Warmachine and Hordes Trollbloods Battle Report: LoS Civil War! Grim 1 (SotN) vs. Durst (Faithful Masses)

The night before my wedding, Chandler came over to my place and played a game of Warmachine with me for my "bachelor party". 

It ended up being one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played, with no clock and lots of discussion about the best way to play every round. 

I've been looking at very odd Troll lists in my constant dojo stream, and in particular I've been looking for a way to play my Sea King. This is my first draft, and I'm not totally in love with it. I was pairing it with a really janky Grim 2 list, but Chandler was playing Menoth so...can't really play guns into that!

Chandler had his fantastic Durst list that he stole from our friend Ryan and piloted to 4th place at LVO in January. 

Anson Durst
- Heirophant
- Templar
- Templar
- Templar
- Indictor

Champion of the Order of the Wall
Champion of the Order of the Wall
High Paladin Darton Vilmon

Zealots (min)
- CA
Zealots (min)
- CA

Grim 1
- Runebearer
- Sea King
- Bomber (proxied by Mauler)

Battle Bears
Battle Bears
- Skaldi
Krielstone (max)
- Northkin Elder




We rolled up Spread the Net and I won the roll off to go first. I opted not to ambush any of my Battle Bears because Chandler's list can just sit in the middle of the board and I'd never get value out of the ambush. 


When Chandler writes his side of this you'll get to see me!


Grim turn 1: 

Grim dumped all six fury into the Stone and charged like a mad man. The Stone walked up, popped +1 speed for Northkin and got two fury back. 

The rest of my list, now speed 8 and 6 respectively ran forward and threatened the entire table more or less. 


Durst turn 1: 

Chandler runs the Warjacks up the board and creates a couple of bunkers. His Zealots run up in front of his 'jacks and create this insanely complex puzzle for me to try and get through. I'll talk more about the placement of the models on my turn, but especially on my right hand side it's basically perfect. 

Note that the Monolith Bearers are hiding behind the Warjacks which is really obnoxious. 

Durst puts up BulwarkDeceleration, and Hallowed Avenger

The Choir sings "no non-magical shooting" and that's the turn. 


Grim turn 2:

Okay, have a look at this because it's beautiful. 


Models 2 and 3 are just out of shield guard range from the two Templars, but they're also too far away from any other models to get hit by a 4 inch AOE from the Dire Troll Bomber. I have to kill models 1, 2, 4, and 5 in order to get multiple bears on the left Templar, and I have to kill models 1, 3, and 6 in order to get to the right Templar. 

The problem, the big one, is that the Zealots are ARM 14 against shooting because of Deceleration, and if I kill one they all become ARM 18 against shooting. That's dice off 10 for Bomber blast damage. 

I spend...probably 15 minutes working on this problem, and eventually decide I need to get a lucky Bomber deviation. The Bomber moves up and lobs a bomb, but it scatters poorly, as does the second. I kill 3 and 6 with the blast damage from the first one and do nothing else. 

Grim moves up, feats, and shoots the Champion over on the right hand side, doing a couple damage and triggering Bait the Line. 

I'm able to kill a few more Zealots with the unprimed Battle Bear unit, and then get two Battle Bears into the right side Templar. They leave it on about 3 boxes, despite some wonky dice. My Sea King, now very fast against the Champion of the Wall, charges the Champion with it's fist, kills it with a couple attacks, and then murders the Templar dead. 

I notice wayyy too late that I don't have a model in the right hand zone to score now, which is going to be problematic. 

Everyone else just derps up. 


Durst turn 2:

This is obviously feat turn. Chandler's warjacks threaten a pathetic distance, with the Templar's threatening a mighty 3 inches and the Indictor threatening 2. 

He pretty easily kills the two Bears on the right, but the central bear from the unprimed unit takes 5 hits from Durst and lives with like 5 boxes left. Durst feats. 

Vilmon moves up to him and...also fails to kill it. Go bear go!

Everything else shuffles around a bit. 


Grim turn 3:

I have a few options here, and somehow I get halfway through multiples of them and don't do a great deal of anything. 

My *first* idea is to kill all the Zealots behind the Templar with blast damage from the Bomber and then move the King up, bulldoze the Templar away from Durst, and murder Durst. 

Grim gets Harmonious, casts Far Strike and takes his net shot at the Templar, which knocks it and everything around it down. 

The Bomber moves up and whiffs damage on all the blast damage rolls, so that's out. 

What I *should* have done now, I think, is basically tried to kill the Templar or at least basically murder it, force Durst to commit to kill the Sea King, and then try and kill him next turn. 

Instead, I back the Sea King up and corrode everything around the Templar with it's ranged weapon. 

I charge three Champs at the Champion on my flag and miss 4/5 of my attacks, and the Champion one shots one of my Champs with Retaliatory strike. 


I do score a point though. 


Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Trolls

Durst turn 3:

Chandler throws WAY too many attacks into the central bear, which eventually dies after taking 5 hits from Durst and two hits from a Templar. 

The Templar on the right gets Boundless Charge and charges my Sea King, doing a fair amount of damage. 

The Champion on the left kills some Champs and I'm basically down to my Sea King and Bomber. 

Chandler throws some Zealots into the beast zone on my side to contest and calls it a turn. 

I don't have a picture here...

Score: 1 - 0
Advantage Trolls

Grim turn 4:

I panic a bit here, and instead of going for Scenario which...I think I could probably have pulled off still, I decide to assassinate. 

Andddd....everything goes wrong. 

I miss a boosted and unboosted Mantrap into Durst, and the 50% scatters to KD him on both go off. 

I can't kill a Zealot in my King's charge path needing a six and so the King has to take a free strike from the Templar to get to Durst. 

The Templar rolls dice - 4 and does the 10 damage needed to column five (specifically five) to kill the Spirit on the King as he charges Durst, so I can't force to buy attacks. 

I call it there, as Chandler and I are laughing our heads off and Grim is in charge range of multiple heavies on no camp. 


Sadly, a loss for the Trolls.

Post-Game Thoughts: 

That Durst list is a monster to kill. Champions of the Order of the Wall survive wayyyyy more than they look like they should. The one on my side killed two Champs, and survived two and a half rounds of attacks from them under Northkin Stone. (That's enough to kill most colossals btw). 

I'm not 100% sold on this Grim list yet. I liked the interactions, but the Durst list is really strong into KD, shooting, and Bears. I'd like to try it again against a variety of other lists before I write it off. 

Also Chandler, Tag, you're it, get that report up!

Thanks for reading guys :)