Warmachine and Hordes Trollbloods Battle Report: Round 4 - Kolgrima (Band of Heroes) vs. Nemo 3 (Heavy Metal)

For the final round, I found myself playing against yet another of my good friends from the Seattle area, Eli, who had Nemo 3 and Haley 3. Either way, I was planning on dropping Kolgrima as Grim 1 simply cannot hope to survive Nemo 3. 

Eli dropped Nemo 3 into me, and I didn't actually ADR this time. I wanted to see if I could keep the Fennblades alive for long enough with her feat to make them relevant. I won the role off (big!!!) and slammed going first. 

Nemo 3
- Finch
- Squire
- Dynamo
- Firefly
- Firefly
- Lancer

- Firefly
- Firefly

Storm Strider
Storm Strider

- Runebearer
- Mauler
- Earthborn

Fell Caller

- Stone Scribe Chronicler
- Officer and Standard
- Skaldi
Long Riders (min)
Long Riders (min)


Kolgrima turn 1:

I dump fury into the stone and EVERYTHING runs. I keep everything out of walk and shoot or run and bounce range of his guns. The only way he gets around this is by Force Hammering a firefly up and shooting it with a Storm Strider, and I don't expect this to happen. 

I also basically threaten far enough that Eli can't come more than 4-5 inches out of his deployment zone without getting charged. 


Nemo turn 1:

Eli advances very, very cautiously and chucks up Magnetic Hold and his other two battlegroup spells. 

Arcane Shield goes up on the left Storm Strider, and Sidekick goes onto Jakes' firefly. 


Kolgrima turn 2:

It turns out that Kolgrima has a 24 inch threat range on her feat, which interestingly enough catches everything in Eli's army except one Firefly on either end of the army. No shooting on anything important is quite a huge deal.

Literally everything except the beasts just runs at him now, flooding the zones with dudes and putting Dynamo in charge range of Champs, Mauler, and Long Riders. 


Nemo turn 2:

Eli has two bad options - come up and lose all his models or move back and lose a bunch of points. 

He goes for a compromise of killing off a bunch of Fennblades and contesting the zones, and then backing everything up. 

We measure it, and my Champs can charge Nemo if he's even a little bit out of the killbox, so Dynamo puts himself in front of his master to prevent the Champs from murdering him. 


Kolgrima turn 3:

Well...I can get three champs on Dynamo, so that happens first and Dynamo dies. 

I clear out the Lancer contesting the zones easily enough, and the Earthborn murders the objective. 

Out of idle curiosity, I check and see if my Long Riders can charge Nemo and they CAN. So they do, and despite poor damage rolls, they leave the hapless Warcaster on no focus and 4 boxes. 

I measure Kolgrima's movement with Vanish, and I decide to go for the assassination run. The first boosted cold spray finishes off the old man, and I score four points to add insult to injury. 


Victory for the Trollbloods!

Post-Game Thoughts: 

This was a horrible matchup for Nemo. I get an entire round of Nemo being unable to do anything of consequence while I just flood him with models is horrendous for a list that's so reliant on the ranged alpha. 

Overall, I really liked this list. I would consider dropping the Fennblades and maxing out the two units of Long Riders, but that will require more testing before I determine if that's the correct play. 

It was a great event, and I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to play some Warmachine! Kolgrima is awesome, Trolls are fun, and I'm excited to just jam games with them as often as I can. 

Thanks for reading!