Trollbloods Battle Report, Seattle Open 2018 Round 3: Kolgrima (BoH) vs. Skarre 1 (Dark Host)

For round three of the Seattle Open, I found myself playing into yet another Adam! This Adam is a Seattle local, formerly of Southern California, and we had played two years previously at the i5 Team Tournament. This time, neither of us had a killer list into the other, but I had brought Kolgrima to play into Cryx so that's what I decided to play. 

He had Skarre 1 with double Bane Riders, and another list that I don't remember but wasn't particularly concerned about. 

He dropped Skarre, I dropped Kolgrima, and after taking my Champs and Skaldi out for a unit of Fenns and CA, I won the roll off to go first. 

The Fennblade swap was incredibly crucial to this game. With their mini feat, they threaten the same distance as Bane Riders under Death Ride. They also kill a Bane Rider on average dice when charging, and they're immune to impact attacks. 

Skarre 1
- Scarlock Thrall
- Stalker
- Stalker
- Stalker
- Stalker

Wraith Engine

Bane Lord Tarterus
Darragh Wraithe
Scrap Thrall x4
Soul Trapper

Bane Riders
Bane Riders

- Runebearer
- Mauler
- Earthborn

Fell Caller
Fell Caller

- CA
Long Riders
Long Riders
- Stone Scribe Elder



Trollbloods turn 1:

Everything runs up as far as possible except Kolgrima. Those Stalkers threaten 13 inches and will trivially kill a Warlock with Kolgrima's statline. 

I position my Fell Caller on the right so that when Adam inevitably jams a Stalker into my Long Riders, I can charge it while still being able to charge past him. 

I'm expecting a turn 1 feat from Adam here. 


Cryx turn 1: 

Adam surprises me here and just runs at me without feating. He sticks a Stalker onto a Long Rider, but at dice off 8 fails to do much. He does come to jam me on the right side with a Stalker as expected, and he passes the turn. 


Trollbloods turn 2:

I'm able to use my Fell Caller on thee right to kill off the Stalker pretty easily, and my Earthborn kills off the Stalker in the middle. 

I can charge four Bane Riders on the left with Fennblades and Long Riders, and I do so. All four die, and I reposition around. 

On the right, I get two slams, killing one Long Rider and knocking two more down with slams, leaving them alive but hurt. 

Kolgrima backs away from the other Stalkers and I call it a turn. 


Cryx turn 2:

Retribution is swift and I lose a lot of Fennblades and my Earthborn, as well as a few Long Riders. Meanwhile, all of his Bane Riders are ARM 23 now and I can't really scratch them. Skarre is within charge range of 4 Fennblades though, and I can get Kolgrima into her. 


Trollbloods turn 3:

I regret going for this assassination more than anything else I did this game. I commit the Fennblades and leave Skarre on three boxes with a single focus. 

I can't bring myself to commit Kolgrima at that point, so she backs up, as does my Mauler. 

I kill off the last Bane Rider on the left, and scootch around on the right, but the ARM scores are too high and I don't get anything done. 

I bash up a Stalker in the middle with some Krielstone Scribes. 

I think the correct play this turn is to run all of my Fennblades through the Wraith Engine and get into the backfield with them so that Adam has to play the game split on two fronts. 


Cryx turn 3:

Adam kills off almost all of my Fennblades, with the Officer surviving something like 12 attacks from various sources. He also finishes off all but one Long Rider from each unit and contests all zones pretty well. 

His Feat is over though, so I can start to kill stuff again. 


Trollbloods turn 4:

In a huge turn here, I am able to get my Mauler into a Bane Rider engaging my Long Rider after the Long Rider charges and kills Tarterus. 

The Fell Caller on the right hand side kills his Bane Rider, and Kolgrima moves up and sprays down the last one from that unit, giving me that zone. 

Two charging Krielstone Scribes finish off the Stalker that they started beating on the turn before, which clears that zone. 

Charging models on the left hand side leave the Wraith Engine on about ten boxes, and I contest that zone and score two points. 

Adam and I are both getting down on clock here, with something like 25 minutes between the two of us left. 


Score: 2 - 0
Advantage Trolls

Cryx turn 4:

Adam responds by killing all of the Krielstone but one and corroding the one that survives. He also kills every model on the left with his Wraith Engine and a charging Necrotech. 

He's been healing Skarre every turn here, so she's back to about 10 thanks to the objective. He contests my zone with a Soul Trapper and runs up other models to contest for next turn. 

Adam scores a point. 


Score: 2 - 1
Advantage Trolls

Trollbloods turn 5:

It doesn't take much to kill the Stalker with my Long Rider, and I kill off the Soul Trapper with my Runebearer using Kolgrima's spray. My Fell Caller kills off a Scrap Thrall with his spray, and Kolgrima moves up, kills the Machine Wraith, and then Vanishes back into the zone. 

I score two to Adam's one. 


Score: 4 - 2
Advantage Trolls

Cryx Turn 5:

Low on clock, Adam heals Skarre again and runs the Wraith Engine into the middle zone. He contests with a Scrap Thrall again and moves more models into the middle to contest. 

He scores one. 


Score: 4 - 3
Advantage Trolls

Trollbloods turn 6:

I charge my Long Rider at Wraithe through the Engine, and then finish him off the Mauler. 

Kolgrima sprays the Wraith Engine twice leaving it at two, and camps one. I kill off the contesting Scrap Thrall with a Fell Caller spray and call it good. 

We both score. 


Score: 5 - 4
Advantage Trolls

Cryx turn 6:

With less than two minutes on clock, Adam charges Kolgrima with the Wraith Engine before activating Skarre to cast Dark Guidance. He misses two of three attacks and Kolgrima survives just fine. 

He runs a Necrotech to contest the middle, and has the Scarlock run and contest my zone as well. 

He scores. 


Score: 5 - 5

Trollbloods turn 7:

I've got about two minutes for this turn and a fair amount to do. 

My Fell Caller charges and kills the Wraith Engine now that it's corporeal. 

Kolgrima kills both the Scarlock and Machine Wraith with sprays, puts Owl's Wisdom on herself (as she has been for several turns) and Vanishes back. 

My Mauler kills off the Necrotech and I get to score two points here to Adam's one. 

I don't have a picture for this turn since the time was so close. 

Score: 7 - 6
Advantage Trolls

Cryx turn 7:

Adam kills the Mauler with Skarre, and boosts a Breath of Corruption into my Long Rider, which does not die. I score two more to Adam's one point this turn and I win on turn 7. 


Score: 9 - 7
Victory for the Trolls!

Post-Game Thoughts:

This was an absolutely absurd game. The ADR swap of Champs for Fennblades is the only reason I came out on top here, as their better threat range and higher body count was incredibly important in the early game. 

Adam forgetting to heal the Wraith Engine was big as well, as was him not casting Dark Guidance before the Wraith Engine went after Kolgrima (although she still had a pretty good chance of living even with Guidance.)

Adam was a fantastic opponent as he usually is (I've watched him play a lot of Warmachine at this point), and I was glad for the game. 

Round four!