, and the Wrastler Admonitions closer to my Mauler. I also kill the Bull Snapper with non-charging Champs. 

I walk the Earthborn through the forest to attack the Mauler, but karma hits me and I miss 4/6 attacks this turn. 

Lynus nails box cars and takes Lanyssa off the table, and Edrea removes the cloud effect in front of me. 

My remaining Long Rider backs way up out of Dahlia's bubble. 

I forgot to take a picture of this turn :/ 

Rask turn 3:

The retribution is strong. Snapjaw kills two champs. Skarath paralyzes Skaldi and another champ. 

The Wrastler gets Rage and Fury, and kills the Mauler and half kills the Earthborn, once again missing 3/7 of his attacks. 

I lose Lynus and Edrea to the other Wrastler, and Dahlia moves up to prevent the Long Rider charge. 


Kolgrima turn 4: 

Kolgrima starts things off by killing Dahlia because Skarath has so few boxes left and the transfers kill her through back damage. 

I charge Snapjaw with the Long Rider and mess him up some more. The Earthborn gets healed, moves out of the forest, and throws the Wrastler away from him to KD him and get rid of Enliven

My champs kill off Wrong Eye, and therefore Snapjaw, and also mess up the Wrastler pretty good. 

I run my Feralgeist to contest the far right zone and I score a point!

At this point I'm starting to feel like I have a chance again. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Trollbloods

Rask turn 4:

The Wrastler on the far right frenzies at the Feralgeist, way out of Rasks' control. 

Brun fails to hit the Feralgeist with a boosted spray, and the Bear moves over to threaten me next turn. 

The left hand Wrastler gets healed and munches through two champs. Kwaak and Gub get sacrificed to contest my zone. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Trollbloods

Kolgrima turn 5:

I have an opportunity to clear both the central and left zones this turn, but it requires me to play Kolgrima risky, so she just backs up and heals the Earthborn and makes some clouds. 

The Earthborn kills the Wrastler, and the Champs charge Lug. I miss two of the attacks, but still mess him up pretty bad. 

The Long Rider walks into the back arc of Kwaak and Gub and kills them dead. 

I score another point. 


Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Trollbloods

Rask turn 5:

Robby is down to about 5 minutes on his clock, and if he just keeps going for attrition I can probably stay a couple points up and win on turn 7. 

So he decides to assassinate me. 

His Soul Slave kills one Champ with a Bone Shaker, and that Champ then kills his buddy. 

The Bear gets Guidance, Rage, and Fury. Brun heals the Bear and runs at me, and then Lug charges in. He needs to overtake 4 times to get to Kolgrima, and he's got six attacks. If I make one tough check, it gets hard, and if I make two he can't do it. 

I make two tough checks, and so Robby concedes. In hindsight, the last tough check was on the Stone Bearer, and I could have just self - sacced until he ran out of attacks and been completely fine. Something to remember for next time!


Victory for the Trollbloods!

Post-Game Thoughts: 

Man Will Work for Food lets you shred infantry like mad. Also, Rask murders ARM like crazy. I absolutely adore that list, it's one of the things I'm saddest about selling them off and Robby played it beautifully. 

There were some seriously weird dice on both sides this game. I truly think that if I had gone second, I wouldn't have had much of a chance. 

With that out of the way, it was time to enter the final round.