Warmachine and Hordes Seattle Open 2018 Prologue and list Dojo

Anyone who reads Line of Sight regularly has probably noticed a sharp and pronounced drop in the amount of battle reports I've posted over the last few months. Most of the people in my local meta have sold off their armies and moved on to other things, and I recently got married so I don't have tons of time to get out of town for games. 

With that in mind, I needed to bring lists to the Seattle Open that were straightforward and powerful enough that I could play them on a clock and not worry too much about analysis paralysis. 

I had really liked my Kolgrima list that I took to the last tournament I played in Seattle (you can find reports for those here, here, here, and here). It's fast, wrecks most gunlines, and makes a lot of Cryx sad with the RFP impact attacks. Ultimately though, I opted to move the unit of the Fennblades to the ADR and bring double max Long Riders into the main board. This is mostly because I think Long Riders are one of the best cavalry units out there, and I like having access to ten of them every turn. 

For my other list, I was originally set on a really janky Grim1 list with a Hooch Hauler and double min Northkin Raiders to try and bomb enemy heavies to death with their fire bombs. 

Ultimately, Chris D of Canada WTC fame convinced me that I was nuts to not play his Borka2 list from Grotscon and LVO. We tossed together a Vanguard for it since both casters were on ADR, and away I went.