Trollbloods Battle Report, Seattle Open 2018 Round 1 - Borka 2 (Storm) vs. Butcher 3 (Jaws)

For round 1 of Seattle Open, I was paired with a very nice gentleman named Ryan who had Vlad 2 in Wolves of Winter with a bunch of cold sprays paired with Butcher 3 in Jaws with six warjacks. 

I didn't think I would see the Wolves list, since Bearka's entire list is immune to cold, and I wanted to just play Bearka a bunch anyway so I dropped Bearka and Ryan dropped Butcher 3. 

I opted not to ADR at all, lost the roll off, and chose to give Ryan the side of the table with a TON of rough terrain for his Warjacks to enjoy. 

Butcher 3
- War Argii
- Ruin
- Kodiak
- Kodiak
- Marauder
- Marauder
- Rager

Greylord Forge Seer
Greylord Forge Seer
Kell Bailoch
Widowmaker Marksman

Kayazy Eliminators

Borka 2
- Runebearer
- Mauler
- Earthborn
- Pyre

Fell Caller

Northkin Raiders
Battle Bears
Battle Bears
Fire Eaters
Fire Eaters
- Northkin Elder


Khador turn 1: 

Everything runs at me! Khador jacks are slow ish, and even with Energizer, they're not too far up the table. 

His Widowmakers move up to the other side of the far forest, and his Kayazy run up the flank. 


Trolls turn 1:

I deliberately put my Raiders away from his Widowmakers, so I can move up pretty well with some of the unit. I outthreat his minimum unit of Warjacks with most of my army which is nice. I stick the Earthborn just out of charge range of his Kodiak, and I screen a unit of Fire Eaters on the right with my Bears in order to keep the Widowmakers off of them. 

Also, if the Widowmakers move up and start shooting at Raiders, the Bears can walk through the forest and engage them all next turn. 

I've got Raiders baiting out charges from 3 heavies, and I've also got my Fell Caller sitting on my flag already. 


Khador turn 2:

Ryan thinks for a bit, and then decides he's going to come at me. His Kodiak in the middle tramples up and vents steam to kill a Raider. 

He throws a Marauder into my zone, but Ruin stays well back because of the Bears. 

He has to keep his Rager out of the zone in order to stay in Shield Guard range of the Butcher. I think that this was probably a mistake here. I don't have a lot of good guns that can threaten Butcher, and if the Rager was in the zone, I could have only gotten a couple of Bears into it and probably not under Stone. 

He moves his Widowmakers into the forest to start shooting things, and I complicate his life by counter charging with Valka and killing one and engaging a second. They all pop shots at Bears and do single damages. The Eliminators just hang out on the edge of the board, and Ryan passes his turn. 


Trolls turn 2:

One of the things that I've heard a fair amount about this list is that it doesn't kill Khador heavies well enough. 

I'm here to say that idea is categorically untrue. 

On the left, the Mauler moves up and Rages the Earthborn. 

The Stone moves up and pops Strength. Charging Bears and a couple Raider charges take out the Marauder in the left zone with attacks to spare. Those same charging Raiders get three charges into the central Kodiak, doing about 10 damage to it. The Bears charge the Marauder on the right hand side and leave it on a handful of boxes. 

The Fell Caller moves up and gives the middle Fire Eaters Pathfinder. The Pyre lights up the unit, and they Assault in. Two get into the Marauder in the zone, and the third can see the Widowmaker Marksman so he assaults that model and catches it and the Widowmaker in the spray. Both Widowmakers die, and the Assaulting Fire Eaters kill off the Marauder. 

This frees up the Earthborn to move up and kill off the damaged Kodiak. Borka moves up into the middle of the table, camps a few, and pops his FEAT. 

To finish things off, the Fire Eaters on the right aim and shoot down both remaining Widowmakers to clear that zone. 

I score 3 points here. 


Score: 3 - 0
Advantage Trolls

Khador turn 3:

The only things that he can attack with that won't get instantly frozen are the two Forge Seers. The one on the right charges and whiffs his attack roll. 

The Rager moves up and shoots a bear, and the charging Forge Seer on that side finishes it off. 

The other Kodiak moves up and vents steam on 4 Raiders, but every. single. one. makes their tough check. 

The Eliminators run up and one contests and engages Fire Eaters after killing one with the charge.

Ryan has successfully contested all zones, but Butcher has been forced to stay back and I've only lost a few models. 


Score: 3 - 0
Advantage Trolls

Trolls turn 3:

I've gotta kill a heavy to clear my flag and a Forge Seer and one Eliminator to clear the right hand zone. 

The Fire Eaters kill off the Forge Seer and the single contesting Eliminator. 

Bears under Stone do a lot of work on the Kodiak, even without the charge. The Earthborn finishes it off, and I see a cute little charge angle to Butcher with Borka. 

I figure why not, declare the charge, and land on the flag, making an impact attack on the dog and Butcher. Both impacts hit, knocking both down, and a few swings at POW 19 later thanks to the Pyre Animus and Butcher goes down. I score 3 more points at the end of the turn as well. 


Victory for the Trolls!

Post-Game Thoughts: 

This was a really hard pair up for Ryan's lists. Bearka is immune to the Vlad 2 list more or less, and nothing battlegroup heavy wants to fight into Bearka's feat. The combination of outthreating and time walking is brutal, especially for a caster who wants to come in and do work on their own like the Butcher. 

Ryan was a fantastic opponent, and many laughs were had as the game went on. Thanks for the game man!

With that, I was on to round two...